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Top 100 Fiverr Fun Facts, Tips And Hints

fiverr fun facts hints and tips

Lately, I've been having some crazy Fiverr facts, ideas and tips in my head, based on forbearance, having had a good rummage of the Fiverr platform and cleaned out most of the skeletons in my rather full closet of rookie errors. Right on this page, I will drop 100 Fiverr Fun Facts, Tips and Hints, once per day, ALL STRICTLY BASED ON MY PERSPECTIVE.

Make Money Online Offering Email Marketing Services On FIVERR

upselling on fiverr

I've had a good rummage and cleaned out every skeleton in my rather full closet of rookie errors. I've thumbed through various sections of online money making practices and I've come to the justified conclusion that Fiverr is the way. I didn't stop there, I pressed further to discover one of the easiest and less-competitive services to offer on Fiverr, in this case - Email Marketing.

How to Make Money By Selling iTunes Gift Cards in Nigeria

A lot of people believe there is money to be made from selling iTunes and Amazon gift cards in Nigeria. This belief is justified, considering the fact that the gift card is a multi-billion dollars industry. That means selling gift cards in Nigeria can easily be your gateway to financial freedom. However, you have to understand the intricacies involved. Hence, this article. Pay attention, you are about to learn how to make money by trading gift cards in Nigeria. More specifically, how you can attain financial freedom by selling your itunes, amazon, steam, googleplay and other gift cards on Igctrader.com. Let’s jump right in. Steps to Make Money By Selling Gift Cards in Nigeria There are five basic steps you have to take to start making money by selling gift cards in Nigeria. They are outlined below. Step One - Selecting The Best Website To...

How To Receive Money Online From International Clients In Nigeria

  As technology is improving day by day, ways by which money is sent from one person to another have also improved. People are starting to embrace the online means of money transfer to Nigeria which saves them a lot more time than using the traditional bank deposit system. Most times, the bank is always overpopulated and you are forced to queue for hours before you are attended to. Also, the modes of sending money to people vary from that of one place to that of another. Most importantly, receiving payments from clients abroad might be tasking at times. In this article, I am going to outline some simple ways through which you can receive money online in Nigeria without much stress. Let’s jump right in. How To Transfer And Receive Money From Abroad In Nigeria Here are some eight ways you can receive and transfer money online in...

How To Freelance Write As A Full Time University Student

Getting a decent job with a good pay may turn out to be a challenge in school. A larger percentage of jobs that are easy to get, pay next to nothing. Wage aside now, most of them are not 'CV- worthy’. Challenge huh? What's a student who doesn't want to focus entirely on his academics supposed to do then? You may want to consider freelance writing as a university student.

How to Start Importation Business in Nigeria with Very Little Capital

How to Start Importation Business in Nigeria with Very Little Capital

The most discouraging factor when it comes to starting up businesses in Nigeria is the issue of capital. Most people abandon very promising business plans due to lack of funds. This article will give you cogent hints on how to become an importer of goods in Nigeria with just little funds, as low as ₦5,000. Things you can import include computers, furniture, kitchen utensils, office equipment, clothes, bags, shoes, electronics, home appliances, mobile phones, and other valuable things at very cheap prices. You must be wondering how plausible this is, don’t worry, you are about to learn how. I will take you through steps by which if you diligently and smartly follow, you will successfully start importation business in Nigeria without any huge capital.

How to Start Buying And Selling Fairly Used Cars in Nigeria

car business in nigeria

More than fifty percent of the cars bought by Nigerians are fairly used. This includes cars that were imported from abroad. In fact, the definition of "new cars" in Nigeria now includes "tokunbo" (fairly used cars from abroad) cars. There is a very large population of cars in Nigeria, as it is the commonest and the major means of transportation. Where there is the highest population of cars in Nigeria are in Lagos and Abuja. Here, the roads are always busy. Car dealers in Nigeria buy automobiles from overseas at a cheap price to sell at a profitable price in Nigeria. Fairly used cars are not as bad as some people feel. They are often cars which have been used elsewhere but are still very roadworthy and functional. Countries where Nigerian car dealers buy their cars from other countries like Cotonou, USA, Europe and other countries of the...

How to start a Travel Agency Business in Nigeria


Have you heard of Travel Agency business in Nigeria and how people are really making huge profits from it? The rumours are true. In fact, the travel industry in Nigerian has been growing consistently over the years. Also, the Nigerian Tourism Development Commission confirmed that the travel is rising to be one of the fastest growing in the world and currently its worth not less than $4,000,000. This article contains guidelines on how to start a travel agency business in Nigeria. Want a piece of the case? Follow through carefully. Travel agencies are involved in helping travellers by providing them with necessary services to meet their travel needs. Such needs may include visa counseling, booking and purchasing airline, purchase of train and bus travel tickets, lodgment, and tours.

How to Set Up Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria

How to Set Up Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria

There are several lucrative businesses in Nigeria that have not received much attention. In fact, going into some of these businesses is like owning a stream of wealth that will never run dry if well managed. One of such is the Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria. It cannot be denied anymore on how facilitated life became after the invention of cars, as they make long distances seem much closer. Also, cars are no longer just for transportation, most people love to enjoy the comfort of their cars. As such, they expect the interior design and structure to be as comfortable as it can be. This is where the job of a Car Interior Designer comes in.

Fastest Way To Register & Incorporate A Company In Nigeria

  How to Incorporate a Company in Nigeria. Do you want to incorporate a company in Nigeria, but don’t know how? You are kind of confused about the necessary procedures of law to follow to register it. Relax, you are in the right place. You are about to learn a step by step guide on how to incorporate a company in Nigeria, acquire a business name, and know the necessary documents and fees. If you wish to start any business in Nigeria, the first thing to be done is for you to register it under the required authorities. I shall provide simple phases you can follow to protect and make your company legally recognized in Nigeria. Let’s jump right in. Guide on how to Incorporate a Company in Nigeria Here is what you need to do to get your company registered Phase 1: Do a Name Availability Search The essence of making this name...
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