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I Made #4m In A Month With FLP (Forever Living Products) – David O.K

In a world of ever-expanding business opportunities, ideas, and designs, means of making money online never cease to exist. And on a factual note, lately, a lot of money is being made from the distribution of relevant products to those in need of them through any means, in this case, internet. 

FLP (Forever Living Products) is an American based Multi-Level-Marketing company that sells Aloe Vera based products like drinks, cosmetics, and other consumer products.

You might be asking, so what has a company selling Aloe Vera products got to do with making money online?

Well, as I said, FLP is a multi-level-marketing company with an extensive and extremely lucrative network marketing business capable of making a person millions in a reasonably short while.

In fact, it did make a person millions, precisely #4m in a single month. David O.K is an FLP distributor and network marketer who has made a whole lot of money from the business and continues to make a lot more. I had a lucky day as I was able to get across to him recently and as someone who does not pass up any chance to learn more about any money making opportunity, I requested for a little of his time to have a little sit down session with him and pick his brain on the magic of the FLP business.

I was able to come up with some swift questions and requested him to feed me with his answers and opinions, he wasn’t so much available for long talks so I had to keep it short. I have provided you all with the results of the brain picking session in the form of a Q&A. 

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Interview With David O.K – A Young Man That Makes Money Online With FLP Business

Question: So, can we meet you?

David O.K: My name is David and O.K are my initials which I prefer not to disclose.


Question: And why is that?

David O.K: It is due to some ridiculous reasons which I also prefer not to disclose.


Question: OK, that was a great decision obviously. So, tell us more about this FLP business.

David O.K: FLP(Forever Living Products) is a company, a manufacturing company selling Aloe-Vera based products. It is an American company founded a long time ago. But the manufacturing and selling business is not the only part. It is also an MLM, that is multi-level-marketing, company. You get to build a team of marketers and distributors in your environment and you make a profit whenever they make sales. As the company’s products are very good, well-proven products, a lot of sales are usually made which makes you a lot of money if you are in the business. I, for example, have had a profit of over 200,000 naira in a single day from commissions on my team sales. There are lots of MLM companies out there but not another like FLP. As a matter of fact, if you do not want to be network marketer with FLP, you can simply become a retail seller, where you can make as much as 30% profit on each sale. FLP just has too many opportunities. I can’t overemphasize.


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Question: OK, nice to meet you, David. So, how did you learn about FLP?

David O.K: I first heard about FLP a couple months ago from a friend’s brother who was having problems with selling his products and building his team. I dismissed it with the usual dumbness of youth as just another scam story.


Question: Wow, so what later made you go into the business?

David O.K: Well, the same friend’s brother I mentioned earlier later got over his problems and started making money with the FLP business. And then he brought me and his brother into his network. We were happy of course and we thought we’d just start making money like him straightaway. That didn’t happen and we were discouraged( His brother and I that is). But after a few months of no significant income and excessive wasting of time, I decided to look back into the business and make a serious effort at it.


Question: So what was it like when you started again?

David O.K: It still wasn’t easy to be sincere. But then nothing good ever is. I had an advantage in that I had someone close to me who put me through the paces and taught me a lot about it. But in the end, it was still up to me to make it work. It was still up to me to do the scut work and build my own network. And it was not an easy task. Yoruba people say that “eni to ba ma fun ni laso, torun e la ko wo”. That is, someone who wants to give you clothes, you first look at what he is wearing. I had a huge problem with internet connection and staying online then, so I did more hands on advertising than online advertising. And I found that the first question people ask is, how much have you made from it? And that is awkward let me tell you. You don’t want to lie and the truth will make them laugh at you, so you start telling them stories. Some fall for it, but most don’t. But I  persisted though and later got a breakthrough when I discovered a really smart technique, thanks to my ever-conscious mentality.


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Question: Really, what’s the “smart technique”?

David O.K: Well, it was basically some smart advertising method using Facebook Ads. In which I had to pay less and reach a lot of people. I wouldn’t want to say more as regards that.


Question: Hmmm, that’s great. So, you mentioned you made 4 million naira in a month with this FLP. How did that come about?

David O.K: Well, FLP has limitless opportunities as I said earlier, and the thing with limitless opportunities is that you only make as much as you are willing to make. Network marketing involves reaching out to people and I have always been a good advertiser maybe because I used to hawk goods for my mother when I was little. Also, I’ve taken very well in care in building my team such that I only have people who are ready to work even harder than me to build their own team. As such, my down lines have grown extremely rapidly. I made more than half of the 4 million naira from the commissions on my down lines and not from my own personal sales. I’ve realized that to be a proper network marketer, you must have a solid plan on how to proceed with your network and that is what I have done. I have recruited capable people into my team, I have done extensive advertisement both online and offline and I have made sure that I use all of my time to do more. 

Apart from running online advertisements to sell my own products, I printed handbills that I shared within my locality and I got a couple of turn ups. I now have my own warehouse where I churn out the products from. So what do I see? At the end of the month, I’ve made 4 million naira. It was a satisfactory feeling, let me tell you.


Question: I’m sure it was. You mentioned that FLP also has a retail business. Are you just a network marketer or you are also into the retail business?

David O.K: I’m also into the retail business. It’s quite lucrative and why do one when you can do two, right?


Question: That’s true. So, is FLP all you do or you have other things you do?

David O.K: FLP is all I do right now. It’s all I’m focusing on right now. I was into importation till dollars started misbehaving. FLP requires a lot of time, effort and dedication and it definitely pays for it so I’d rather stick to it. Meanwhile, there is another one similar to FLP, they call it Green Life, I’ve not had the time to go into research yet.


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Question: OK. So, I’m planning to join the FLP business too. What do I need to start?

David O.K: Well, you need a sponsor. I’m available if you want. You need a device with a reliable internet connection. You need an iron will and unshakable dedication. You need a bank account of course and a few other things like landing page, facebook account e.t.c. If you want to join the retail business, there are two plans available. There is the 75k plan and the 150k plan. The money is for the goods you will buy, not to join up or anything. Joining is free. If you just want to be a network marketer though, all you need to do is create your solid network plan and start building it.


Question: OK, thanks for the offer. So, how long do you plan on doing this business?

David O.K: As long as possible. This is a business you can do for life and it can pay you for life. So I plan to keep on doing it as long as possible unless I get something even better than it.


Question: That’s very interesting. So anything else you can add for us about this business?

David O.K: There’s nothing much to add again. You probably know more about it now than I did when I started. So if you wanna join, join fast and work hard. It’s tested and trusted. It’s reliable and it makes you a whole lot of money if you do it right.


Question: Any last bullet?

David O.K: Well, contrary to what you might be thinking based on the #4M in the subject line, it’s a difficult world, you won’t make this in a rush. It requires time and hard work to get to such level, let no one deceive you.


Question: Well, thank you so much for your time. It has been a great pleasure talking to you. I hope you’ll be available if anyone needs you.

David O.K: Of course I’ll be. Shoot me a mail to *** (Request In LIVE chat)

So, there it is. You’ve probably learned more than I could ever hope to tell you from that. It seems this is a great business opportunity. I think I’ll call Mr. David and tell him I want to join. It’s up to you.

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