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How To Trade Your Intellectual Property For Money

We all have that friend who’s just incredibly good with musical instruments, or our other friend who just seems to have the magic with girls, but he’s always broke.  

Even you, probably have one skill, one thing you do better than anyone else, one subject you think you know very well, a talent? or skill? or maybe I’m being too forward, what if you have none? Like, what if your head has nothing valuable to offer others? Let’s leave that aside. Just understand that whatever you know is enough to make you some money if you know how to leverage your knowledge properly. And if you’re just letting all that knowledge go to waste, we’ll moderate your case once Buhari gets back.

In the world of today, people are actively searching for information, lucky you are, if you just happen to have this “information”, they’re more than likely to pay for it. And because of the internet, you can easily position yourself in a vantage point where they can easily find you.

In 2013, British prime minister said, “forget nuclear weapons, information is the most powerful weapon out there”. The society of today breathes and feeds on knowledge, something that more often than not, you can provide, yet you complain about being broke. Who is doing who?

If there’s anything, just anything, no matter how little, that you’re knowledgeable about, then you can turn that knowledge into money no matter how obscure you think it is. Because there’s someone out there who needs that knowledge and is probably willing to pay for it.

You’ll be surprised at how much some guy in Kuala Lumpur is willing to pay for tips on how to woo a girl (something that my guys in the hood have been pulling for donkey years without worries). Even better, if you have knowledge that can be converted into a service, boom, you can create a fully functioning business out of it without ever leaving your home (say some thanks to the internet). And if the knowledge can’t be turned into a service, say you’re extremely knowledgeable about fly fishing – having done it for the past ten years, there are still several means by which you can leverage this knowledge to make money.

Without further ado, let’s dive into my list of ways to monetize your knowledge and make some cash off your intellectual property.

Or hold on a sec. Let me hit you with some statistics to light up your unfaithful mood. According to internetlivestats.com, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. That’s more than half the planet in one day!! Just to show you how much people are looking for information. Still, you think what you know is worthless??

Ways To Make Money Off Knowledge, Talent Or Skills

#1 Become A Freelancer

There have been too much of over-hype as regards freelancing in recent time, but truth be told, it is by far one of the easiest ways to monetize your knowledge and make money online. Create a website to showcase your freelance skills, create a portfolio to convince clients you know what you’re doing, start marketing your skills using the various forms of digital marketing and voila! You’re in business.

Or you can just take the stress out of it and join popular freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, SEO clerks etc. You can check other top freelancing websites here. Of course, they’ll take a cut out of whatever you make, but I think it’s worth it as they already got the clients waiting for you. You can make a career for yourself with freelancing but in the end, it all boils down to building skills people need, providing value, building relationships and ability to work hard. That’s what differentiates successful freelancers from unsuccessful ones.

Freelance skills in popular demand include; graphics designing, website designing, software development and application programming, writing, digital marketing, translation, virtual assistant and lots more. Do a quick Google search and see what you can find. So if you’re particularly knowledgeable about any of these things, don’t dull, start earning.

For a quick introduction to freelancing, check this post.

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#2 Start Teaching

You heard me right, become a teacher. Now I’m not talking about going to that primary school around your area to teach English (for 15k a month or less), ain’t nobody got time for petty earnings, it’s 2017.

Take advantage of the numerous platforms out there that let you teach people about specialist subjects. Platforms like Justanswer, PrestoExperts allows you to answer questions about subjects you’re knowledgeable about and get paid. Now if you want to teach English, that’s fine by me, but at least do it with class. There is a myriad of ways you can create online courses and tutorials for students and people who need them, and believe me they’ll pay. So sit down to brainstorm, create a platform to share your knowledge, create “courses” and start getting paid.

Likewise, you can take the easy way out and join platforms like Udemy, Coursera or Newkajabi, that take the stress out of it for you. You just go on their platform, set up your courses, start teaching and start getting paid. 

If your course is great, people will pay for it. A quick derailing, take a look at a personal review of one of the best UDEMY digital marketing courses.

Now while I might have told you to become a teacher, I didn’t say start thinking like one. In that stead, start thinking like an internet entrepreneur, and think about how an entrepreneur would handle this. Don’t go around teaching class after class shouting at students at the top of your voice, package your courses into modules, prepare everything at once and start selling to as many students as possible.

Before I leave you, you might need some inspiration, I came across this post about The $4 million dollar teacher and it inspired me, let it inspire you too.

#3 Become A Consultant

While this may sound similar to teaching, there are obvious differences. If you’re particularly knowledgeable about any topic, especially in the business arena, then becoming a consultant is probably the best way to monetize that knowledge.

Lots of people run into roadblocks they don’t know how to surmount every day, and if you could just give them the tips they need to get in the clear, they’ll pay for it.

First off, you have to build a reputation and prove yourself as an expert in your chosen field. Look for common problems that people often encounter (and often have to pay to get out of), provide detailed solutions to these problems, then set up a website to handle your clients, market smartly and watch them troop to you for advice. The most important thing to remember is that you must be truly knowledgeable about the field and you must be able to solve their problems (or give them advice to that effect). Do this and you might just become the consultant of the century. Or not, but you’ll definitely make some money with that knowledge by being a consultant.

There is a previous interview on this platform about a young Nigerian that makes money online being a cryptocurrency consultant.

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#4 Information Marketing

This one is a favorite in MMO (Make Money Online) circles. And with good reason, because it works. Information marketers are also like teachers in their own ways I guess, but in their case, they create information products, usually in eBook format (you can create videos, podcast, webinars, any form of content, as well) on just about any topic or niche. Believe me, you’d be surprised at what some people are willing to pay for video game tips.

But that’s not why internet marketers love information marketing so much. It’s because the process can be automated almost entirely, and we all know internet marketers are lazy people. You can literally, create an info product and set up the entire system in one week, then sit back and earn for the rest of your life as long as people buy that product. You feel me? Think about a niche you have a passion for and are really knowledgeable about, create a list of FAQS for that niche (like from newbie to your current knowledge level, what did you have to learn), then answer those questions with detailed articles, package the entire thing into one or more books, market your products and voila! You’re now an information marketer.

You may even add a sales funnel and create a video, as well as audio versions of your product as well (hello YouTube, podcast etc). Do it right and you may become a successful information marketer.

An example of information marketing in form of ebook is one written by Fattkay – As regards how to get 2000 Instagram followers in a week.

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#5 Become an influencer and Market Ads

What you’re going to be doing here is giving away all that knowledge, free of charge. Your videos, articles, podcasts, courses, tutorials, info products, consultations are all going to be free. While this may sound counter-intuitive, what it does is, it helps you build an army of followers (an audience) ready to listen to whatever you say whenever you say it (if your giveaways are high quality by the way).

So when you say, “Guys, buy Macs, they’re the best computers”, they automatically buy Macs. Then Apple says, “ Hey, thanks for the referral, take 10%”. That’s it. You churn out high quality, highly informative content regularly, build an engaged audience that is always ready, scratch that, they want to listen to you, then market ads for others and get paid. You can reach your audience through blogs, social media, emails, website content, videos (YouTube again), podcasts etc., hit Google for more. The point is, start sharing that knowledge until you build a valuable and considerable confident followership, then market ads relating to your content and let your audience do the rest.

Here is the bottom line, it’s a digital world, and your opportunities when it comes to making money on the internet is almost limitless. You can surely make money with your knowledge, but believe it, it’s never easy. But I wasn’t expecting you to think it would be easy, nevertheless, money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W’s you control in your life: what you do, when you do it, where you do it, and with whom you do it.

The last bullet, the key to success is to always keep your audience in mind and promote ads on what you think they need, not what will fetch you the biggest commission.

There you go. Stop letting all that knowledge rust away in your big head. Do something about it and start making money from what you know today.

Don’t forget to share this piece with friends, don’t let them die broke!


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