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How To Avoid FIVERR Ban & How To Reopen Banned Fiverr Accounts

Reports of banned Fiverr accounts are now as often as not, as innocent (or maybe ignorant) Fiverr sellers now flood forums and online platforms to make loud complaints of their Fiverr accounts getting thrown out of the gate, pathetic! Isn’t it?

Well, in this case, ignorance is not bliss, as more often than not, Fiverr cares, but not about you. If you break the rule, ignorance is not an excuse. And mind you, Fiverr will NEVER ban you without reason.

So, with a view to educating those you might not know what to do to avoid these Fiverr incessant bans, I have decided to compose this blog post on some reasons why Fiverr might tear you ban anytime soon.

So, if your Fiverr account is of dear interest to you, kindly calm down, open your head widely, and read between the lines.

8 Reasons Why Your FIVERR Account Might Get Banned

1. Using Multiple Fiverr Accounts On One IP

There are smart ways to operate multiple Fiverr accounts on one PC, but avoid using the same IP. Check the IP on each browser on Whatismyip.com, if they are same, Fiverr is sending you back to your village very soon, to go and start vulcanizer business there.

To avoid having the same IP on different browsers, use separate VPN on each browser. If you are using Epic browser of Opera browser, those ones have inbuilt VPN so the IP will always be different from the normal system IP. If you are using google chrome, there are always VPNs that you can use.

Whichever way you want to do it, just make sure the IP on each browser is different to avoid the heartless Fiverr ban.

Note that if you stay in the same house with someone and you are both not using VPN, there’s a good chance that you have the same IP, and you both might be chopping ban soon.

2. Using Same Paypal/Payoneer Email For Multiple Fiverr Accounts

This is one of the fastest ways to get banned on Fiverr. You probably have one PayPal account and you are like “Well, I can always use it to withdraw from my different Fiverr accounts“. You are wrong.

It is clearly stated in Fiverr terms that multiple Fiverr accounts are not allowed for one seller. This is the cheapest way to sell yourself out as it can be easily figured. If you want to withdraw on Fiverr from multiple accounts, create new PayPal accounts. Payoneer is even better.

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Stay sharp, open your head, don’t play yourself.

3. Using Buyer Requests To Promote Your Service

Buyer request is meant for Buyers!!! Isn’t that obvious? This is one of the dumbest ways to get banned on Fiverr. See this one below:

Can you see this one? He even said he has 42year experience, I wonder how old he is. Though he is not as foolish as those that sent him offers.

Buyer requests section is where sellers go to check requests of buyers and send offers if the work can be done. It’s not for sellers to advertise their skills. If you want to know more about buyer requests, you can check here.

It has been boldly stated by Fiverr that: “Misuse of the Buyer Request feature, such as advertising your services as a seller, may lead to your account being disabled“.

This habit is common with Indian sellers, those ones have refused to have sense, pray for them.

4. Contacting Too Many Buyers Directly In Short Period

I mentioned a method of getting orders by fire by force in my guide, a very risky one, don’t even try it again, Fiverr’s blood is hot lately.

There’s a way you send messages directly to potential buyers (who you never had conversations with in the past) to advertise your services and offer massive discounts. This method works, but if you make it too aggressive, Fiverr will consider it spammy and strike you hard with an irreversible account restriction.

Stay safe, don’t try this at home, unless you are tired of your Fiverr account.

5. Giving Out Direct Contact (Email, Phone Number) To Buyers

It is against Fiverr rules to give out your contact details to buyers for external conversation. I guess you should know that as this is the most emphasized. There are bots that monitor conversations on Fiverr, they are quick to detect anything relating to email address or phone number and then place your conversation in a queue for manual checks. If checked and you’re found guilty, bye for life!

There’s an exception to this rule, as Fiverr allows it only if it relates to the success of the work being done and not purposefully for external communication.

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However, if you must drag a client off Fiverr, which is one very sweet move, I do that a lot lol. Drag the client’s ass off Fiverr, become his friend and lure him/her to pay me in bitcoins, sweet cash. But you have to be careful.

Make sure you already have a good rapport with the buyer. Some of them will bring up the idea, make sure it is a buyer you can trust. Also, don’t send your contact information to a buyer who is yet to buy from Fiverr fiverr yet! If a buyer already bought your service once and happy with your service, then you can risk it.

Don’t just dump your email address or any other contact information on the chat box, you’ll be caught by that jobless bot. You can write it over an image or write it in a text file and send to the buyer.

But here is the best way to send contact information on Fiverr with zero traces…

Go to Pastebin and paste your details there. Set the timer to 30minutes and let the text file disappear after 30minutes. Your client will definitely check within 30minutes. After which the file disappears. So even if there’s any ish, there’ll no trace.  When sending the pastebin link to your client, shorten it with goo.gl or bit.ly.

Break the rules. Have fun.

Best practice, don’t send it at all to avoid sorry stories.

6. Buying/Selling Fake Fiverr Reviews Carelessly

More than 70% of Fiverr bans are as a result of this. More often than not, you can’t do without buying reviews on Fiverr to boost your gigs. But so many people do it carelessly. I have previously written a comprehensive guide on the best methods to buy Fake Fiverr reviews. Make sure you check that out.

Summarily, when buying/selling reviews, make sure you both communicate like it’s a real deal. The conversation should not be less than 10minutes. Do not deliver too fast. And you must deliver something that relates to the conversation.

Be very careful if you are a new seller, Fiverr is giving you close marking to ensure that you are not cheating your way through the game with fake reviews.

You can buy reviews, it makes you grow faster. But my friend, be smart.

7. Filing A Transaction Dispute Or Reversing A Payment Through Your Payment Provider

This one is for dubious buyers. They will order a service, get the job delivered, then go to PayPal and file a dispute to get a refund. Doing so may get your account temporarily disabled to investigate possible security violations.

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8. Your Village People Followed You, But You Didn’t Notice

If your village people are following you, I’m sorry, your case is beyond this article. Go to church.


How To Recover A Banned Fiverr Account?

First off, you need to understand that Fiverr will NEVER reactivate your account once you’ve violated their Terms of Service no matter how sympathetic.

However, users whose accounts are disabled may contact Fiverr Customer Support team for more information surrounding the violation and status of the account. More often than not, you’ll be sent a copy-paste epistle.

But just in case you’re extremely lucky, which is a 1% chance, you can get your banned Fiverr account recovered and reactivated (depending on the reason behind the restriction).


How To Withdraw Your Funds From A Banned Fiverr Account?

Banned Fiverr sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from disabled accounts after a safety period of 90 days following full verification of ownership of the account in question, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Fiverr’s approval.

If there are no complaints from your buyers that come in after the safety period of 90 days from the day of account deactivation, whatever revenue that is legitimately yours (if any) will be available to you to withdraw after a verification process.


What To Do After Your Fiverr Account Gets Banned?

  1. Calm down, don’t kill yourself,  it’s not the end of life.
  2. Relax and figure out the reason behind the ban. It shouldn’t be hard to tell. This is of no real use except for the fact that it must be avoided when operating subsequent accounts.
  3. Drink Smirnoff and clear your head, contact Fiverr support to know their stand (most likely hopeless).
  4. Start all over (Sorry to say). Get a new email address, new phone number, new PayPal/Payoneer and start all over again.

I know it’s a difficult decision to make, but I’m sorry, it’s not my fault.

If there’s any other reason you know that’s not mentioned here. Feel free to drop a comment below.

For more useful Fiverr updates, check HERE.

You can contact me on WhatsApp at 08149565292 (Don’t call me).



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  1. Nice one. But I have reach the 90 days. When I created the fiverr account I didn’t have my payoneer account added. So after my 90 days I want to add to I can withdraw the funds inside. But when I click on Reveune Card it will show me a pop up window to put my verification code sent to my phone. But I didn’t receive any message. I have been given another 24 hours still this same thing.

    What can I do?

    And can someone have more than one payoneer account?

    1. Becareful! That happened to me on my first account and I can no longer verify the acount after several attempt and my funds are hanging there for spend only.

      What to do, use a call option instead of message option.
      The call us option worked for me severally.
      And don’t try so many phone number, use just first one you tried.

      For Payoneer account yes. But use different e-mail and bank account number.
      You don’t have to change your name .

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