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Freelance Writing Tips – How To Make Your Clients Pay What You Want

Every freelance writer begins from a point of desperation where you look for clients by all means then you gradually climb up the ladder until you reach a point where that desperation gradually fades. Ascending this said ladder isn’t as easy as it seems and most established freelance writers probably look back in retrospect at these frustrating times; and the people too.

Working with some clients might prove to be a hellish experience; often times you are faced with impossible deadlines on lengthy projects coupled with endless requests for revisions. To make matters worse you do not get adequate payment to meet up with your recurring expenses that pile up by the time you get your late check.   

The picture painted above is the reality for many freelance writers- especially the beginners who are made to slave for the sake of ‘being part of the learning process’ or whatever fancy name you choose to call it. The unavailability of projects coupled with the overly competitive nature of the few freelance writing jobs that exist online makes these unfavorable treatments seem like a necessary ‘ritual’ for every freelance writer.

How Can I change My Situation As A Freelance Writer?

As a freelance writer if you happen to find yourself in the unfortunate maze of being in such a powerless position then this article is for you. To take a step away from what I call the ‘desperation zone’ you need to either let go of the client or proceed to the negotiation table in order to ask for better terms. I know you are probably incurring so many personal expenses to consider the earlier option (as I wouldn’t too if I were in your shoes). That leaves us with the option of not only renegotiating your terms but doing that to the end of which you get a better reward for your work.

Here I would provide half a dozen tips with which you can successfully come across serious money and take charge of your freelance writing. The question is, ‘Are you ready?’

  1. As a freelancer, it is very important to make sure that you set very clear terms with which the agreement will operate before you proceed with any form of work. I understand that you are eager to work but your eagerness shouldn’t come off as desperation because that will only put you in the weaker position, feel me? Once you have stated the terms with which you intend to work with, these terms will serve as the guidelines for the work and prevent any sudden changes on the part of the client.

  2. It is very important to understand the importance that is placed on value, the level of seriousness of a client is in direct proportion to the amount budgeted for a project. Do not hesitate to get a rough estimate because this will tell you a whole lot about the project and how important it is.

  3. Thirdly, in life 3 things are constant; death, taxes and man’s selfishness (which makes him want to save at the slightest opportunity). Therefore it is normal for certain clients to go lower than what they can afford in a bid to save some dollars. Remember this point and try to be flexible with your rates (not so much that it hurts you though).

  4. In my years as a freelance writer, I have never heard a client complaining because of an over-delivered project. After you must have convinced a client to pay for your creativity then it is important to give them a run for their money and ensure that the job is perfectly done.

  5. No one likes to work with a puppet, therefore, it is important that you make inputs and not just be a yes-man. Do a proper analysis of the client’s project and make well-thought-out suggestions on how the client can achieve the project goals either by altering previous plans or by working on existing ones. This will make you seem like you know what you are doing and subsequently, you’d be in charge.

  6. Lastly and most importantly, learn to not settle. As a freelance writer, it is mandatory to set your limits and not go for less (no matter how difficult that might seem). In my decades on earth i have never come across a lion that eats grass; be a lion yes you! do not settle for less than you deserve!


Being a freelance writer is serious business; not only because of the monetary rewards or because you have an important role to play as a problem solver, it also lies in the fact that you have people that count on you to do great work. It is important to realize that you are a professional and let this realization guide you to put the maximum value on your time and creativity. I understand that you have bills and other expenses that need to be met but would you allow these things motivate you or cause you to become desperate? No you cannot afford to do that! 

In life you do not get what you desire or deserve, you get what you are able to negotiate for and over time that becomes your worth. Make it a habit to negotiate the right way in order to increase your worth and you will never have to worry about being an undervalued freelance writer. If you follow these steps then I can confidently assure you that you will climb the ladder that I spoke about earlier with ease…


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