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How To Verify Fiverr Account Using USA Phone Number In Nigeria

So you’ve been making your soft money online by freelancing on Fiverr. Then recently, some annoying verification notification or rather “warning” pops up your screen, asking you to verify your phone number which got you wondering how you, who probably doesn’t stay in USA or perhaps on vacation on some strange lands, without a USA phone number would be able to run such verification. Need not to worry, I’ve got you covered!


According to Fiverr and as expected from a company of such magnitude, they are obliged to advance the quality of the Fiverr marketplace. Therefore, the security of your Fiverr account is just as important to them as your funds in it. So verifying your account serves as a conventional means to increase the level security of your account, as well as trust. Furthermore, it’s quite obvious that Fiverr is becoming a primary freelancing service for a huge number of users, millions to say, with this, security regulations are required to keep accounts as secured as possible. Lately, when creating your first Gig on Fiverr, you’ll have to verify your phone number before this Gig can be published. But if you are an existing seller, you will get a notification to verify your phone number within 30 days.


No! It’s not. Fiverr didn’t find it necessary to request verification from all users, especially from some specific countries. Which makes me come to the conclusion that the Fiverr Phone verification is inspired by trust issues rather than security measures.


On logging in to your account as an existing seller,  you will get a notification or rather “prompted” to verify your phone number. The banner will be displayed at the top of the page. Click Verify Now. If you are a new seller, you will get this when trying to publish your first gig. You will see some information as regards the verification, read it or not, proceed by clicking Verify Now. Your country is automatically generated for you based on the IP address you are using at that moment. Enter the phone number, if you don’t have the USA phone number, I’ll tell you how to get it below.

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Head to Google Playstore or Appstore and search “Primo”. Primo is a FREE communications app that allows you to call and message family and friends around the world for free. Let me save you the story, Primo is the App that will give you the USA phone number you need for the Fiverr verification. Download Primo Here. Install the Primo App on your device, register, confirm your Email and then log in. On the bottom-left corner of the App screen, click on “Add Phone Number”, a USA Phone number will be generated for you. NOTE: It’s better to buy the Phone Number for a long term usage. Because after you verify your phone number for the first time, Fiverr will ask you to verify again at different touch-points. So, on the left panel of the App, click on “Buy -> Buy USA Phone Number”. Pay for a year, it’s just $2.99, roughly #1,000. Making payment at times might prove abortive with Nigerian MasterCard. If you have a payoneer card, it will work fine.

As for last resort, if you are experiencing any problem making payment, you can reach me on Whatsapp – 08149565292. You pay me directly by bank transfer and give me your Primo login details, I will help you make the payment with my card.

Watch the video below for better understanding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkFUEQr2JKM Once you get the phone number, head back to Fiverr with high confidence and dump the number in their annoying verification box. Click on either of Verify by SMS or Verify by Call. Save yourself the stress and just Verify by SMS. Within seconds, you will receive a verification code (4 digits) to your phone to your Primo App. Enter the code in the provided box and click Submit Code. Click OK. Head back to your dashboard and continue making money with Fiverr.

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Obviously not! They won’t share your phone number with other Fiverr users.


  • For New Sellers: Phone verification is a precondition to becoming a new seller at Fiverr. If you decide to prove stubborn, form strong head or throw them the “What would you do” challenge by choosing not to verify your phone number, your Fiverr account won’t be able to sell. That is, you won’t be able to publish gigs.
  • Existing Sellers: Existing seller will get a grace of 30 days to verify their accounts. Failure to comply within 30 days, your account will be restricted from selling. That is; No more new orders, disabled gigs, and restriction from creating new Gigs.

That’s that on How To Verify Fiverr Account Using USA Phone Number In Nigeria. I believe that was helpful and probably solved your Fiverr Phone Verification problem. Feel free to share your views in the comment box below and don’t forget to share this great post.

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After getting series of complaints that the method stated above was giving some issue as people were getting some error messages like “There is something wrong with this phone number“, I decided to give it a check but it still worked for me, I later wanted to use it for a student of mine but it didn’t work, tried it again for another and it still didn’t work. So I came to the conclusion that the method above is now misbehaving.

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But they can’t stop us, and this is internet, there is always a way out.

So now, here is the simple method that I’ve been using recently to verify USA Fiverr accounts without worries.

  1. Navigate to the account verification page, since your VPN would be on, the country code will be (+1), but in this case, we aren’t going to be using a USA phone Number, we will be using your Nigerian number. Yes, you heard me right!
  2. So, once on the page, put off your VPN and reload the page
  3. The country code will change to that of Nigeria (+234). Input your phone number in the verification box. The code will land in your inbox.
  4. Input the code in the SMS you get and click on VERIFY NOW. Voila! You are verified!
  5. Switch on your VPN back immediately.

DISCLAMIER: I have used this technique multiple times without worries. But I can’t guarantee your USA decoy as instinct keeps warning me that this is a very easy way to get you deported back to Nigeria. With this method, it’s quite easy for Fiverr to detect your real location and send you back to your village. So, always use this as a last resort.

Meanwhile, so far, so good.

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  1. Hello, Bro, does the method still work now??
    I`ve got the number but can`t verify my account
    the error is :”there is something wrong with this number”…

  2. Hi, found your writeup useful. I have a little challenge now though concerning my fiverr account. Please, how do I contact you privately (mail preferably) so that we can discuss it…Thank you

  3. Hey! I want to get a USA number to verify my fiverr, but presently my payoner card has expired. Can I use zenith bank debit card? Cos I heard zenith bank pays international payment? not too sure

  4. How do i do it? i have a US number and it won’t verify. I put the number in and Verify is greyed out. its not available to select.

  5. Hello Fattkay, it seems this method is obsolete now as I’ve tried several times without success, also I’m scared of using my Nigeria line because of deportation, please do you have any working method for this?

    I don’t mind if it required some buck to get it done.

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