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7 Of The Most Common Fiverr Myths Debunked

If you are one of the numerous individuals who make money online with Fiverr, chances are high that you must have believed or probably ruminated on some of these fiverr myths. There are some widely held but false beliefs about Fiverr, which is what I would be pointing out in the article.

DISCLAIMER: The post is written based on personal perspectives, the ideas expressed do not have to be directly proportional to someone else’s.

I’ve had a good rummage of Fiverr and cleaned out some of the skeletons in my rather full closet of rookie errors, and I’ve come to realize how unrealistic some of these myths are. Read along: Some Most Common Fiverr Myths Debunked.

Fiverr Myths Debunked


If they tell you this, it’s a trap! You jump in with this mentality, you jump out in disappointment. Based on the simple premise of sitting in front of a screen and earning dollars, it’s easy to tell why some would believe Fiverr is easy. But on a factual note, Fiverr might just be one of the most stressful online hustles you can venture into. Yes, quite right! Because you are simply working for what you make. If you are ready to make millions on Fiverr, then you must be ready to have loads of sleepless nights.

Meanwhile, some niches are easier than others. For instance, a niche like social media marketing or email marketing on Fiverr is quite easier when compared to graphics design. But all the same, there is no autopilot, no done-for-you system. The more you work, the more you earn. Not to talk of when you come across cursed buyers that cancel orders after spending sleepless nights on the order, you just have to hold strong.

The only reason why Fiverr seems like a lucrative internet business when compared to other make money online hustles is because you deal in dollars, which is quite on the high side in this part of the world. If the dollar-naira conversion was something around #100 per dollar, trust me, most Nigerians would get frustrated out of freelancing websites.


Another trap! Deadly myth this is! Fiverr is not meant to be a major hustle, especially for Nigerians. It is expected to make some money off the Fiverr platform, then invest in some other businesses as a backup plan. There are loads of things that can go wrong with Fiverr, no matter how strong you think you’ve held the ground.

Come to think of it, what if those Pakistan boys hack down Fiverr today? Okay, that doesn’t sound feasible enough? What if you get deported back to your very much hated Nigeria? Your VPN is stronger than that? What if you go against Fiverr terms unknowingly and you get that account disabled mail from Fiverr? Are you too cautious for that? What if gig ranking algorithm changes today and your gig is thrown to the third page? Will you always find a way?

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No matter what, new sellers get on Fiverr every day, so you always have some new set of competitors to deal with each day, the food won’t be sweet for a lifetime. At a certain point, you might be at the top of the Fiverr game, make use of this opportunity as much as you can, things might get sour anytime, remember, Fiverr is not a stable and reliable source of income.


Probably in your dreams or some fantasy island. Trust me, when I started Fiverr, I started like a joke. Created this account and jam-packed it with some gigs I never even knew how to deliver. I bought three reviews and just left the account on

Trust me, when I started Fiverr, though I started like a joke. I created this account and jam-packed it with some gigs I never even knew how to deliver. I bought three reviews and just literarily forgot about the account. Fast forward 3 months after, I got the first order. Can you see that? I waited 3 months for the miracle to happen.

So, if you aren’t smart enough to make your bait as tight as possible, and you are not ready to spend hours refreshing the buyer requests page, or go in search of gig ranking tactics. An order might not smile at you in a long time. If you are not the patient type, swerve off this Fiverr lane, it’s not for you. You won’t make millions in a rush.

Meanwhile, we have lucky humans. I have a friend that got his first order of $450 like an hour after creating a gig, without no review, great right? Sadly, he was a learner and was unable to complete the order, the buyer canceled, sad right? Life’s not easy.


Not so true. Even though you need to build some balls in terms of reviews and reputation before considering some aggressive pricing, your gig price doesn’t necessarily have to start from $5.

Actually, some buyers know the worth of what they need done and are willing to pay more than $5 to get it done. They will take you more serious and better than others when you offer them a higher price.

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fiverr price high

A gig of mine used to be $5 and I used to get let’s say 10 orders a day on avarage. I entered a vexing mode one day and changed it to $10, daily orders reduced to an average of 5 a day. Meaning, I started working less for the same daily pay. This gives opportunity to explore more in life rather than spending hours trying to get some $5 orders done. When the work load is less, you have more time to yourself and also explore other opportunities, as I said earlier, Fiverr can screw up any time, you should pre-consider other sources of income.


This is another myth that we all have agreed to believe, including me. Most of my gigs have video but my gigs without video rank the most. Adding a video to your gig is not a magical trick that pushes your gig up the search results. Otherwise, it only helps in getting more clicks which directly relates to getting more sales. If you are not ready to go through the video creation stress or bear the financial burden of getting one done for a fee, just free it, it’s not a must.

But like I said earlier, most of my gigs have video, so you might want to unconsciously believe this myth. Like, let’s pretend like it’s true, if you can, add a fiverr gig video, okay?


Not just indians. Pakistan and Bangladesh dudes on Fiverr are something else.

Most Fiverr gurus might advise that you avoid this set of individuals on Fiverr, both sellers and buyers.

Yes I might agree that some of them, as buyers, are extremely stingy and want you to build a country fence for $5, then drop you a very bad reveiw at the end of the race. Likewise some of their sellers, they can do anything for $5, spoiling marketing for other sellers. Also the new ones, who flood your inbox begging for jobs and turn out doing rubbish if you assign one to them.

But mind you, I have some indian buyers that pay well  for simple tasks and at the same time drop a good feedback. Also, I got a Bangladesh boy that does email extraction work for me, he entered my DM begging for job to do, I pitied him and taught him email extraction with a software and he has been doing good ever since.

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This often happens as their country is a very poor one and the dollar conversion over there is quite worse when compared to that of Nigeria. So, paying for services in dollars seem extremely expensive for them and making $5 on Fiverr seems like a dream-come-through to them.

Deal with them as you wish, talk to them, if you are cool with the terms, proceed, else, just abort.


I used to be afraid of bad reviews, like a bad review used to spoil my day. Those days when you deliver and just pray 3 days run by so the order is marked completed automatically. More often than not, you can’t avoid bad reviews as a seller on Fiverr, there are insane buyers inside that stuff, one way or the other, you will get it!

Here is it, once you get a bad review, if the reason stated by buyer is something that can be rectified, open a dispute apologizing to the buyer and seek a change in review in exchange of full satisfaction. You can use something like the template below:

Hello, thanks a lot for accepting the order. But I see you dropped me a 1 star review.

Please if there is anything you are not satisfied with, kindly point out so I can correct. I am always willing to.

The 1 star review you dropped will have a negative effect on my Fiverr business which is my only means of survival.

I would appreciate if you can tell me what the problem is please.

Let me know if you are willing to help me change the review to 5 star.

I will deeply appreciate.

Thanks once again.

– YourUsername

If the buyer is sane and not the wicked type, he/she would consider.

If you are not in the mood for any correction, or the buyer is just not willing to cooperate, you can tackle the buyer by replying the feedback he/she dropped, something like:

I tried my best to impress buyer, but buyer has refused to tell me the reason behind the bad review. Buyer is probably from a competitor. Bad experience“.

Subsequent to this, work on getting two positive reviews on the gig as fast as possible, then move on with life.

That’s that on the subject: 7 Of The Most Common Fiverr Myths Debunked

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Fatt Kay

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  1. Hi fatty Kay

    Thanks for the update! What gig is selling right now on fiverr? I already do graphic design and virtual assistant but that market is increasing, too much sellers which has affected the cost of jobs.

    You were talking something about email extraction in this content, any clue on that


    1. Hi, every niche is hot, if you understand the service and you are good at it.

      Your best bet is to learn a skill, maybe graphics or web design, or probably social media marketing.

      Hope you understand.

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