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Fiverr “Available Now” Feature – A Great Opportunity For Struggling Sellers?

Opened my eyes after just some two hours’ sleep. “Dude, you up again?” I asked myself. But nothing lost. Picked up my MacBook and fired straight into my Fiverr office.

Oops! “We are currently undergoing maintenance“, was that message that gave me a warm welcome.

fiverr maintenance

I knew this happens once in a while whenever Fiverr is up to an upgrade or about to implement a new feature, it doesn’t really last for too many minutes, so I just took a chill pill.

Minutes later, Fiverr is back up and it didn’t take me too much sweat to locate the new feature, “Available Now”.

fiverr available now

Now, What is the Available Now feature all about?

The Fiverr new feature, “Available Now” is a way to inform buyers that you are more than ready to work. It is believed that most buyers are on Fiverr want to get things done fast and are mostly looking for professionals to handle these for them. Before, we mostly rely on the “online” tag, which really doesn’t guarantee that the seller is ready to work. Now, in a way to corner this, the “Available Now” option is meant to attract buyers by being online, ready to respond to messages, and being able to start orders right away.

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How to Qualify For the Available Now Feature?

This feature is not for everyone, which is a smart move, kudos to Fiverr. To qualify for this feature, here are the requirements:

  1. You must have delivered nothing less than 5 orders on Fiverr
  2. You must have less than 5 orders in queue
  3. You must have low cancellation rate

How to Enable The Fiverr Available Now feature?

Prior to this, it is advised that you have the Fiverr mobile app and your notifications switched on, so you can receive and reply a message in less than 5 minutes.

Once you are logged in, on the off chance that you are eligible for the Available Now feature, you will see the Available Now icon in between the Buyer and the Dashboard icon, click to enable. The Available Now icon turns green and hence, all buyers know that you are available.

So, once buyers run a search, they’ll see sellers who are currently available, subsequent to the filter.

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fiverr available now feature

Now, What Happens if you don’t reply in Time?

This feature is not for jokers, if you know you cannot reply all messages sent within 5 minutes, do not enable it. If you do not reply in time, the AVAILABLE NOW feature will automatically switch off. If you do not reply in time for three times, you will not be eligible to be part of Available Now for the next 30 days.

How is the Available Now feature different from Online?

Like I mentioned earlier, the fact that you online doesn’t mean that you are ready to work. You might have too many orders in queue, you might just be checking around your Fiverr competitors, or you might just leave your mobile app opened. The Available now is a toggle, totally your choice, to tell the community if you are ready to work or not.

Okay, Enough Story. How is This a Great Feature For Struggling Fiverr Sellers?

Mostly, top Fiverr sellers won’t meet the requirement(s). Either they are too busy attending to orders or have more than 5 orders in queue. Therefore, sellers who are still struggling to get orders can use the “Available Now” feature to steal hasty buyers and get things done asap. Meanwhile, you must have completed 5 orders, so the option isn’t for very new Fiverr sellers.

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Heads up, you must be ready to work hard and fast.

Now, what other question do you have? Let me know.

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