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How To Make Money From Freebie Seekers And Cyber Beggers

There’s this typical misconception that individuals who thumb through the internet with the expectation of freebies or in search of complimentary stuff online are bad prospects as clients or converting customers. People like this are never ready to spend a dime on any stuff they see online, be it ebooks, Softwares, videos and the likes, they are always in search of alternatives and cracks to satisfy their unlimited wants.

With this, it’s easy to tell why we mostly believe that people like this are completely useless when it comes to making money off them.

While that might be valid by and large, that doesn’t mean you can’t make money online off them.

In this article,  I’ll be showing you how you can make money from these complimentary stuff searchers by not offering them any items to buy but by sending them to those who will pay you for each lead you send them.

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There are companies who are ready to pay you each time you send them a visitor that does any of a few things:

1.) Fills out a form to request a free sample
2.) Downloads a free software program
3.) Signs up for a newsletter
4.) Takes a survey

What’s imperative to know is that these individuals won’t be giving over any money to the companies, as more often than not, they aren’t even ready to drop a dime. However, you can still make money for yourself by sending visitors to these companies.

That is on the grounds that these companies understand that they will make back the money they invest in paying for the leads.

An example of one of these companies is Adf.ly. Adfly pays you for shortening URLs. You can shorten download links, so when freebie seekers click on these, you make some money. Read more on how to make money with Adf.ly here.

There are many other similar opportunities. You can find them through Google.

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Once you’ve discovered the companies, you have to know more about the freebie seekers, what they like, what they want and then do some match making. Make sure you observe many of the different catchphrases popular among your target audience, freebie seekers in this case.

Fortunately, these freebie seekers are greedy, they don’t stop at one freebie. When they’re in action, they’ll practically run over anybody or anything that gets in their way to find some more free stuff.

Another market similar to this is the coupon market. People who are always in search for all sorts of coupons and discounts for products online.

Also, you can put up a whole lot of stuff on your website for free, so much for freebie seekers to be happy about, then you can make money indirectly by placing Adsense ads on your site.

I used to wonder how some sites were making money when their focus was on free stuff. But now I see how they’ve been able to manipulate freebie seekers and make some money off them.

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