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How Some Information Marketers Are Scamming Greedy People

Disclaimer: This post is just for fun basically, but factual. Ignore the use of vulgar words and grammatical misbalances, they are intentional. But make sure you grab the point.

Back then, I wrote an ebook on Email Marketing on Fiverr and another one on Social Media Marketing on Fiverr. I built separate landing pages for each guide.

On the first one, due to the fact that I personally felt if someone should follow all I stated in the ebook, it’ll be easy to make money, I didn’t find it necessary to emphasize “Hard Work”. It was more of “It’s easy, anyone can do it, you will make money” kind of emphasis.

I guess that created a wrong impression because most buyers forgot the fact that life naturally is difficult. So because I said “it’s easy”, which relatively is, most buyers thought once they buy, it’s plug and play, money would just start flowing.  Which got me wondering… Don’t you want to work at all? Are you a weed smoker?

On the second one, due to the experience I had with the first, I emphasized that “This guide is not for lazy people, it’s not for impatient people, you might never make money if you don’t work hard“.

I discovered that the first one made almost 5 times more sales than the second.

How? Why? Because our people don’t want to hear the fact!!!

This is why anytime I am talking about making money online, whatever it is, I always make sure I emphasize that “hard work” part which will always put off lazy and greedy assholes.

We all know quite right that the real key to success is making great products that consumers want and putting a lot of hard work into them.

lol ….F*CK THAT!!!

It’s a crazy world! And nobody likes that “hard work” stuff.

Now, since people don’t like to know the truth, information marketers have decided not to put the truth to them. So let me show you how the so-called information marketers are taking the easy way and scamming you people into giving them money! Since y’all just want fast cash, you will get it, in your dreams.

If you use websites like jvzoo/warriorplus very well, that’s where you will see the craziest marketers with weird promises.

8 Tactics Information Marketers Are Using To Dupe You


They Focus On A Hopeful, Greedy And Sort Of Dumb Audience Who Want Money Ritual But Don’t Want To Spill Blood:

We all know it’s quite easy to scam a greedy soul since they always want more than they deserve.

These are those people who think to make money online is “a push of a button away!”.
These are those people who subscribe to the idea that they “deserve” to live a good life without putting in much work.
These are those people who fantasize about “having a source of passive income that requires you just chilling in a conditioned room and getting credit alerts automatically!”

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Yes. This set of people are very easy to scam. All information marketers need to do is to lay it on with a trowel and promise things that obviously do not look feasible to a sane man, but they will run and credit that account.

By the time you apply some fancy copywriting and psychology to these gullible people, they’ll be willingly handing over their money like you jazzed them.

This Is What People Want To See… Hahahaha

Since you all want the shortcut to riches. Information marketers will never talk to you about hard work before you buy the product since they know quite well that you don’t want to hear it. And if by any means they mention that to you, you will not pay them.

They will tell you “Yes! You can bypass all that hard work, and get straight to the riches!“.

All they do is just fill your gullible mind up with hope, then drain the limited cash in your wallets 😉

Now, if you are an information marketer and you want to scam greedy people of money, target people with the psychological emotions of greed and laziness. They will so pay for your product, then their eyes will open afterward, but who cares? They already paid you! Hit the restaurant ma niccur.



They Show You How Useless Your Life Is Through Pictures:

Haha! Smart ass information marketers, all hail!

They know they need to establish authority and wealth by showing cool shit they’ve done. They need a way to prove to you that they are living a lavish lifestyle and your existence is just useless. They do this by showing pictures of cool things their broke asses can’t afford! Or edited screenshots of payments.

Mind you, if you take every interesting thing you’ve done in your life and shove it into a few pictures, your life seems AWESOME. Hide the awful lifestyle, no one wants to see that bruh!

Internet marketers show you pictures of them flying random first class seats.

They show you pictures of things they know you can’t do, but they can, because they are ballers and you’re not.

They show you pictures of bank accounts, with aggressive numbers in them. The bigger the numbers, the better conversions they get:

It’s even a bonus if they add bunch of motivational speeches to the pictures.

Then the gullible lazy fools will think “Wow these guys are balling out of control because they know the secrets to wealth!” Lol…dummies!


Tactic 3:

They Tell You “You Deserve A Good Life And It Can Be Yours Only If you ‘Believe'”

Buhahaha! So you didn’t know you deserve a good life? You still need someone to tell you that? I think this “you deserve a good life” statement is directed mostly at hopeless and gullible people. They be like “he said I deserve a good life, OMG he cares about me”.. Buahahahaha!

This is what most life coaches do. They drive people into believing them with irrational logic.

People with low self-esteem tend to buy the idea of vague-yet-plausible sounding motivation speeches.  It gives them hope they never had. It makes the marketer seem like an inspirational figure and a mentor.  Then they start fantasizing about the profitable output of a yet-to-be-started business…..

These kinds of generic motivational jargons directly hit that “go and pay” part of their brains.  It gingers their desire to belong to a the group of made men that do little work (like strike a matchstick per day), have lots of chilling (like going to strips clubs daily), and make tons of money on autopilot (like $1000 every minute). Jokers!


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Tactic 4:

They NEVER Get Into Specifics Or Tell You How Hard It Is To Make This Money. All They Do Is Give Business-y Sounding Advice

Hahaha! Since information marketers know they’re targeting a very hopeless and dull audience, they don’t want to tell the REAL business hectics.  That stuff is too hard and work-intensive for that kind of audience to care about.

All they do is say stuff like “You Will Never Succeed If You Don’t Take The Bold Step Today – David Kamdan

Hahaha! “You will never succeed”?. They say shits to scare the gullible people. Even “David Kamdan” doesn’t exist, that’s a formed up line. But who cares……the idiots that will pay will never research it.

Since people don’t normally want to work, they just want to put “CEO” or “Entrepreneur” on that bio. So all the information marketer needs to do is make success look like it takes an hour a week, can be done from the bed, and always returns huge money.

People don’t want to see the hard part. That stuff called “work” scares the hell outta them. All they want to hear is that someone somewhere has already figured out some push-button-solution that will solve all their financial problems.

Hehehehe! I’m tired of laughing!

Tactic 5:

They Always Show Huge Numbers And Figures, No Matter How Stupid They Look

Information marketers make sure they add tons of bullshit numbers wherever they can!  It doesn’t matter if the context doesn’t correlate!  

For instance,

They’ll tell you:This website has over 1,000,000 views, I will teach you how to get that.

In the real sense, what they mean is:In the 10years of running this website, my Google Analytics shows 1,000,000 total page visits which equate to less than 90 unique visitors per day“.

They’ll tell you:My last product launched generated 7 figures million dollars!”.

In the real sense, what they mean is:Over the course of 5 years selling this product, the total revenue generated was nearly $1,000,000. But I only made $17,000 profit on it, because it was affiliate inclined. I just want you to assume that the million dollar number means profit.

Fact is, to a list of idiots, the reality is BOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRINGG. So, the information marketer needs to sex them up and make them “cum” to the assumption that these aggressively high numbers mean actual profit.

If the information marketer’s product sucks so bad that he doesn’t even have big numbers to show…..he just makes them up!!!

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Tactic 6:

They Won’t Give You The Actual Information, They Just Blab About The End Benefits

Since they’re trying to make away with your money in the least amount of time, they have no need to do anything helpful for you!

All they do is pump you up full of dreams and fantasies.


Tactic 7

They Will Be Ultra Aggressive When Selling These products Because They Know That Once You Buy, They Will Never Ever See You Again!

Though there are legit information marketers that do the “keeping a customer for life” thing…..but there are some that don’t give a SHIT about you people! All they want is quick returns and don’t care if they burn cities.

  • They spam you!
  • They lie to you!
  • They pander to your emotional mumu buttons!
  • They make you feel really stupid if you don’t buy!
  • They do anything (who cares if it’s legal) to get you to buy!
  • You exploit your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

They use languages like:

“How stupid do you think you’ll be if you miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will make you rich forever?”


“Are you going to keep looking and wallow in your miserable life working 8-5 for someone else when you can just be your own boss?”

Shits like this really turn the pressure up for mumu people to buy. It’s a simple tactic that combines the two powerful psychological effects of Time Constraints and Questioning of Intelligence.


Tactic 8:

Once You Buy The Product, You Never Ever See Them Again, They Run!

Once you make the purchase, they deliver whatever product to you. They don’t care if you find it useful or not. It’s over. Bye bruh!

Lol! A long way. Share your views and opinions in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: This post is just for fun basically, but factual. Ignore the use of vulgar words and grammatical misbalances, they are intentional. But make sure you grab the point.


Fatt Kay

A Computer Addict, Seasonal Web Developer, Born-To-Be Content Writer, Computer Scientist By Force, Social Media Jagaban and an all-in-all Internet Gangstar.


  1. I can’t stop laughing, do you know that this also applies off line.its really badass way marketers make money. Kudos to you

  2. Interesting read fattkay. I refuse to mention names lol ……………..
    My question is, how do we prevent ourselves from falling into their traps? And also, how do we get to maximize the products of the good ones?

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