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How To Make Money Online With Digital Media Advertising

First off, digital media are digitally compressed products like video, audio, photo, ebook e.t.c They are products that are easily shared and transmitted over computer networks. Now, Digital Media Advertising, which is also referred to as Internet marketing is when businesses, services, brands or product owners utilize electronic media to deliver promotional advertisements to potential consumers. Digital Media advertising includes promotions, be it targeted or not but inclined towards getting across to potential consumers through social media outlets, email, search engines, website banner ads and affiliates programs. With these, it’s easy to say the internet is the most closely associated channel for digital media advertising. Meanwhile, nowadays, Digital Media Advertising is mostly referred to as PR Services. Public relations services (PR) is the way business, individuals and brands communicate with the public and media. A specialist in PR services is the one that communicates with potential consumers or rather called target audience either directly or otherwise with the use of electronic media primarily to create and at the same time maintain a good image of the business, brand or individual and also create a strong rapport with the consumers. Before I proceed with my make money online with Digital Media Advertising wordings, I would love to highlight some types of digital media advertising you can do in recent times.


The types of digital media advertising you can do online contains but not limited to the following:

  • Content Marketing
  • Web Traffic
  • Web Analytics
  • Local Listings
  • SEM
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Video Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • SEOs
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Domain Research
  • Mobile Advertising

Numerous options we have therein, now give me one reason why you will not make money online with one of these, even though some strange terms and conditions will surely apply.


So far, it’s been sounding too good to be true. So before you get too lost in the joy, here are some things you will need if you are really bent on making money doing PR services (Digital Media Advertising).

  1. An Online Strategy: Digital Media Advertising as earlier described means the use of electronic media to drive sales, traffic or just build a business-consumer relationship. It can be done using different channels as listed above. Now, before you jump into the game, you have to choose from a variety of specialized areas of digital media advertising. Is it social media? Or Email marketing? or Search Engine Manipulation? Any how you want it, just make sure you deliver the best I require whenever I hire you for your self-claimed PR service.
  2. Get Your Strategy(ies) Right: Whatever specialization you wish to follow, make sure you have a solid knowledge of it with convincing proof. For instance, you can’t claim to be good with Twitter promotions when you are still begging random people to follow back in order to uplift your sorry followership glory. You can’t possibly promote a brand right if you yourself is finding it difficult to promote yourself.
  3. Learn Content Marketing: Content is king they say and in this case, it’s truly the king. It involves winning the souls of faceless individuals by creating and sharing content that relates to what you promote. The content can include tweets, press releases, blog posts, e-books, videos or audio. The aim is to get the attention of a target audience and at the same time retain them.
  4. Be Sure Who You Are Reaching Out To: Before you start blasting every individual’s screen with promotional contents, be sure who you really need. Are they adults? What gender? Working class or unemployed? If this isn’t put in place, your promotions might just end up being annoying.
  5. Know The Content Data Science And Statistics: Sorry for this plug, but if you are not studying the data science and statistics of what you do, then the value of your digital media advertising won’t be worth it. You need to get answers to questions like: – What content earn the most from audience, and why? – What content length gives the best engagement?

Below are some other essential requirements for digital media advertising you should consider :

  1. Learn Paid social media advertising skills
  2. Learn basic Sales and Marketing Skills
  3. Learn to execute and analyze marketing campaigns
  4. Be creative and possess analytical skills
  5. Learn to think objectively
  6. Learn creative writing and ability to tell a story visually
  7. Learn basic design skills


I bet that’s what you have been waiting impatiently to see. That how can you make money through this subject. So here we have them below:

  1. You can work as a freelancer on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, or for clients who need PR experts.
  2. Start digital media advertising on the internet
  3. Share content write-ups or start generating web traffic and then charge for advertisements.
  4. Get yourself employed remotely as a digital marketer for a company, business or brand.
  5. Jump into any other online business and beat your competitors with your own knowledge of digital advertising.
  6. If you use Youtube as your marketing strategy, monetize it!
  7. If you use blogging as your marketing strategy, Google AdSense is your best bet.

Now to the last bullet, your possibilities are endless with digital media advertising as there is a huge amount of audience you can reach online. Now, what are you waiting for? Research further on Digital Media Advertising services and make money from it. Do not hesitate to share this great content with friends. Let’s make this digital money together!  


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