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Latest SEO Trick For FIVERR Gig Titles To Throw You To The Top Of The Search Page

So you are looking for tricks to improve the rank of your Fiverr Gigs? I got you.

Follow the tips below on optimizing your Fiverr Gigs with some smart SEO tactics and your Fiverr account will reap the benefits of the attempt.

It is simple, Manipulate The Gig URL…

When you first create a gig, Fiverr automatically generates a slug for it, that is the URL, which can never be changed.

For instance, if your gig title is “I will write an expertly researched article”, the URL will be https://www.fiverr.com/username/write-an-expertly-researched-article.

Now, when creating your gig for the first time, jampack the title with keywords.

For instance, make the title something like “I will WRITE seo blog post article content research”. Yea, that sounds silly in real sense. But come to think of it, if someone searches “seo content, write content, write blog article, write blog post“, you have a fair advantage of ranking for all keywords.

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Fiverr will automatically generate your URL using those stuffed keywords.

Once your gig is created, go back and edit the title to something short “I Will Write Brilliant Blog Content”.

Now the optimization is under the ground, no one will notice what you did, but you’ll rank.

Try it, thank me later.



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