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6 Of The Best Side-Hustles For Women To Earn Extra Income

In the stead of lying unclad in the desperate lookout for purchasing power, or rather relying on some fantasy rich dude to cater for your unlimited needs, there are some very sharp side-hustles you can jump on as a lady. These side-hustles have proven effective in terms of financial upliftment, I bet you would want to check them out.

Meanwhile, nothing goes for nothing. There is nothing like autopilot, no Done-For-You system, most of these side-hustles are fun provided you are passionate about making money, but none of them is as easy as ABC.

Too many words will not fill a bushel, let me jump right in. Read along, 6 Of The Best Side-Hustles For Women, To Make More Money.


A side hustle is a means of making some extra cash that allows you flexibility to pursue what you’re mostly interested in. It can also be your true passion – a chance to delve into something else for monetary gains without quitting your current primary assignment(s) like work or school.




    teaching tutoring side hustle
    Tutoring – As A Side-Hustle For Ladies

    As an individual, woman, in this case, I believe you should have something you can teach. Interestingly, everyone has something they need to learn as well. Meanwhile, it isn’t just easy to find someone who will pay you for knowledge impaction.

    First off, ask yourself, “what can I teach that others will be willing to know?”.  You can teach people make-up, you can teach people how to make hair, you can teach how to play a musical instrument, you can teach campus courses and preparation for professional exams, you can teach how to cook, the list is limitless.

    Mind yourself, don’t jump on teaching people about something you know nothing about, you might just end your hustling career even before you start. Only teach what you have deep knowledge about.


    As regards this, the timing is flexible and no special skill is required, making them great side-hustles. In most cases, you can find somewhere that will allow timing negotiations. With bar-tending, more often than not, you will end up on late night shifts.

    However, there is a huge money making opportunity from this hustle. On weekends, you can work at weddings, funerals, and owambe‘s attending to guests. Well, you might have to be willing to work at nights or weekends to keep up with this hustle. As you may think, you will make more money from this hustle if you are sociable. And as you may not think, this hustle is not meant for you if you are too proud and unsubmissive.


    This is the side-hustle that deals with providing food or food-related services, either for sale purposes or at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, public house (pub), campuses, or other location. Meanwhile, Catering has evolved to become an artisanal affair. There are varieties of catering services now, most of which don’t even require you to own a restaurant. You can cook for parties, you can as well work as a personal chef. Top of all, you can acquire basic baking skills and make cakes for birthdays, wedding and similar events. A picture below is an instance of a smart female hustler:


    trading as side hustle for women

    Trading is one of the sharpest side-hustles. Reason being that it requires little knowledge of a subject and no particular skill, in most cases, it is hardly technical. In fact, lots of ladies are making millions by just trading.

    By trading, it doesn’t have to be physical. You can jump into the importation of goods, it doesn’t have to be from oversea, you can import Forever Living Products, I would be talking more on that later in the future. For reference sake, check out Ultimate Importation Guide For Beginners. Also, we have seen cases of ladies dealing in Bitcoins. Check out Lady F on Nairaland, a lady, but one of the best bitcoin dealers on there. Also, we’ve seen ladies who buy and sell Gift cards, one of the most lucrative businesses in recent times, check out How To Buy And Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria.

    Some trades actually do not need much convincing of customers, some don’t need your physical presence, and some don’t need a starting capital. Once you know your potential customers and what they need, solve their problems by supplying them with such needs. Meanwhile, take feasibility studies before jumping on a trade, some of them might not be worth the effort.


    You just won’t argue if I said there is a serious demand for tailors and fashion designers as more often than not, you have used one within the past 30days. Learn the skill, market yourself well and watch the jobs flow in. Meanwhile, make sure you learn this skill well before going commercial as a job-done-wrong might cost you a lot.

    tailoring fashion design side hustle


    If you have a passion for making other people look beautiful, regardless if you are beautiful yourself or not, you can earn extra income by working as a part-time beauty consultant or make-up artist. You can as well work as a hair stylist cutting, drying, braiding and fixing hair. Play smart with your research, study what works around you and learn all you can, ceteris paribus, you might just be heading to your financial freedom.


Meanwhile, listed above are some great ways to make extra income as a lady, there are also lots more out there! Apparently, any skill you can think of can turn into money, you just have to open your eyes widely.



Before you jump right into a side-hustle, here are some challenges you should expect:

  • Added stress
  • Spending more time than you are making
  • Time commitment
  • Choice Of Hustle Gone Wrong
  • Having to learn a skill from scratch
  • Startup capital (If any)
  • Natural and personal deficiencies like laziness
  • … And lots more

I think I’m done here, pick your side-hustle as a lady, it doesn’t have to be one of the above-listed, just make some money for yourself.

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