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How To Rank Your Fiverr Gig Aggressively! – Hot 2018 Tricks!

When I said Aggressive, Yes I meant it! That kind of Fiverr gig optimization that throws your gig from 9th page to the second row on the first page.

People do make money online and so make as much as $3000+ on Fiverr, it’s not magical, it’s just that their gig(s) found the way to the top of the search page by some off chances. So, if you can mimic this phenomenon by ranking your Fiverr gig, trust me, you are already smiling to the bank.

I’m not here to preach what is Fiverr or why you should freelance on Fiverr as I believe before you clicked on a topic that reads “How To Rank Your Fiverr Gig Aggressively! – Hot 2017 Tricks!“, you must know what Fiverr is and have cogent reasons why you should use it. I believe you are just desperate to rank your Fiverr gigs.

If you want to know what Fiverr is, check the Fiverr Products Tag or Fiverr Posts Tag.

On factual notes, nobody around us knows the exact algorithm Fiverr uses to rank gigs and Fiverr never made an official release as regards this. But there are some tricks which have proven effective over time. They have been tested and trusted by Fiverr top guns, they are what I’m about to reveal to you in this write-up.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a Fiverr top gun, but believe whatever piece about Fiverr gig ranking you see here, they ain’t no joke.

So read along, some 7 points on How To Rank Your Fiverr Gig Aggressively! – Hot 2017 Tricks!


  1. Use The Right Title And Capitalize Your Keyword(s): This is actually a no-brainer, your title should contain the main keyword(s) of your gig. I would be using Email Lists as an instance here. Here are some of the sample topics you should consider:- I will give Clean EMAIL Lists
    – I will give targeted EMAIL Lists
    – I will give Niche-Based EMAIL Lists
    – I will give 100,000 EMAIL Lists as per your request
    – I will give collect EMAIL Lists for your businessNotice the similarities? Email lists is well included in all and the EMAIL is capitalized. Capitalize the major keyword in the title as you can’t capitalize more than once word.Don’t make your gig title more than 50 characters, short titles have been known to perform better in terms of gig ranking over time.
  2. Use Appropriate Tags: This is one of the most important factors to consider. You don’t need to copy tags of top sellers in your niche, it won’t make you rank higher than them. Here is how to get the best and the most searched keywords on Fiverr, to use as your tags.Hit the Fiverr search box and type in your keyword(s), in this case, Email List. Put your major keyword(s) in the search box and Fiverr will automatically generate the most search terms for you based on the keyword.These are what you will use as your tags. In this case, my tags would be “email lists, clean email lists, email marketing lists, email, and email addresses”. Remember you can only include a maximum of 5 tags.
  3. Use Gig Video: This has always been considered as one of the most known Fiverr myths but pay attention to it! It works! Fiverr team will consider you more serious with your Fiverr hustle if you use video for your gig, not just some random google pictures. So take the pain and get a video for your gig. There are loads of Pakistanis ready to do gig videos for just $5, fish them out on Fiverr. If you are desperately in need of a Fiverr gig video, shoot me a mail at Fattkay([(aatt)])Hustle.ng.Have You Seen: HOW TO VERIFY FIVERR ACCOUNT USING USA PHONE NUMBER IN NIGERIA
  4. Concerning Featured Image: This works and it’s very straight-forward. Once you have your gig image ready, before you upload, rename it to your gig title. Copy your gig title and rename your featured image to that, then upload.
  5. Gig Description: For formality, follow the video below on best Fiverr gig description practice.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfbyWoZDmuo
    For optimization, below is a checklist:- Make sure your keywords are well pronounced in the description. Not too much though, as Fiverr will frown at that.
    – Bolden and underline keywords and calls to action. You can always use CTRL + B to bolden and CTRL + U  to underline.
  6. Drive Traffic To Your Gig: This is just a way to increase views which will proportionally increase your ranking and put your gig in front of interested buyers. You can drive real traffic by using social media. Share your gig on facebook groups relating to what you offer, tweet your gig with hashtags relating to what you offer and blast your gig to Googleplus communities relating to what you offer.On the off chance that you don’t know how to drive real traffic, order a traffic gig on Fiverr and drive traffic to your gig, obviously FAKE. No! Don’t waste money, download this traffic software and drive your traffic to your destination, yourself. If you check your gig analytics in few hours you will notice a spike up.NOTE: DON’T OVERUSE THIS!
  7.  BUY SOME REVIEWS: Apart from the fact that this is another gig rank booster. Even after ranking, buyers who check your gig will get more convinced if they see good reviews, instead of a dry risk-taking gig.
    The best way to get this done is to use a self-created dummy buyer account. Just create another account by yourself and buy your gig with this. Make sure the two accounts do not relate or look similar in any way. Below are some best Fiverr fake gig review practices:

    • Do not make it look too fake
    • Do not enter your account and order straight, message yourself first
    • Communicate with yourself like a real buyer for like 5 minutes
    • Do not deliver too fast
    • Do not make the review look too good to be true, and
    • Don’t give yourself too many reviews in a short space of time.
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I found another technique, check here.

I strongly believe this piece should be of great help to you. If you experience any problem while ranking your Fiverr gigs, you can shoot me a mail at Fattkay([(aatt)])Hustle.ng or put your queries down in the comment box below.

Lastly, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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  1. Thanks man….Please, about the fake gig buying with seperate account, hwould i still need put money on the other account to be able to pay for my self for the work done on the seller’s account, which os of course, me?

  2. Do i just buy reviews without orders. I read somewhere that one should have friends buy the gig many times over. Can just reviews do the trick?

  3. Very well composed piece of content, I searched for it and am glad I stumbled upon it. Heading straight to give this a try, and I believe it works for me. Thanks man

  4. Boss!
    I really need your help with my fiverr account.

    So my location was previously USA and i use Surfeasy VPN, But suddenly my location changed to Nigeria boss!
    Boss is their anything i can do to get my location back to USA, and my gig offering is based on location. If it doesn’t change back e go affect me gan!

    Help Boss


  5. Hi, please is it possible I change my location back to UK or US. It was formerly UK and my account was doing just fine. I just realized my location changed. I’ve tried to change my phone number to a USA mobile number but still the location didn’t change. I’ll appreciate your response. Thanks

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