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Fiverr Upselling Tips – How To Increase Your Income Aggressively

I’ve talked about Fiverr a couple of times, permit me this time, I won’t start from scratch. If you need some ideas on what Fiverr is, check my previous posts on Fiverr-related subjects.

So, you got a $5 order, the notification comes through into your email, more like a credit alert, you are happy, you delivered, it’s over. This is the norm, but trust me, if you are making your customers escape without squeezing some more dollars out of their wet or dry wallets apart from the normal gig price, you are missing out on a big financial opportunity.

Okay Now, What Is Upselling…?

Simply put, it is an act of persuading a customer to buy something additional or more expensive, apart from the normal purchase. Using internet engineering to brainwash and manipulate clients to pay you more than they wanted to pay. This is not cheating, mind you. But just a smart internet marketing tactic to increase your income by some significant percentage.

Upselling is not only a great way to increase one-time revenue, but it actually helps you build a relationship with your clients which can as well increase your chance of getting them to come back in the future.

Now, To The Things To Know About Upselling On Fiverr…

#1 It’s Never Too Early Or Late To Start:

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first order or you are a new seller. Seize the first opportunity you get! Once the buyer makes the order, make use of this to your advantage and introduce other gigs you have that the buyer might have interest in. Not all buyers will go through your profile, some just came across your gig and ordered. So chances are they might not even know the gigs you offer, let them know.

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#2 Build On Trust:

There are a couple of things that might get you the trust of the buyer. Deliver a great service and get a positive review, you have built a relationship of trust with that buyer. A happy buyer believes you are good at what you do, and would most probably be willing to get more done by you.

#3 Don’t Be Afraid To Push It To Them:

Often common among new buyers, more often than not, you have nothing to lose by pushing upselling offers to your buyers. The worst that can happen is a “No, thank you”. So, don’t feel reluctant to push it to them. Meanwhile, if you know your onions, it works 75% of time.

#4 Make Use Of Your Gig Delivery:

When you deliver a Gig, this is a great opportunity to upsell to a happy customer. Buyers are often very attentive and are always willing to read gig delivery messages. Quite right, you are to give them information about the delivery in this message, never forget to mention other Gigs that you offer (with links) and that you’d be happy to work with them again. Here is a sample below:

Hello {{ Seller’s Username }},

I have worked on your order and I have attached the delivery, it was nice working with you.In case you have any question as regards this delivery, please feel free to message me.

In case you have any question as regards this delivery, please feel free to message me and request a modification.

If you feel like I did a great job, I would appreciate a tip 😀

Also, don’t forget to give me a 5-star review, it will help me a lot.

I must also mention that I have other gigs you might be interested in, what about designing a back cover for this front design? It is just $5, you can check the gig here >>> {{ Link to the gig }}

Thanks once again.

– BaddestFiverrian

#5 Do Not Choke Them With Two Many Options:

Give your buyers not more than two extra service options that relate best to the service they ordered. Giving them too much will get them confused and they might not end up ordering any. Instead, you can tell them to check your profile, though most of them are always too lazy to do so. Nevertheless, don’t choke them with options, as you can see in the sample above, I included just one.

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#6 Make It Passive Before They Order:

Fiverr upselling begins with your gig description. Be sure to reference similar gigs and your gig extras in your description. Mind you, do this appropriately else you might be playing your penalty to throw-in. Let them know you can do more than what the gig offers, but do not swerve away from the main aim of that gig description.

#7 Make Use Of The Automated Message / Order Requirements After Order

This is another easy spot to get an upsell without having to do much work.

In your automated “Order Requirements” message, leave aside thanking them for the order, they already ordered so what’s the point. No! Don’t do that, be a nice seller, thank them! But all the same, you can include a simple sentence that draws the buyer’s attention to your most sought-after gig extra as a ‘reminder in case they’ve overlooked it’. Don’t forget to ask for order requirements first off.

#8 Follow Up After Order Delivery

Always remember to reach out to your past clients. Tell them you miss them, they probably do too. Tell them about your new gigs and what they would enjoy by ordering again. Do this in a friendly way, don’t sound too salesy.

#9 Make Your Gig Extras Easy To Understand

I have noticed that buyers seldom buy things that aren’t clear. Make your gig extras as straightforward as possible. Don’t give them any reason to think twice.

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#10 Always Ask For Tip

Yes, another way of milking out little cash from buyers. Some buyers are stingy, you can’t get a tip from them even with a gun. Meanwhile, some are generous. I have a buyer that gives me $15 tip on all orders, I’ve worked for him like 10 times and he gave tip in each case. There are buyers like that. In your order delivery message, ask them for a tip in a smart manner. Something like: “If you are happy with this delivery and you feel I did a great job, you can kindly give me a tip, no matter how small, it would go a long way in helping me celebrate my birthday that comes up in a couple of days“. Include something like this, experience the magic, thank me later.

I think I’ve tried. Make use of those hints, they should work fine for you. If you are yet to get started with Fiverr, probably you don’t know what service to offer, or the service you offer currently isn’t giving you the best in terms of finances, you can check out my Fiverr Email Marketing Guide.

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