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5 Free Tools You Get When You Own A Google Account

With its simple premise in terms of structure and a broad assortment of features, google has interminably kept up a fair level of regard among its users. I do support the utilization of google because, with one google account, you’ll have the capacity to do a huge amount of considerably smashing stuff that really would change your internet business like no other time.

Throughout this article, I’m giving a concise outline concerning all we would get when we have a google account in our organizations.

5 List Of Free Google Tools You Get When You Own A Google Account

1. Google Blogger (blogspot)

google blogger

Ever felt a need to express yourself and need an online platform? Nowadays, blogs have grown to be very robust media where people express their views, exhibit their studies and expertise and preserve their very own write-ups. You may create your personal online life – your blog free with a blogger account.

If you are thinking of starting off a career as a blogger, maybe judging my the fact that people have made millions off blogging, then a google account might be unavoidable for you.

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2. Google Analytics.

google analytics

Knowing who, how, and from where an individual is entering your site are essential metrics that any business should gauge. Having a straightforward, however, top to bottom interface to study the metrics can be exceedingly costly – aside from you utilizing google analytics. A free site traffic analytics tool, google analytics, can offer an assessment of your site visits, key phrases, or even web tools utilized by users when navigating your website.

If you haven’t or cannot create or manage the google analytics yourself, your webmaster can easily do it and add you as an administrator.  All using your one google account username and password, that’s just one of the Reasons Every Business Needs A Google Account.

3. Google Authorship.

google authorship

Google Authorship is a way to link content you create with a Google+ profile. This two-way connection verifies ownership of content.

Sounds important, right? In this age where almost everything can be found on the Internet, it is then insanely important to establish and verify authorship contents you create. This provides validity and authority to users and search engines alike.

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By creating a Google+ account, of course, under one google username and password, you can get your photo shown next to your articles when they appear in google search.  Studies have shown that more folks click the links with the author’s photo next to them.

4. Gmail Account.

google gmail

Gmail, as mostly known to all, is a free Web-based e-mail service owned by Google. It provides users with an unlimited storage capacity for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages. Along with sending and receiving the emails, you can manage your emails by classifying them under different labels (groups), you can search within your mailbox, integrated Gchat (to chat (audio and video) with your contacts) and a very efficient spam handling techniques. You can also retrieve

You can also retrieve permanently deleted emails from your Gmail just like it is possible to recover data from your hard drive. In short, with Gmail, your email services are near unlimited bounds.

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5. Youtube Account.


You could add your very own movies or videos you like in this portal with your google account. In reality, you can rate other videos if you have your personal account. Nowadays, Youtube has come to be a very attractive exposure media as humans have a facility to upload any number of motion pictures for marketing their brands or themselves. Whatever may be your area(s) of expertise, videos express a lot more than just a text or a voice.

We also have a Pheltora of apps developed by Google you don’t know about. You can find them on Google Play Store.

There are also some more important google tools as mentioned on Kissmetrics.

Now, more often than not, you must have factorized out a reason why Google is definitely for your business. If you don’t own a Google account today, you can always create one.

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