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How Can You Make Money Online As A Lady?

PRE-Disclaimer: Some mentions in this post will appear simpler than they really are. Be guided.

As I mentioned in a previous post, in the stead of lying unclad in the desperate lookout for purchasing power or rather relying on some fantasy rich dude to cater for your unlimited needs, there are some pretty smart ways through which you can make money online as a lady.

Like, come to think of it, leaving aside playing around with Snapchat dog filters, don’t you think there are other ways to make your mama proud apart from bringing home a rich man?

Don’t go yet, come to think of another fact. It’s a digital world, one of the good things of today’s world is that the internet has freed us from ‘the place’. I mean, no longer are we bound to a physical location to earn a reasonable living. Yes, I agree that most jobs are still ‘in person’ but there are as well a lot of them online that you can pick up and start earning some extra income for yourself.

Let me humble you before you read on:

Catherine Cook is just 24, she runs MyYearBook, which has grown to 3 million members worldwide and rakes in annual sales in the seven figures!

Oluyemi Adeola is a 21-year old Nigerian lady, she makes roughly $700 monthly doing content writing on Upwork.

I recently interviewed another Nigerian lady that makes money online trading bitcoins, you can read here.

Still not impressed?

Check out Heather Armstrong, she is one of the biggest mommy bloggers out there attracting millions of readers to her blog and has recently passed 500,000 Twitter followers.

Also, Alma Vik is making millions as a Youtube Vlogger, what does she do? She only gives relationship advice.

Are you still not humble? What else can I say? I won’t give up on you.

Maybe I should also mention that it was a lady that introduced me into FLP business, though I never took it seriously, that’s my problem, she makes millions with it.

You can also check out Lynn Terry, she creates tutorials, tips and at the same time gives advice to blogging newbies and experts. No doubt I mentioned her as one of the 100 bloggers every upcoming blogger should look up to.

Now, if you aren’t impressed yet, or you think you still can’t do it, hold my hand, I understand your worries but we can still pull through, come with me, read along.


Why Ladies Hardly Make Money Online?

I’ve come to realize that most internet hustlers are men, they are virtually everywhere on the internet looking for ways to make ends touch, but where are our ladies?

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Often times, it is due to the fact that they aren’t much of a techie. Hardly will you see a lady that’s so vast when it comes to modern technologies, they have no drive for that, they believe it’s not meant for them, they are hardly interested.

But let it be known that life is simpler these days, you don’t need to be a digital guru before you start making money online. You don’t need to know all the ins and outs of modern technology before using what you know to get what you want from the internet world. I’ll speak more on this in a later paragraph.


Some Ways To Make Income Online As A Lady?

Disclaimer: None of the options I’ll list below will make you big money in little time, if you are looking for quick money making means, this is a wrong tab. You have to work hard to earn well.

Any objection? In the absence of none, let’s ride!


#1 Become A Freelancer

Do anything on freelancing websites! There are lots of them and there are many opportunities. Go wild with ideas! Remove your wig for fresh air to enter your head and think of anything you can offer online. There is always a thing you can, let me give you some good ideas:

  • If you are good with writing, you can become a writer online or you can start proofreading for lazy people.writing article on fiverr
  • If you have a great voice, start singing for them!singing on fiverr
  • If you are pretty and wild, you have a fair advantage
  • If you have any digital skill like graphics design, web design e.t.c You are already set to go. But this is very rare among ladies.
  • If you have no digital skill and too lazy to learn any, go for my Fiver email marketing guide, it’s pretty simple for beginners to understand.

    *March 2019 Update* – That ebook was last updated in 2017. I don’t think it’s worth selling again. If you are interested, I can give you for free. Whatsapp me at 08149565292.

There are quite a lot of things you can do as a freelancer, I just came up with some random ideas which are not necessarily the best. You can check Fiverr.com for a wide range of options. I have used Fiverr as a case study for freelancing here because it is well known and the most common freelance website in Nigeria.

For more references, I have previously written an ultimate guide to get started as a freelancer, you can check that out. I also listed some of the jobs you can do online here.

If this idea caught your fancy, you can get started with Fiverr by downloading some fiverr books and videos online. You can as well check my other posts relating to Fiverr.


#2 Become A Digital Currency Trader

You can start trading bitcoins, start buying and selling cryptocurrencies, Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal e.t.c You need to be knowledgeable about these and there are lots of follow-ups to do. You will need a considerable amount of internet presence to pull through this, getting buyers and sellers will be the hard part, but if you are hardworking, you will make money.

Hit on google and do some research on your own, I am tired of typing!

For some insights, check out the interview I had with this lady.

You can also read this guide on how to trade bitcoins.

#3 Become A Tutor

You heard me right, become a teacher! Now, I’m not talking about going to that primary school around your area to teach English (for 15k a month or less), ain’t nobody got time for petty earnings, it’s 2017 (now 2019).

As an individual, woman, in this case, I believe you should have something you can teach. Interestingly, everyone has something they need to learn as well. Meanwhile, it isn’t just easy to find someone who will pay you for knowledge impaction.

Take advantage of the numerous platforms out there that let you teach people about specialist subjects. Platforms like JustAnswerPrestoExperts allows you to answer questions about subjects you’re knowledgeable about and get paid.

Likewise, you can take the easy way out and join platforms like UdemyCoursera or Newkajabi, that take the stress out of it for you. You just go on their platform, set up your courses, start teaching and start getting paid.

Mind yourself, don’t jump on teaching people about something you know nothing about, you might just end your internet hustling career even before you start. Only teach what you have deep knowledge about.

DISCLAIMER ONCE AGAIN: I made this sound very easy. Let’s face the fact, it’s not an easy ride!


#4 Become A Blogger

If you are too lazy, too impatient and too unstable, skip this part. But if you have the drive and you are very knowledgeable about a subject, you can start blogging about it. If you want to create a blog, you can do it yourself I have compiled an all in all guide to blogging here. If you need help with blog traffic, I got something for you here.

There are so many resources on the internet as regards blogging, remember, as I always say, Google is the best teacher.

#5 Become A Virtual Assitant

There are loads of small-business owners that need personal assistants, but can’t afford a permanent position on the payroll. What do they resolve? They hire people online to do some tasks for them.

There are a lot of virtual assistant jobs you can do remotely via web, e-mail, and phone. Below is a list of services you can offer:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Mining
  • CRM Data Entry
  • Data Scraping
  • Web Research
  • Copy Paste Work
  • Data Conversion
  • PDF to Excel, Word
  • JPEG to Excel, Word
  • Scanned Pages to Excel or Word
  • Business Cards Entry into Excel
  • E-commerce Products Listing
  • WordPress Article Posting
  • Data compiling from Business Directories
  • Manually Typing Work to Excel or Word Document
  • And so on………

You can offer these services on freelance websites, that’s the easiest way to get started.

virtual assistant fiverr

You actually don’t need to worry about knowing how to do most of these things, Google is the best teacher. If you very much willing to learn, they are simple. At the same time, life is hard, don’t expect an easy ride.

See, there are a couple of ideas, but I need to stop, he who writes and chills lives to write another day. The internet is a wide space. I challenge you to sit down stand up and think about something, then plan your internet hustle and make some money for yourself, instead of wasting away time on social media.

Linda Ikeji was once like you, likewise other female internet entrepreneurs. Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. Your drive, a world of optimism, hope and a ‘you can do it’ when things are tough.

Go online today, explore possibilities, come back and say some thanks!


This guide is not for everyone. Not everyone can make money online, which is not even gender-specific. If you feel like the jargons up there do not look like things you can do, you might be right. I mentioned some other female hustles in a previous article. All in all, there are several other ways to make money, but I can only say things I know about.

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