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Buying Fake Fiverr Reviews The Safe Way

Nothing influences Fiverr gig ranking more than the number of reviews the gig has.

Apart from the fact that this is another gig rank booster, after ranking, buyers who check your gig would be more convinced if they see good reviews though fake, but would they know? Definitely not. A buyer would be more willing to order from you if you have some reviews ready-made instead of a dry gig that supports that mentality of risk-taking.

The best way to get this done is to use a self-created dummy buyer account. Just create another Fiverr account by yourself and buy your gig with this. You don’t need to set the account up or anything, the only thing you use it for is to buy your gig. Make sure the two accounts do not relate or look similar in any way.

Below are some best Fiverr fake gig review practices:


  • Do not register that dummy account with the same browser


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  • Do not make it look too fake



  • Do not enter your account and order straight, message yourself first



  • Communicate with yourself like a real buyer for like 5 minutes



  • Do not deliver too fast



  • Do not make the review look too good to be true, and



  • Don’t give yourself too many reviews in a short space of time.


Another Fake review strategy is known as Review Exchange

Review exchange involves two or more Fiverr users. Basically, has to do with

I buy you gig, you buy mine, we dash each other 5 star reviews.

Look for another Fiverr seller, tell him/her to buy your gig taking note of the precautions listed above. Then you buy from the seller as well.

To avoid stories that really touch, make it look natural, chat with each other on Fiverr like it was some real deal. If you make it look too fishy and Fiverr should take a look, say your last respect to both accounts, hope they find a better place.


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Another Strategy – Create or join a group of Fiverr sellers

Let’s say 5 sellers; A,B,C,D and E.

Mr B reviews Mr A, Mr C reviews Mr B, Mr D reviews Mr C, Mr E reviews Mr D and Mr A reviews Mr E. Everyone spends $5 each and get a review each.

This is the best practice and you have no chance of getting account disabled as Fiverr would hardly notice since the accounts aren’t exchanging reviews directly.

The group can repeat this process every week, no shaking.

Also note that buying reviews doesn’t mean you are losing much money, remember if you buy your service, the money still goes into your Fiverr account. Just that Fiverr will wickedly remove their $1 charge so you only lose a dollar. Well, that would have arranged some local bread and beans if well calculated.

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  1. Hi there,
    How do you solve a typical catch-22 situation of a new seller on fiverr.

    0 reviews = 0 jobs

    Please give links to some legitimate review exchange groups in order to boost gigs for a new seller.

  2. hey,
    can you help me get out in first page on fiverr.also need to know in detail about gigs buy to other and he buy mine.is their any risk if we buy gigs our selling account or should i create a buying account to purchase a review on fiverr.

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