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DomainKing.NG Review – Why Use Domainking For Hosting?

You want to buy a domain name, maybe you are considering owning a blog, but you don’t know which domain registrar to use. Of course, you have heard of DomainKing.NG, everyone has. Yet you are not convinced. You need a DomainKing.NG review to help you decide. This review is exactly what you need before committing to any other domain name registrar. Let’s start with the basics;

What is DomainKing?

DomainKing is a domain registrar that currently operates in about 4 countries. It also happens to be the number one domain registrar in Nigeria.

DomainKing Accreditation.

The accreditation of DomainKing is quite impressive. It includes over 16 Asian and Global Domain Registries. Their registries include;

NIRA (.NG Domain Registry)

  • ZACR (.ZA)
  • DotPH (.PH)
  • NIXI (.IN)
  • .PW
  • CentralNic

DomainKing Must Be Expensive!

No! quite the contrary. With their level of accreditation, it is natural to be worried about how much you would have to cough up to register your domain name. However, with DomainKing, you get the best services for the lowest prices. Incredible, right?

How Much Is Domain Name On DomainKing?

Here is the breakdown of the pricing:

  • .com = ₦4,100
  • . com.ng= ₦999
  • .ng= ₦9,699
  • .org= ₦5,600
  • . xyz= ₦999

What more can you possibly ask for? DomainKing.NG is perfect for buying your domain name. Click on the link to get started. You can even get free .com or.com.ng domain if you decide to purchase from their Soldier hosting plan. Relax, read their web hosting review below before you make up your mind.

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DomainKing.NG Web Hosting Review

DomainKing’s services extend beyond domain name registration. They have a host of (pun intended) other high-quality web hosting solutions that are perfect for you. Check out the services below.

DomainKing.NG Web Hosting

DomainKing offers a fast, reliable and affordable web hosting plan, irrespective of the type of site you want to host, either business or personal site. Apart from offering a hosting server that gives you 99.99% uptime, you also get to enjoy an amazing technical support at an amazing price. Just ₦175 per month.

DomainKing.NG WordPress Hosting

You get the opportunity to host your WordPress blog on a very fast SSD server. This ensures an optimum performance; your WordPress site will load twice as fast as others. All you have to pay is ₦533 per month.

DomainKing.NG VPS Hosting

DomainKing offers a powerful, managed VPS hosting for your growing website. This include

  • WHM/cPanel
  • Full root access
  • Fully managed support

You should note that DomainKing’s VPS hosting stars from ₦24, 500 per month.

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Without any question, DomainKing is right for you. Especially if you seek a cheap web hosting plan for your website or business. Just get if from DomainKing.NG

Here is a summary of their web hosting features.

DomainKing Web Hosting Features

  1. Linux Platform: On the Linux platform, they support PHP, CGI, and Perl Support on Linux OS.
  2. Full Email Suite: Supports Webmail, SMTP, POP3. Yes, they support forwarding to other Emails.
  3. Free Domain: One of the most interesting features is the fact that they offer free.COM,COM.NG domains. All you have to do is buy from their Soldier hosting plan.
  4. CMS and E-commerce Support: DomainKing web hosting provides you with a 1 Click Install for all CMS and E-commerce softwares such as WordPress and Oscommerce.
  5. Loads of Tools: You will have access to a lot of tools for a better experience like cPanel, File Manager, DNS Manager, phpMyAdmin, Website statistics, etc.
  6. Customer Support: The customer support team is always available to help you with anything, at any time of the day.

How Can You Pay On DomainKing.NG

As far as payment is concerned, you have a lot of option. Plus, it is completely stress free. You can buy any of their services using local payment options in Nigeria. It’s fast, easy, most importantly, it’s secure. The payment options are;

  • Interswitch/Verve Cards
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • GtBank Transfer
  • GtBank Cash Deposit
  • Voguepay
  • Cash Envoy
  • Etranzact/PocketMini
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International clients (including local ones) also have the option using a global method of payment such as Paypal, Payza and Webmoney.

Go and get your web hosting package from DomainKing.NG at an affordable rate.

Is DomainKing.NG Web Hosting Any Good?

Are you seriously wondering if a company that offers one of the best web hosting services at an affordable rate is any good? Of course, they are.

DomainKing offers happens to be one of the most reliable Web Hosting company whose service is ideal for all types of businesses. Whether you want to start a blog, a personal website, or a business website, DomainKing is there to serve you.

Which Hosting Plan Should You Pick?

Well, that depends on what type of website you want to host. Are you interested in creating a WordPress blog or a basic business website? Then, you should go for the starter and Soldier plan (don’t forget that it comes with a free .com or.com.ng domain for the 1st year).

You still remember how much it is, don’t you? Just ₦133 per month. Now, Click Here To Register On DomainKing.NG.


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  1. One of their key feature i love alot is the free SSL with all hosting plan. The fact that major search engines considers it a ranking factor is a good reason to use SSL for all modern websites.

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