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The 3 Niches Of Fiverr Categories Explained – A Personal Perception

I’m just here clouding up my brain with strange Fiverr ruminations, nothing serious. I’ve had a good rummage of this Fiverr, perused a lot of things and made a couple of stupid conclusions. Out of my numerous findings, I have lowkey discovered that these Fiverr categories of services can be segmented into 3 major niches. Ask me what? Read below:

The 3 Niches Of Fiverr Categories

Based on personal perspective, I would divide Fiverr services into 3 major niches:

  1. The Professional Niche
  2. The Lazy Man’s Niche
  3. The Mad Man’s Niche


This is the major key to Fiverr. Niche for those who have taken time to learn their skills right. Those who really know their onions. Before you can be part of this niche, you must have taken time to learn some digital skills (either self-taught or otherwise). This kind of niche never dies on Fiverr and your Fiverr game will definitely last long with a good hope of returning customers.

These niches include Graphics Design, Programming, Web Design, Architecture, SEO (White Hat), Voice Overs e.t.c. If you notice, you need specific ability, knowledge or talent to be part of these services. If you belong to any of these categories, NEVER GIVE UP ON FIVERR. You must definitely cashout ceteris paribus.

If you have any of these professional skills and you’re still busy collecting 3000 Naira jobs from your local employers, you’re not that sharp (permit me). I’m giving you this info, don’t take it for granted.

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2. LAZY MAN’s Niche

Sharp sharp money. Collect-money-and-run kind of niche. No-time-to-check-time kind of niche. Those who got into the Fiverr game earlier (Nigerians) made mad money from these categories. Most of the Fiverr tutorials and guides you’ll ever see talk more about these categories.

Examples are Writing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Proofreading and editing, virtual assistant e.t.c

Writing shouldn’t have been in the lazy man’s category. But if you hear the shortcuts people use to kill article writing on Fiverr, you will fear God.

I started Fiverr with these niches. Writing >>> Email Marketing >>> Social Media Marketing >>> ????.

Trust me, these ones will bring you money fast fast. Small job, big funds.

But here is the problem…

We are all naturally lazy, for real. We all want the small job, big money. That’s what’s killing these categories.

A larger percentage of Nigerians that have no real digital skill can easily pick up any of these niches and start selling on Fiverr. Then make money, then tells his brother like “baba na wetin I dey do be this o“. Since it’s not hard, the brother joins too, makes money, tells his friends… The thread continues…

Like play like play, they flood these categories… now, we might have more Fiverr sellers than buyers… The game gets tougher.

So as a new seller, you literally have more competitors to deal with, thereby reducing your potential service fee and the potential average customers you can ever get.

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Then you start wondering like “Everybody is making mad sales, why am I different? My village people?” Baba it’s your niche, your village people don’t even have your time yet, they are still busy dealing with your rich uncles.

All in all, these categories, anyone can do it …

I need not mention why you might want to avoid these niches…

But I should as well not rule out the fact that you can still get mad sales with them, BOL (Based On Luck).

So, let me say… These categories basically depend on “LUCK”.

3. MAD MAN’S Niche

Cos I don’t know why anyone in his right senses will start offering Babalawo services on Fiverr.

voodoo fiverr gig

Or why someone will offer a service that reads “I WILL WRITE YOUR NAME ON MY BOOBS FOR $5”.

Or, “I will run around my village forest in panties and wish you happy birthday for $5”

Or, “I will sing you happy birthday in just a thong”

Or “I will pretend like a celebrity and help you prank someone for $5”

These are just weird niches for weird people. Mostly common with Indians. They can do really stupid things for money. I heard $5 in India is big money.😂 That those Indian boys doing stupid jobs on Fiverr for $5 fees are the yahoo boys in India, popping bottles and packing bitches 😂😂😂 That’s why they can do anything for small money.

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These niches are well patronized on Fiverr if you didn’t know. They have a lot of top rated sellers.

Just check them out…

Now, if you’re confused on what service to offer on Fiverr…

Here is my piece…

1. If you have any of the professional skills. You are good to go. Open an account on that and NEVER GIVE UP.

2. If you have no real skill, and you don’t want to learn or you just need fast cash, go for the lazy niches.

3. If you have no real skill, and you want to take time to invest in your future, learn a skill. Graphics design is a good option if you are naturally creative. If you have problem-solving mindset, go and learn programming, or learn web design (quite easier).

4. If you can offer any of the weird services, you are good to go.

Chill I forgot, do you know you can offer relationship advice on Fiverr? Check here. At least, in the stead of poking nose into other people’s relationships for no significant reason, maybe you can make money with it.

5. If you feel like this Fiverr hustle might not be for you, you might be right. It’s actually not for everybody. I’m being very serious here. Don’t deceive yourself. If you feel like you can’t do it, leave it and find another internet hustle.



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