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How to Set Up Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria

How to set up Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria

There are several lucrative businesses in Nigeria that have not received much attention. In fact, going into some of these businesses is like owning a stream of wealth that will never run dry if well managed. One of such is the Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria.

It cannot be denied anymore on how facilitated life became after the invention of cars, as they make long distances seem much closer. Also, cars are no longer just for transportation, most people love to enjoy the comfort of their cars. As such, they expect the interior design and structure to be as comfortable as it can be. This is where the job of a Car Interior Designer comes in.

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What discourages Nigerians from this business is that most we feel it is not that kind of venture that is fit for the economic capability of our car users. This is far from true. This Business could be tasking but you can scale through and make a huge steady profit from it in Nigeria if you go through the right processes. An outline of the ways you can successfully operate this business in Nigeria is what I seek to achieve in this Article.

Before starting, you may be faced with questions like these:

  • How can be a car interior designer?
  • How can I set up a car interior design business in Nigeria?
  • Do I need a degree to start this business in Nigeria?
  • Am I even fit to be a car interior design businessperson?

Relax, I will ensure I provide necessary answers to these questions in this article, just follow carefully.

Requirements and Benefits of Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria

You have a lot to gain starting up this business in Nigeria if you are diligent enough to do it well. Therefore, you need to possess sound knowledge about car systems and how to make the inner parts look good. In other words, it is necessary for you to learn and master graphics artistry before going into the business.

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These are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy in this business:

  1. Very lucrative: This business makes you rich in no time. It is very profitable.
  2. Connection: Car Interior Design Business links you up with very important and well-established persons in the Business. It gives you the opportunity to meet other Designers all around the world.
  3. Explore your Imaginations: This business not only makes you money, it gives you the opportunity to explore your creative mind.
  4. Earn High Reputation: The moment your business begins to thrive, several reputable companies, in and out of Nigeria would want to partner with you, this way you earn more prestige, honor, and of course, money.
  5. Collaboration with Government: The licensing process of incorporating your car interior design company brings you closer to the government in Nigeria, it gives you a chance to work with the Government.

The Qualifications You need to set up a Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria and how to get them

About the question of if you would need a degree to become a car interior designer in Nigeria. You are actually required to have enrolled in a tertiary institution to study automobile engineering in the faculty of engineering.

However, if you wish to study car interior design business in a Nigerian University, there are some certificates you must possess, i.e. you need to write some professional exams.

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1. Certificates needed

You need to have completely passed your O’ Level results. This could be through West African Examination Council (WAEC) or National Examination Council (NECO).

After getting the above Senior Secondary School Examination Certificate, you will have to sit for and pass the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (Jamb). Through this, you will be able to gain admission into a higher institution either polytechnic or a university.

2. Course to study

In your JAMB, you must have filled in Engineering as the course you wish to study. You must belong to the department of automobile engineering in the faculty of engineering.

Also, note that not all the tertiary institutions in Nigeria teach the course. You need make adequate findings on those schools that offer the course before applying for admission. You will go through 2 years education in a polytechnic or 5 years in a Nigerian University, after which you will be awarded either a diploma or a degree certificate in automobile engineering.

3. Studying the Course Abroad

It is always much more advantageous to study car interior design abroad. It is good you make findings in advanced countries where you will be able to get more experience and get to relate to international students.

Another advantage is that you get to study in a conducive environment, you will also get to use advanced facilities that will quicken your learning process.

4. School Offering Interior Design Courses Abroad

The following Universities/Colleges offer Automobile/Car Interior Design Abroad

  • Columbus College of Art and Design, USA
  • Edinburgh Napier University, UK
  • International Career Institute, Australia
  • Phoenix College, USA
  • Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  • University of Dundee, UK
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For you to gain admission into any of these universities or colleges, you will be required to write a form of language proficiency test. This will guarantee the school that you are quite literate in the official language of the country where the school is. For example, you need be able to speak and write well in the English language for you to gain admission into universities in the UK.

5. Capital

You are going to spend a lot starting this business. It is one of the most expensive businesses to start. You will first spend on training while in school, the capital to start up the business with. You should estimate not less #500,000 for a qualitative study in car interior design systems and automobile engineering.

The Essential Software Tools you will need for Car Interior Design

1. Photoshop

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This app will give you some basic concepts that are professional to some extent. You can do the following in Photoshop:

  • Basic Works/effects. This means you can crop, straighten, flip or rotate functions and properties of your design using this app.
  • Auto-fix, etc.

2. SketchBook Pro:

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This software was made ideally for car designs and it allows you to sketch more like a professional. It is quite easy to use, its interface is cool, and it also has power illustration tools and other awesome features.

You will also need software like PTC Creo, ALIAS and others.


Setting up a Car Interior Design business could be very costly, starting with the education, time, and of course the money you spend on it. However, the result is worth the stress. It is, in fact, one of the unnoticed lucrative businesses in Nigeria.


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