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How to Start a Fashion Design Business In Nigeria


How to Start a Fashion Design Business

Fashion design industry is all about looking good. You make a profit from making other people seem good. In Nigeria, fashion design business is profitable. There is a list of Nigerian people that have achieved greatness in the fashion world. It’s a business where you can easily go international, be known all over the world. There is just one key ingredient you need to be successful in fashion design business; creativity.

The business is lucrative. When you start a fashion design business on a small scale, you can make as much as ₦150,000 every week. That’s not all; the business has a large room for growth.

It doesn’t matter how small you start, through hard work and consistency, you can join one of the big names like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Gorgio Armani within a couple of years.

The market is expanding every day. The birth of social media platforms such as Instagram has influenced the evolution of fashion industry. People are more fashion conscious than they used to be. This means there is more money to be made if you start a fashion design business now than ever before.

Who is a Fashion Designer?

The meaning is straightforward. Anyone that designs fashionable wears for other individual is a fashion designer. Asides from being creative, there are two other requirements to start a fashion design business.

  • You must be fashionable
  • You must be fashion conscious

Here are some steps to take to start a successful fashion design business in Nigeria.

Steps to Start a Successful Fashion Design Business In Nigeria

1. Start with Professional Training

This is the first thing you should get if you don’t have it already. You need to know how to put pieces of clothes together to create a masterpiece. A professional training will teach you how to achieve that within 6 to 12 months. You’ll learn things such as;

  • How to design clothes
  • How to sew clothes
  • How to cut clothes
  • How to run a sewing machine.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find a good trainer, just check the internet. There are a ton of fashion design institute out there. Make sure the trainers are professionals who keep up with fashion trends. Don’t learn from the local tailor that works opposite your house.

2. Starting Up

There are two things you need to take into consideration before you start a fashion design business. These are;

  • Your capital
  • Your Location

You can start a small-scale fashion design business for ₦200,000. However, if you can afford more money than that, aim for something bigger. You have to be smart about your investment. Pick

  • The right location
  • The best support staffs
  • Good tools and equipment

3. The Right Location

Picking the correct location will expose you to the right people. The kind of people that will pay you well for your service. You can rent a 2-3 room shop that is close to your target market. Consider the competition too when picking a location.

4. Best Support Staff

You don’t need to hire a whole army. One or two assistants should be enough for a start. You can use them in any capacity you see fit. Either to take orders from customers or to deliver completed works.

5. Good Tools and Equipment

Some equipment you’ll need in your new business interest includes a complete sewing machine set, a weaver machine, and embroidery machine among others. You can spend as much as ₦150,000 buying equipment. Don’t worry; it’ll all be worth it when the profit starts rolling in.

Making Massive Profits in Fashion Design Business In Nigeria

This is the part that has been bugging you; you are wondering how much profit can be made. As said earlier, you can earn ₦150,000 or more every week. It depends on the amount of working hand you have and how many clothes you make per day.

As your customer base grows, you’ll have to hire more people to be able to meet deadlines. Here is a breakdown of how much you can make,

If you charge ₦7,500 for each cloth, you make and complete six every day, that’s ₦45,000 for a day’s work. Now multiply that by six days, you have a total of ₦270,000 per week. If you deduct the weekly expense of ₦100,000, you’ll still take ₦170,000 home every week.

Wrapping Things Up

Do some investigation before delving into this business. It’ll help you make an informed decision when necessary. This will help your business grow.

When you start a fashion design business, you’ll not only be doing something you have a passion for; you’ll also be making a lot of money while doing it.



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