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12 Experts Share Blogging Mistakes Most Beginners Make

By the time you are done reading this content, over 49 blog posts would have been published.

This means the competition is crazily heavy and there is only one way to succeed if you want to make money online.

Avoid making mistakes and drive traffic to your site as much as you can.

There are usually two parts to success. You can make the mistakes yourself and learn in the process or you can ride on the shoulder of giants and learn from their mistakes.

I prefer the second option. I guess you do as well.

That is why I took my time to reach out to some successful bloggers to share tips and mistakes most blogging beginners make.  By knowing these mistakes, you are less likely to repeat them and therefore grow your blogs faster.

Ready to learn? Read along…

Let’s dive in

9 Experts Share Blogging Mistakes Most Beginners Make

Name: Che Kohler

Website: Niche market

Twitter: @nichemarketcoza

I would have to say the number 1 mistake bloggers make is not doing keyword research. While it’s great to be passionate and knowledgeable about a topic and while writing creative content is a good move, if it doesn’t match up to what users are searching for then the content won’t perform as well as it should.

Bloggers should do their keyword research before hand and make sure they are using keywords strategically through the post and not stuffing keywords. Your Primary focus should be communicated in the heading. URL’s need to be short and to the point. And always write attractive titles and Meta descriptions.

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Name: Atish Ranjan

Website: TeckTricksWorld

Twitter: @techtricksworld


Most common mistake that is committed by newbie bloggers is that they run after money from the day one which is a sign of failure. First off, you have to build a good blog, get some regular traffic, then monetize. Also, when a blogger gets some good stats in the beginning such as good DA, PA, Alexa, then they start accepting all types of sponsored post with do-follow links which may put them into problems because Google may put manual action, and site’s ranking will go down. So, while giving out do-follow links to the advertisers, be selective, and make sure the links are natural ones that fit the subject of the posts in which you include them.

Name: Chris Guillebeau

Website: Chris Guillebeau 

Twitter: @chrisguillebeau 

The biggest mistake by far is not having a clear answer to the “why” question. Why are you writing a post? What is the deeper purpose behind it, and why should people care?

Name: Nate Shivar

Website: Shivar Web

Twitter: @nshivar

The most common mistake I see is blogging about a topic rather than for an audience. It seems like a slight difference in perspective. But that shift in perspective leads to a massive shift in how bloggers plan and promote content. For example, instead of blogging about “sports” – choose to blog for people interested in quickly learning obscure sports.

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Name: Anh Nguyen

Website: Blogging Thing

Twitter: @4nhNguyen

The most common blogging mistake new bloggers make is to not being consistent. I’ve seen bloggers starting out all excited and spending hours to publish their first posts, their site design etc. and then getting disappointed that they don’t get any comments or traffic once they hit that Publish button. Blogging is truly a marathon, the earlier you realize this and make long-term plans for your blog (how are you going to attract visitors? what are your marketing strategies? what is your publishing schedule?) the better.

Name: Suresh Vurity

Website: Way2Earning
Twitter:  @free2earn

The most common mistake first-time bloggers do make is they mainly concentrate on making quick money. Of course, most of them fail eventually in this process. The second mistake is expecting quick results like high rankings and authority. First-time bloggers have to work out more on creating great content. If people find your content very informative then naturally you get decent traffic. First-time bloggers think that ranking is the only criteria for blog’s success. Yes, it is important but first you need to concentrate more on delivering killer content. Undeniably great content drive huge visitors to your blog. Later on you can keep engaging with your readers on different social media channels. Automatically your blog can gain good authority.  

Name: Chris Makara

Website: Chris Makara

Twitter: @chrismakara

The most common mistake I see is the hesitation to get started. What I mean is that if you are new to blogging, you have all sort of fears.

  • Is my writing good enough?
  • Does my site design look solid?
  • How am I going to promote my content?

I could go on and on but you can learn more out there.

Sure these things matter. But just not right now.

The brutal truth is that unless you already have a name for yourself, the likelihood of the masses reading your early content is very low.

So the most important thing you should do is to just get started.

When you put off publishing because you are worried about all the details only delays your progress. None of those other things will significantly matter until later.

Because if you don’t have any content on your site, none of the other things really matter, do they? So stop hesitating and start publishing :).

Name: Jane Sheeba

Website: Jane Sheeba

 Twitter: @janesheeba

Jumping into blogging without a goal or clarity – this is the most common blogging mistake that first-time bloggers, and even established bloggers make when they start a new blog.

Bloggers attempt to start a blog with no idea – without a business strategy, without a monetization strategy, without the idea about their target audience, and without a game plan. Once bloggers overcome this mistake I am sure success will happen a lot faster for bloggers.

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Name: Adegboye Adeniyi          

Website: VTNS Solutions

The biggest mistake I see most beginners make is not taking out time to fully understand what they are getting into. Some see blogging as a means to get rich quick. To succeed in blogging, you need to be really serious about it and it all starts with understanding the full impact of what you are getting into.

Name: Kulwant Nagi       

Website: BloggingCage


I think the most common and biggest mistake I have seen newbies making is, selecting many topics for a single blog and running for making money rather than learning how to blog first.
They cover too many topics under one blog and ultimately fail because focusing on many topics takes more energy and more understanding of the market.
Further, they keep thinking about Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and too many other ways to make quick money with blogging.
Rather than wasting their time to make money, the prime focus must be on building a quality blog, writing awesome articles and learning how to drive traffic to the blog.
These 2 are the most common things which I have seen killing blogging success.

Name: Tadeusz Szewczyk

Website: Onreact

Twitter: @onreact_com

When I started blogging in 2003 I did many things right almost from the start. As I didn’t like Blogger, I used self-hosted WordPress. I socialized with other bloggers online. I published a lot of unique content nobody else covered back then.

I was among the first to write about Banksy and

– street art
– electric cars
– free hugs

and the likes. I started my blog as a hobby though and I didn’t want to make money with it. Also, I blogged only in German for a small local audience. I didn’t meet other bloggers in real life until years later and only sporadically.

To summarize the problem: I was caught up in thinking small. I didn’t think to earn a living blogging was even an option or reaching a global audience or socializing with already well known and successful bloggers.

Of course, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I had to give up on this first blog of mine a few years later. Thinking small is one the single most crippling mistakes bloggers make. Many give up from the beginning.

Whatever you believe in will happen. When you think you can’t make it, you won’t. Think big from day one. I succeeded with that later on as long as I kept believing in myself. *Don’t sabotage yourself with low self-confidence.*

Name: Sean Si

Website: SEO-Hacker

Twitter: @seo-hacker

Interesting question. Blogging, for me, is an acquired skill that requires passion and willingness to suffer to learn the craft. Most first-time bloggers will make three mistakes: Keyword stuffing, linking to unrelated sites and being unoriginal which is that one fatal mistake any first-time blogger could ever make.

Many first-time bloggers will eventually research about SEO and most of them will do their best to stuff as many keywords as they can. While the effort is admirable, the output is not. The best way to go about this is to study how to do keyword research for your site and then execute it when you have enough knowledge to.
Another fatal mistake for bloggers is linking their content to unrelated sites. The correct way to go about this is to obviously link relevant content. It’s actually easier than one would think, all it takes is some practice and some studying.
Finally being unoriginal is something that needs to be unlearned. As a writer, the best way to do this is by constantly improving your work. You can read guides and you can study how other people write but at the end of the day, it is still your content that needs to be improved. Take all of the good things that you can possibly learn from other people, take note of their mistakes as well as your own and slowly try to find your identity as a writer, as a storyteller, and as blogger. I wrote an extensive tutorial on how to be a better copywriter, I’m sure that first-time bloggers would find it useful.

Name: Harshil Barot

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Website: JustWebWorld

Twitter: Harsil_Barot

Everybody makes mistakes, and that’s okay. In blogging the same thing will happen, when you start your own blog. This is something that can’t be avoided all of the time. The best thing is to learn from the mistakes of other bloggers. 
In the early days, I made plenty of mistakes. Let’s have a look at the most common blogging mistakes of newbie bloggers. 
1) One of the biggest mistakes newbie bloggers are still making is not identifying their audience. This is the first thing that you have to keep in mind when you start your own blog.
2) Forget Google. Stop worrying about Google and SEO. Start writing for your targeted audience. This is also a common mistake.
3) Another big mistake that most newbie bloggers make is trying to be everything for everyone. You can’t underestimate the power of strong focus.
4) Inconsistency is also one of the greatest factors of an unsuccessful blog, both in publication frequency and the quality.
5) Your users don’t care about you unless you’re a celebrity. Always write blog posts that are entertaining, funny, topical or useful.
Always Remember, the best way to respect your audience time is by delivering awesome content on a daily basis. I hope you will get benefit from these mistakes and put some of these tips to good use. All the best for your blogging success. 🙂
Thank you to everyone who took part in this roundup. Now over to you, which blogging mistake are you making?


I am Faturoti Kayode, A.K.A Fattkay. I am a 'passive income' enthusiast, a concrete internet marketer, a ruthless content writer, a prodigious website designer, and a wondrous information tycoon.


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