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10 Reasons Why You Will NEVER Make Money Online

It’s no longer news that exploring the digital is one of the most lucrative hustles in this 21st century. However, it’s quite pathetic that people still somehow find it difficult to make money online. And more often than not, you have jumped on this write-up just for one reason; “You want to make money online“.

I am not here to kill your hope, I would just be as plain as possible to tell you what you are doing wrong.

I would be highlighting the behaviors of people who have been unsuccessful in the quest to make money online. And no matter when and how you started your online hustle, it still applies to everyone.

Below here are some of the obstacles and factors hindering people from making money online:

1. Lack Of Information Or Mis-Information

Information, as they say, is power. It should never be underestimated in the online hustle. Information is pertinent and germane in the online world. With the right kind of information from the right source, you can save yourself some energy and time. I mean time and energy you could have wasted perambulating in the name of finding out how stuff work. It is also important to identify the types of information you need from the types you don’t.

2. Lack Of Passion

So because a friend is making money blogging you think it would be your best shot too? Maybe not. It is always a great idea to follow your dreams and passion. There are so many divisions in the digital world, making your options almost limitless. The reason why you are finding it tedious could be because you are into the area that is off your natural ability or passion. With Passion comes fun and happiness, once there is passion in what you do, you will derive joy in doing it thus the pressure is emotionally reduced and it becomes easy to make money!

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3. Lack Of Patience

Always remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the finest of wines stayed longer in the bottle.
We all know what has to happen for Gold to shine, at times you might become devastated when you look or hear about the success story of others, you might even wonder if you are doing the right thing or in the right direction. Don’t get scared, success stories only pay and lay emphasis on the achievements while the time, stress and even failed attempts are taken away from cognisance. Rather than letting the success of others scare you and make you get touchy, focus and wait for your online hustle to grow at the right pace.

10 Reasons Why You Will NEVER Make Money Online

4. Lack Of Plan and strategy

You really should not join the league of people who do things just for the fun of it. You must look at the lucrative side of the dexterity, what you make a hobby is what make millions of income for some other people. So you need to plan, focus on one big aim and scheme out several objectives to achieve this. Your strategy defines the various ways by which you want to achieve an aim and your plan defines how to implement your strategies and keeps you away from distractions.

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5. Single source of income

One African proverb says: ”Several routes leads to a market” so why then shouldn’t you be dynamic and flexible about your skills and ability in the online world? Don’t put your eggs in one basket. For instance, most bloggers only focus on Google AdSense and neglect other alternatives that can be used to make money blogging, like affiliates and sponsored posts. Others even shift focus away from developing their blogs and making it a better abode for their audience, all they want is Adsense clicks, this is wrong. So scan around and stay prepared for various opportunities, spread your risks!

6. Bad SEO Practice

We all know the importance of SEO in this present age. If you want to really succeed as a digital hustler then you might have to practise a very good SEO. SEO here does not only mean content or keyword analysis and marketing but also entails good image and using SEO to satisfy and render unto customers what they really want.

7. Wrong Audience

The question here is either you are building a wrong audience as customer base or you are not even building an audience at all. Businesses survive on the audience, online business is not excluded. It is always very pertinent to build a cordial relationship between you and your customers, serve them well, and be ready to answer their inquiries spontaneously, one of the major factors that determine how long an online business would last is the type and level the of the audience.

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8. No Action

It doesn’t matter if you have read all books on Making Money Online. I might want to agree that you have loads of knowledge already. But are you taking actions towards achieving your fantasy? The fact is, if you still do not take action towards the achievement of your goal then there is nothing you get.

By reading heavily without actions, you are already a prey to procrastination. And in no time it becomes information overload contrary to what you wanted.

10 Reasons Why You Will NEVER Make Money Online


9. Looking Only For Free Stuff

Most people are too stingy to spend on a potential income tool. They are always looking for free Ebooks and tools to make money online. Success does not come without investment. Money is always involved at one point in time and you might just have to be ready for the pay if you really need a higher productivity.

10. Trying To Do Everything

When you aren’t Oliver Twist. You can’t be a jack of all trades. You can’t possibly be a PRO in web design, copywriting, eBooks writing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing e.t.c.

So get settled, define a goal, strategize on the methods, stay focused on what you can do best and leave the rest for the rest.

I believe you’ve got one or two lessons to learn from this. Don’t forget to share with friends.


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