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How To Make Money With Swisscoin In Nigeria

Cryptocurrency is the future of money. An endless number of tech moguls all over the world have been saying this recently. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and a host of others, and if these guys are saying it, you’d better believe it (since most of them can probably buy Africa single-handedly).

My point is, cryptocurrencies are here to stay, scratch that, they’re here to dominate and if you haven’t bought in yet, or you’re still being skeptical, well, may God help you. I know most of us instinctively think bitcoin whenever we hear cryptocurrency, but while bitcoin may be the first cryptocurrency to be created(and the largest by market capitalization), Wikipedia reports that there are over 900 listed cryptocurrencies as of June 2017 (and that number is still growing), some of them very close to Bitcoin in market cap. Some well known alternative currencies include litecoin, ethereum, monero, and the topic of our discussion, Swisscoin.

But what are cryptocurrencies and how do they work?

Well, cryptocurrency, as the last part of the name suggests, is a digital currency that is virtual and you can’t see. They use cryptographic techniques and a public ledger to record transactions but you’re not here to learn all these are you?? Thought not. And if you wanna learn, check out my earlier post on cryptocurrency here.

Moving on to making money with Swisscoin and how much you can make…

Let’s take bitcoin as an example. When Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, it traded for as low as $0.1 to 1 bitcoin, and as of today, 8 years later, it’s trading at over $2500 to 1 bitcoin (and it’s still rising). So if I’d invested $50 in Bitcoin in 2009, I would be worth over a million dollars today (must be the people from my village that caused me not to).

Still having trouble seeing it? peep this: A computer nerd used around 10,000 bitcoins to buy a sandwich in 2010, today that sandwich would be worth $25,000,000 (huh…). So you see that your opportunities are limitless by investing in cryptocurrency because you’re literally investing in the future. Now that your fingers are itching and you want to invest in crypto too, you’re thinking bitcoin is too expensive already (and you can’t go back in time to 2009…shame). So if you’re going to invest in an alternative crypto and which would it be?? This is where Swisscoin comes in.

Talking Of Swisscoin…

Swisscoin is the new kid on the block in cryptocurrency kingdom. Launched in 2016 by Swiss and German collaborators, Swisscoin is arguably the best alternative to bitcoin the world has been waiting for. Swisscoin uses the proof of work concept to authenticate its transactions on the public ledger. Currently, Swisscoin trades at €0.23 to 1 Swisscoin and considering that it was trading at €0.1 in 2016, that’s more than a 100% increase. To make sure it doesn’t serve as a channel for illegal transactions, Swisscoin introduced a system known as KYC (Know-Your-Customer). Their KYC system makes sure that it doesn’t serve as a channel for illegal monetary transactions such as money laundering and illegal black market sales. It’s transparent, clean and secured.

So how do you make money with Swisscoin??

By mining. Mining is how you get new money (coins) in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It basically means applying the computing power of your computer to solve difficult mathematical puzzles, and the more puzzles you solve the more coins you get. The difficulty is determined by how many coins are currently in existence and something called a split. The more coins are in existence, the harder it gets to mine Swisscoin. Swisscoin also has something called the split indicator, and when the split indicator gets to 100%, your coins get doubled and mining difficulty increases. You can use your CPU or GPU to mine coins.

Buying Of Swisscoin Educational Packs

To invest in Swisscoin, you have to buy educational packs from the company. Each educational pack gives you a certain amount of tokens and the tokens are used to mine Swisscoin. The lowest pack costs €25 while the most expensive is €15,000. The €25 pack gives you 200 tokens while the €15,000 pack gives 200,000 tokens. There are many packs between these two extremes, just check out the full range of educational packs.

How Many Coins Can You Mine?

How many coins you can mine depends on the number of tokens you have and the split level (which actually means difficulty). When split indicator reaches 100%, your tokens double up. Meaning your 5000 tokens from €500 investment will become 10,000 tokens. But you will have to divide that by the level of mining difficulty to determine the number of coins you get. E.g those that invested immediately the system was launched and at level 1 mining difficulty gets 10,000 swiss coins from €500 investment. Currently, mining difficulty is at level 5, meaning 10,000 tokens will be divided by 5 and the result is the amount of swisscoin you will get decreases. i.e €500 investment gives 5000 tokens and after split indicator reaches 100% you will get 10,000 tokens, but the amount of swisscoin you get will be 10,000/5 = 2,000 coins.

Now you understand why you should invest, because, by the time the mining difficulty reaches level 6, €500 investment will give you only about 1,800 Swisscoin. By 2018, swisscoin is projected to be trading at €5 per coin which means your €500 investment now would be worth about €10,000 and for those that invested in June 2016, their €500 investment would be worth €50,000. Are you still sitting on the fence??

How Is The Value Of Swisscoin Set?

The value of a cryptocurrency is set by demand i.e the higher the demand to own the coin, the higher its price. And as the demand for Swisscoin increases so will its price. To encourage faster growth, 60% of your total earnings are made available for cash out while the remaining 40% are automatically re-injected into the system for mining.

Hol’Up! You Can Still Make More Money With Swisscoin

Think you’ve seen it all and you’ve heard all the benefits of Swisscoin?? Not by a long shot. Swisscoin also offers a network marketing model that allows you to make more money by referring new customers and earning commissions and bonuses. This is to make the system grow fast (remember higher demand, higher price) and also meet their goal of being one of the top three cryptocurrencies by 2020. So how does their network marketing structure look and how can you make money with it. Check it out.

Direct Sales Commission:

For a direct sale of any of the educational packs, you will receive 10% of the BV (Business Volume) in commission. You can sponsor/refer as many people as possible.

1 BV = €0.8.

So if someone you refer were to purchase a €1000 educational package, you get 100 BV which is equivalent to €80 euro in commission. Now what if 50 people you refer buy the €1000 package, yeah, do the math.

Team Bonuses:

If you get a €50 package or above yourself, you will be eligible for team bonus which pays you between 2-22% of all sales done by your entire team down through infinity. Where your team is everybody that you refer, and everybody that they, in turn, refer, down through infinity. Devious??

Matching Bonuses:

If you get a €250 package or above yourself, you are eligible for matching bonus which pays between 1-20% of your team direct sale commissions through 11 generations down.

Other bonuses and special features are laptop, gold rolex, cash, house and even more cash, free 100 coins when you register (did I mention that before??), Master Card (layer this year), and they also have a Diamond Pool set aside for all Diamonds.

How To Withdraw Your Money From Swisscoin?

So how do you get your money out?? If you’re not asking this question, you’re not a true Nigerian.
Once you have money in your SwissCoin wallet, you have several options to cash out.

  • Wire of transfer to your bank account.
  • Using SwissCoin Master card to be available later this year.
  • Reinvest in buying more coins.

Remember that 40% will be reinvested automatically while 60% will be available for cash out.

Remember, the clock is ticking and the split indicator is inching closer to 100% every day, it’s time for you to invest in the future as well. Don’t be another doubting Thomas. Join this train while it’s still fresh and smile to the bank later.

How To Register and Start Making Money With Swisscoin??

It’s easy to register once you have a referral link, meaning you must have a sponsor. You will get 100 free coins as your registration bonus which will be equivalent to €100 when swisscoin is trading at just €1 per coin.

Even if you are not ready to invest now, register an Swisscoin.eu/Emjay95 account and get your own free 100 coins before it is exhausted. You can fund your account with Payza, OKPay, Bitcoin, Swift, Sepa. Just navigate to Shop >> Buying Packages.

Click Here To Register Now

That’s that. on that. Don’t forget to share this.


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  1. Please I want to know after registering, how do I buy using Visa card. Also,is there a place on the page which shows me the number of coins I have and the. This is my first time of investing ina cryptocurrency but I don’t know how to do it.

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