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How To Create Free Custom Email Accounts For Your Business

Custom Email, as simple as it seems, is a professional tool that’s highly important when considering a big branding picture. Just in case this sounds like a foreign language, let me give a quick brief on what a Custom Email is.


In the simplest term, it’s something like sample@hustle.ng. It is simply an email address that has your business name in it. For instance, support@yourname.com is a professional email rather having yourname@gmail.com. In a quick glance, this is what your email address looks like, to your customers:


  • Custom email address (info@businessname.com) = You mean real business
  • Your old Gmail/Yahoo email address (Bensonjoe@gmail.com) = You are just joking around

Now, you see a reason or two why you need a custom email address for your business?

There are a couple of ways to Create Free Custom Email Accounts For Your Business, most of which are paid or with aggressive limitations on free plans. But I will be teaching an almost free method right here, Zoho Mail. I have used this service for myself as well as set up custom email accounts for clients’ businesses, they have proven considerably effective over time, and of course, highly recommended. Let’s get started.

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First off, head to Zoho and register an account with your free gmail/yahoo mail account. You’ll receive a confirmation email, you will have to validate your account to progress.

Subsequently, click on “Mail” and select the free plan. That’s enough for a start.

free plan zoho

Fill in the details on the page that follows. Note that it is advisable that you have a domain name for your business before you proceed with this. Enter your domain name and other basic details required and sign up.

zoho custom mail reg

Again, you will receive a verification code to confirm your phone number, proceed with that.

Once that is done, Proceed to setup.

The account setup is where you do a few technical duties to get your account running perfectly. Some of which includes: Domain verification, Creating users and groups, Configuring email delivery and email migration, DNS configuration, and mobile access.

Most of the tasks are quite simple and self-explanatory but if you are not familiar with web technologies, they might be a little bit daunting, especially domain verification which is the most important.

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You can always forward the instructions to any webmaster or your hosting/domain provider to help you with it.

One you are done with all these, you are set! You can now start receiving emails with your custom email address.

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