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How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog – Top 3 Rookie Methods

DISCLAIMER: This is more like awrite-post-blast-everywhere(!!)” guide to driving blog traffic. Most of the points mentioned here are no-brainers and not new under the cloud. So you should expect some sort of “Monkey-see-monkey-do” kind of instructions. They are a collection of rookie methods to make money online by desperately driving blog traffic to your blog, they are not meant to be used for a long time if you are thinking of getting rich with blogging.

Your blog content is worth being seen, wherever you get it from. Because as you have taken your limited time to hit the publish button, then definitely some other people apart from family and friends should see your post.

Meanwhile, blog traffic, or let’s say the lack of it, is a sore spot for every blogger and one of the reasons why most newbie bloggers give up in no time. Blog traffic also defines how much your blogging endeavors will make you.

Still wondering why every blogger is scrambling to get a bite off this gold rush?

In this post, I have stated some rookie ways of desperately driving traffic to your blog, read along.




If you use WordPress as your blogging platform and you have a considerable amount of Social Media followers, then this might be a nice strike. Revive Old Post, formerly known as “Tweet Old Post“, is a WordPress plugin that helps you keep your old posts alive and put your content in front of your audience multiple times by automatically sharing them on Social Media outlets.

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revive old post drive blog traffic

This is quite different from auto-sharing of posts on Social Media when you publish, that’s too petty to mention. Revive old post, as the name implies, shares old posts based on intervals set by you.

For instance, if you own an entertainment blog, more likely each of your posts will lose value after a day or two. Then you can set the plugin to automatically share all posts you published within the last 24hours, every one hour.

So, a post titled “Tonto Dike goes naked again” can be shared more than 6 times in a day, automatically. So whatever time your audience jumps into their social app, they will most probably see it.

For a blog that publishes contents that do not expire, I mean contents that still stay needed after months of publishing, then you can set no limit. Revive old post will keep sharing posts on autopilot even if they were published 2 years ago.

Meanwhile, the “Revive Old Post” plugin’s free version only allows connecting an account per social network. It has a pro version that allows unlimited accounts, it is just $75, oh! maybe that’s not some “just” amount.

NOTE: Take is easy with this, too much of spam is considered policy violation for Facebook and Twitter.



Facebook groups have proven very effective over time, as regards blog traffic. Especially when you make use of click-pulling titles and you post to targeted groups.

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facebook groups to drive blog traffic

First off, you will have to get Facebook Social ToolkitFacebook Social Toolkit is a chrome extension that contains a collection of Facebook automation tools that are created to save your time while using Facebook. With Facebook social toolkit, you will be able to join multiple Facebook groups at a time and also post to multiple groups on auto-pilot. How sweet does that sound?

Meanwhile, the free version of this tool is limited and won’t be able to do most of the things we need to be done, so I have uploaded the Premium version of Facebook Social Toolkit here. You can download and follow installation instructions to get it running.

Here is how to join multiple Facebook groups at once with Facebook Social Toolkit: To start with, you need to have a list of group IDs. You can check SlickRemix for how to get Facebook Group ID.

To collect group IDs, you can also use other tools available in the social toolkit. Then watch the video below, number 4 on the playlist, for the tutorial on how to join multiple facebook groups using group IDs.

Subsequent to joining these groups, see the video below,  number 33 on the playlist for the tutorial on how to post to multiple facebook groups at a time using the social toolkit:


Have a blast with that. Remember, do not overuse it.



This is very effective as I have personally made use of it. In my early days of blogging, Nairaland was my major source of traffic. You can check this account, 70% of total threads created made Nairaland Frontpage. How do you do this?

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Nairaland is more like an aggregation of various web contents, visitors flood the platform daily to check out new contents whereas the owners of the website do apparently nothing close to updating content. They rely on others to come and create new engaging topics. Why not help them by helping yourself?

Head to Nairaland, create a new topic that you must have previously published on your blog. Just below the content, include your blog link as the SOURCE.


People will jump on your link if they find your content interesting. If your site is worth coming back to, you might earn yourself some returning visits.

There is another crazy tactic I have used to drive blog traffic from Nairaland, which is actually more effective than the aforementioned. I go in search of already created topics relating to my niche, and in the guise of adding valuable contribution to the topic, I embed helpful links to my own website. Here is a sample below:

drive traffic from nairaland

This, apart from driving immediate traffic to your blog, will as well help your blog in terms of SEO.

Rounding off, the points mentioned here are meant for the trial times when you have to take your content to people who don’t really care about it. It doesn’t actually make you a desperado, it just means you need the foundation in place first to set yourself up for blogging success.

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  1. Hey Fattkay
    I’m glad I landed here, I’m so much concern about traffic when I started my blog, infact I hardly got to 100pv a day not even up-to 50pv.
    thanks for this post, I take action over it

    And also I recommend reddit : subscribed to sub-reddit that got at least 5k subscriber
    Read the sub-reddit rule
    Drop your link, see the Magic…

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