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How To Make Money On Steemit As A Nigerian

How To Make Money on Steemit

First Off, What is Steemit?

Steemit is a social medium that pays every post uploader that uploads on it. It pays in cryptocurrency called Steem. So it’s safe to say Steemit is just another way to make money online. Steem is like every other digital currency such as Bitcoin, Altcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and so on. People get to upload their articles, images, commentaries, videos e.t.c to earn cryptocurrency.

To me, steemit is more or less a social medium and a blockchain site. Steemit is like the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram where you have the opportunity to upload and showcase what you know how to do best such as article writing, video making and so on but you do not get paid on these social media sites as in Steemit. Steemit is like blockchain sites because you get paid for every content you upload on it in cryptocurrency as the reward for your work.

Steemit has three currency units. That is ways by which you can store your reward.

  • Steem Power
  • Steem
  • Steem Dollars

Explaining these currency units will divert our attention from the topic to be discussed which is “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON STEEMIT”.

As a result of this, we’ll go straight to facts about steemit.

Interesting facts about Steemit and Why you can Make Money on Steemit

  • No investment

What do I mean by “No investment”? You can kick-start your Steemit account and start earning on it without having any form of currency to invest in it before you begin. The only that is needed is your creativity and your commitment.

  • Cryptocurrency payment

As I have said before, unlike other social media where you just upload without getting paid, you get paid on Steemit by voting, commenting, creating posts. This payment is made in digital currency and that’s the feature that makes it look like a blockchain site.

  • Cryptocurrency trading

Not only are you paid in cryptocurrency, you can also trade this cryptocurrency and make cool money. As you exchange bitcoin and the rest to make money so you can exchange the cryptocurrency made on steemit and make your money because it is fully allowed.

  • Longer Duration of Existence

Unlike every other blockchain technology site and ponzi scheme that is believed to crash anytime from now, Steemit is not in anyway likely to go down anytime soon. As a matter of fact, Steemit has come to stay for good. You get rewarded for what you do just like Fiverr.

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After all, these have been said, we can now discuss on tips on how you can make money on Steemit.

How To Make Money on Steemit

Making money on steemit is not easy as it seems. This is why you need to be hardworking, dedicated, committed and patient when you’re dealing with steemit. Here are some of the tips you need to make money on steemit:

  • Develop the Steam power

What do mean by Steam power? Steam power makes one to be highly recognised and famous among the steemit family. The more we develop this power the more it grows and the more it grows the more we earn steem. Therefore, the steam power has got a very important role to play in steem earning.

  • Upload more and keep your votes less

Instead of concentrating on voting posts, the only thing you need as a beginner on steemit is to focus on how you can get to upload more meaningful posts that will attract upvotes and good remarks from important ones. Focus on uploading things that will aid people in their day-to-day activities and earn yourself recognition. After, you’ve gained the popularity and the recognition you needed and you’ve reached an upper level, you can now focus on voting other posts. People also earn money from voting too though.

  • Avoid laziness

Posts that have good contents still find it hard to be voted for on steemit talk less of posts that are done in a lazy manner. You have to put in your efforts in every post you upload on steemit. You have to make your contents look professional and worthy of being voted for and appreciated by readers. You have to make it look very professional that readers or lookers will find it difficult to point an error out of the posts. You need to be hardworking and unrelenting.

  • Make use of pictures

You  cannot upload a post without using a picture and then you expect people to review the post or vote for the post. No  matter how classy and professional it may look, people might not find it attractive. So, for you to make your posts look attractive to readers, endeavour to attach a picture and you get your votes coming in.

  • Be up and running

You cannot just remain mute for weeks and expect votes to be coming in and you cannot earn if people do not vote your post. You need to be regular in uploading posts. You need to be active in every social medium because it will help in developing your steam power and I’m sure you know that steam power is an essential key to earning steem.

  • Talk on every post

Attached to every post is a comment section where readers are given the opportunity to share their thoughts concerning a post. I’ll advise you to look for popular posts to comment on and your comments must be a constructive comment. You try to criticise the post constructively. That means you’re not supporting the view of the writer and at the same,  you’re not criticising. You’re in between.

  • Accumulate your steem

When you start earning your steem, do not misuse it. You know I said you can earn big by voting. Accumulating your steem and building your steemit wallet will make this happen. After you’ve had enough steem in your wallet, you can start voting and earn extra steem. You might want to check how to withdraw on steemit in Nigeria.

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Steemit tends to grow wider and popular in future so kick-start your business on it now and start earning your money gradually and steadily. Steemit has been confirmed to be reliable and trusted by many witnesses but due to the fact that it’s just growing, it seems to be unpopular to some people.

Start now and see yourself being successful in the nearest future but you have to be patient as you do not expect your success on this platform to be very fast.



  1. It’s really discouraging here on steemit, it’s all about the big guys, even if they post “I want to sleep” they will still get money than some valuable content.
    I must say I’m tired

  2. Really steemit is not as easy as it seems for newbies. I joined in January and I started warning more just this month. Indeed it takes persistence and hard work to earn more.

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