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How To Make Money Online With A Music Blog In 2018

Life has changed; activities have worn a different look as well! The conventional ways of making money via hard and difficult works are fading out gradually to be replaced by smart soft works! There are lots of money in the air now, to be grabbed by smart people legitimately via the internet especially those that know their onions and are ready to give in to what it takes and are determined to be successful.

There are plenty means of making legitimate money online, but I’ll be sharing with you cool and proven tips to make money online with a music blog that will blow your mind. But first and foremost, you must understand that life is a gradual process, making money through blogging requires patience, consistency and determination! There’s nothing like quick cash Don’t expect to start a music blog today and start making millions immediately, infact, the earlier you forget money, the faster it comes! This is one of the reasons why Nigerian bloggers do not make money blogging. Channel your strength towards building ORIGINAL CONTENT and TARGET AUDIENCE for your chosen blog niche, work consistently, with or without returns, I guarantee you, having applied the below methods/tips you will be happy to earn even more than you thought you’d ever earn if you had gone into other blogging niches.


  • What brings the money in blogging generally is Content and Audience all other things being equal.
  • The Music Blog scene is a crowded scene, whence, distinctiveness will always fetch you a ground in the crowd.
  • Blogging in general requires passion; else you may be easily discouraged in the process if you haven’t seen result yet.
  • Work smart, do Business not Busyness! Then watch and pray! You’ll get there.


MUSIC has captured the imagination of man for a long time now, and today’s music blogs can help meet the need for music lovers. Just imagine what it was like in the music industry without internet and blogs, people could look for their favourite tracks anywhere and were ready to pay whatsoever amount just to get it, but now the game has changed, there is multiple access to music now with just the click of a button! However, there are things you can do to make music lovers stay glued on your music blog with utmost satisfaction! Are you ready to start the next big music blog? “Yes”, I guess! Then follow the below tips!



There are thousands and thousands of bloggers out there sharing songs and artists they know nothing about and they keep languishing in obscurity, never earning a dime from their work.

But it’s possible to get a return on the time and effort you invest in your music blog — if you know what you’re doing.

Want to learn how to create a successful music blog can be a complicated and overwhelming endeavor with plenty of decisions to make. But here, think of the kind of music you would like to blog about. I will advise you to blog on a kind of music that is poorly represented (rarely blogged about) or your favourite music genre, music that you are an expert in or music genre you are passionate about. Reason is: your passion will drive you to do your best in your chosen field, you will like to know the nitty gritty of your favourite artiste without being a blogger, how much more now the information is needed for your financial reward! Don’t just sit at home and blog lazily; Go to live shows with various artistes especially don’t miss your favorite artiste and always cover important moments, Listen to various songs and be updated. These will give you the guts to blog original contents with live videos and pictures and it will certainly earn you traffic which will enrich your pocket in the long run.

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There is power in a name! While choosing a blog name, make it catchy, concise and related to the blog content. For example a name like gospeltunesblog.com, for a typical Gospel music blog, naijarockblog.com for a typical Rock music blog in Nigeria and afrohitsblog.net for Afro music blogs etc. names that have no specification and relationship to the blog content should be avoided for the sake of professionalism. Example: tundeblog.com, sexylifefaceblog.com, udemeblog.blogspot.com, these names show no relation to a typical music blog name. – mind you, we are considering professionalism here and nothing else, not that it can’t be used as a blog domain name provided they are available.

Make your name carry power by creating only peculiar contents, that is, don’t be the jack of all trade, master of none, instead, be the jack of one trade master of one. It will make you traceable! Many Nigerian bloggers out of frustration or money blog on every topic that comes their way and that’s why they fissile out easily, because they can’t compete with those with strong name and reputation while reporting same topic. Assuming you searched for a popular Nigerian music on Google and it was displayed on naijarockblog.com and tundeblog.com, you are more likely to check the former than the latter. All things being equal. Now, what if you see what you are looking for there, you are not likely to come back to the later blog site. That’s what a unique name can do. Make sure no one else uses same name as you, check social media too.


Now that you’ve got a unique niche and a name, the next stress bothers on the platform to use and this has been the nightmare of many bloggers. WordPress or blogger?

First, consider these:

      1. Don’t choose a platform that will make you lose ownership or control if you want to go into a professional blogging.
      2. Be futuristic, believe you are going to be successful and as such prepare for tomorrow.
      3. Leave free things, make sacrifice for what you want. Remember, you want to get rich with blogging.

Many bloggers in an attempt to outsmart costs make the mistake of going for a free blogging platform such as blogger.com, tumblr.com, blogspot.com etc.

These free platforms may make you lose ownership and control on the long run, not just that, a blog that has a name with an extension like blablabla.blogspot.com doesn’t look cool and professional.


The Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Certainly, it will pay you well to start your blog buying your own hosting from the beginning and install the most popular blogging software in the world – WordPress. There are differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Unfortunately, many new bloggers mistake WordPress.com (the free blog platform) with WordPress.org (the self-hosted blogging software). While both versions are free, WordPress.com severely limits you like the other free blogging sites. On the other hand, WordPress (the blogging software from WordPress.org) comes with your hosting plan and is user-friendly, flexible, and easy to learn. In fact, WordPress is so easy, yet powerful that the majority of blogs are built on it. I recommend this because WordPress is flexible and has a number of Plug-Ins that will help you add multiple features to your site.

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Hosting, just like someone that wants to build a house certainly needs a land to situate the building. That’s exactly what hosting is! Here, there are plenty hosts that can give you exactly what you want the cost is less than $5 in a month depending on package and have WordPress installation which can be done set up within just a minute or two: you can check and buy hosts here: siteground.com, bluehost.com, ehost.com these are top host firms. Personally, I’ll recommend Namecheap.


Originality matters! Your creativity will enable you to make progress in this area, and earn you as much as you never bargained for, if you’ll follow up. Also remember that music blog is not like other blogs and as such, what works for them mayn’t work for you. If your contents can command your audience attention then you are good. Follow these tips:


If fashion bloggers can start selling clothes, shoes, and jewelries on their blogs, then, a music blogger can start selling Headsets, CDs and other Accessories. Finding a market for your online business is what you need and that’s all. (You can make Google your friend here though). Create DJ Mix tapes if you can and sell them. You can also sell Digital Products too (Ebooks, Themes, Audio,) on your blog even without Fiverr. You can consider building a shop and integrating it with your music blog where people can buy various kinds of stuffs related to music. You’ll earn well via selling alone.


Like I said earlier, patience and persistence is needed here. Especially on the pecuniary returns aspect. (notice that the word ”free” is cancelled) Focus on building audience with your contents and at this point, ALLOW FREE ADVERT POSTS, you may even solicit to your audience to come for free adverts! Remember, to catch a rat all you need is crayfish! With this method your audience will be the ones to even advertise your blog to potential and real people for you. Anytime you think you have arrived, then start charging but don’t charge high immediately! At your discretion. Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will. –Nelson Mandela


Google adSense gives a cool and eye-catching banner ads; Monetize your blog with Google AdSense Interstitial ads. One of the reasons I recommend Google Adsense is because it always displays relevant ad banners and links to your visitors. Maximize it!


This is one of the best ways to make money with a music blog. The invention of internet has completely revolutionized the music scene. Try as much as possible to leverage on its power. It’s easier now to discover new songs and new artistes, and find whole online communities who share your love for any music genre in existence than ever before. Upcoming artistes are ready to pay just to get noticed and they love being blogged about whence their business depends much on popularity. Offer advert banners spaces for them and charge them with moderation for now. Those with superb knowledge of such are flying high, join them or learn. It’s simple!


~Example: Easy Digital Downloads

This allows selling of original music in a zip file directly from site. It allows for common payment options, including PayPal. It also includes information on payment history, re-downloads, and data export.

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This allows files with MP3 extension to automatically play posted files on the current page without opening a new one. It makes singles files or a list of .MP3 files to become a playlist.

~HTML5 MP3 Player with Folder Feedburner Playlist

This helps convert a folder titled “MP3” into a .MP3 playlist. It has also embedded navigation buttons.

~ WPaudio MP3 Player

This enables files with .MP3 to be put into a small MP3 player. It has customizable look without editing the computer code at all.

~ Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin

This is used for regular podcast posts. It includes iTunes support. It has media player for audio and video, it also allows for many audio and video file formats, including YouTube.

You may get information for more.


The social media is the fastest way to grow audience these days. Be smart enough to add up Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram buttons that will link your blog to those platforms for effective publicity. Give your audience the ability to share post on your blog via a button from social media and vice versa but be ready to monitor junk and spam and delete them ASAP.


Write posts on schedule: possibly always drop cool regular contents on regular days.

Don’t work in isolation try and team up with other music bloggers.

If possible try and create a team of bloggers to help with great content. Utilize the power of team work and you’ll be glad at your results. Maximize the use of social media to network and build your audience.

As regular as possible put up conversations with the audience and avoid issues of sentiments and ethnicity remember the country we are into.

Always drop original and honest content, and give credit when credit is due.


Through research, find a new angle for content, you can post related articles of celebs and gossips of those who are not really musicians but know your boundaries please, don’t post junk and don’t bore your precious audience.

Try a new relationship approach to audience engagement. It may be via Whatsapp App, Telegram App etc., u may add them up in a group and be dropping your links there daily, and they will be persuaded to check it up. It may also be through social media, blog comments, and product purchases.

If you Copy, try work within copyright laws for the music you use.

Avoid the use of copyrighted music without permission, don’t copy, share, and/or sell copyrighted music without permission.

Always get permission; Credit is not same as permission to use protected music, be aware that even background music still needs permission


Being invited to live shows and concerts for free, possibly getting free music and pre-releases sent to you for review also receiving free swag (concert tickets, headphones, shirts etc.) possibility of befriending musicians and artistes.


If you can keep the juices of creativity and innovation always flowing by being open-minded and observing what’s around you at all times, you can better satisfy the needs of your fans and serve others you may not be reaching currently with quality offerings. That’s how you can generate even more income for your music career. Just remember that if you take your music career seriously, it’s a business – and the purpose of a business is to make a healthy profit. If it’s not profitable, it’s not a business – it’s just a hobby.

Go and Prosper.

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