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8 Easy Steps to Get A Free Amazon VPS In 5 Minutes

8 Easy Steps to Get A Free VPS From Amazon.

Every internet marketer understands the importance of using VPS (Virtual Private Server). As such, most internet markters pay a lot of fee to use several of them, even though some of them are not expensive. However, what if you can get a free VPS? Yes, you can get a VPS for free, and you are about to learn how to get a free VPS from Amazon.

To be more specific, you are about to learn how to get a VPS from Amazon for a whole year without paying a cent. If you follow the instructions described below carefully, the whole process shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Now that you are ready, let’s get into it.


The seven steps outlined below will help you get a free VPS from Amazon.

Step One: Visit the Website

This is naturally the first step to take towards getting a free VPS from Amazon, Open the website http://aws.amazon.com and click on “Try AWS for Free.” Pick the option that indicates “I am a new user” and input your email address. Next, you’ll have to enter your name, e-mail address and create a secure password.

It doesn’t end there; you still have to fill a more detailed form that includes your address, postal code, phone number and ends with a captcha. Don’t forget to check the box which indicates that you agree to the conditions.

Step Two: Enter a Credit Card Details

Yes, you still have to enter your credit card detail. However, you’ll only be charged if you go over the traffic limit. Also, who knows? You could decide to use the VPS from Amazon for more than a year. Your credit card detail is handy for such a situation.

Your credit card could be charged $1. Don’t fret; it’s just Amazon trying to ensure that you that your credit card is valid. The sum deducted would be returned in a short while.

Step Three: Verify Your Identity

The next step is pretty standard. You have to input your phone number, and your identity will be verified by an automated phone call placed by the system. Your phone should ring after you click the “Call me now.”

An automated voice will ask for the PIN that’s displayed on your screen. Type this pin on your phone, and confirmation should appear on the web page. Are you there yet? Alright, let’s go to the next step.

Step Four: Select the Type of Support

The type of support to select is evident since we are talking about the free one. However, just to be clear, choose the free one. This is the final step of your registration process. To move to the next stage, log in to your Amazon account on http://www.amazon.com

Step Five: Pick a VPS

Now that you are logged in, at the left-hand corner of the page, you’ll find the EC2 icon, click on it. It’ll take you to the page that contains the control center of the VPS services. Click on “Launch Instance.

Now all you have to do is, select an operating system. Of course, the smart thing to do is to pick the lightest one. Consider using the Windows 2003, 32 Bit. Finally, select a VPS. Since you are using the free one, leave the default choice. Do the same with the next screen and click on “Launch.”

Step Six: Create a New Key Pair

The next page will inquire if you want to select an existing key or create a new one. You want to click on “Create a New Key Pair.” In the box that is labeled “Key Pair Name,” input any letter combination that suits you, then click on “Download key pair” and save the file.

What does this downloaded file do? You’ll be able to use it to access a virtual PC through remote desktop. With a file extension .PEM, it shouldn’t be too complicated to find the file. Store it in a secure place.

Step Seven: Connect To Your Virtual PC

You should get a page showing information about your new VPS account. Now that you have a virtual PC running, it gets easier. All you have to do now is figure out how to connect to it. That is even easier to do.

You’ll need a username and password to proceed. By default, your username is Administrator (you can change it later). However, your password is encrypted, and you have to click on “Get Password” to get the password. This is where you use the key pair from step six.

Click on “Choose File” and select the PEM file form the file you saved it. After selecting the file, click on “Decrypt Password.” Your Username and Password should be displayed after this. Write down your password and keep it safe.

Step Eight: Run the Remote Desktop File

Right about now, you’ll see the option of downloading the Remote Desktop File, click on it. You’ll recognize the file extension as RDP. Run this file and connect again. A window should pop up requiring you to enter your username and password. Just input them and click “Ok.

Congratulations, you are connected to the free VPS from Amazon.

Wrapping things Up

Getting a free VPS form Amazon is that easy. However, remember that it’s free for one year only. After that, you’ll be required to pay for it.

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