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How to Make Extra Bucks by Writing Articles for High Authority Websites – Taiwo Adeyinka Chuks

Written By: Taiwo Adeyinka Chuks

Do you need to supplement your current income in order to make your rent which is due soon? Or to cover an emergency cost or extra spending, then this article was written especially for you.

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with my younger sister, she had just written a mind-blowing article for her friend who was apparently celebrating a birthday. And it occurred to me that she was always asking me for extra cash every other week.

Well, I’m tired of being someone’s ATM so I thought; why not teach this upstart how to fish instead of spoon feeding her every time. I decided to show her how to make extra bucks by writing articles for high authority websites. Seeing how much progress she’s made from this and how big her practice is growing, I thought it best to share with you who might need it too.

What is a High Authority Website?

A high authority or high domain authority website is a very high-quality website notable for and respected in its niche. A website like this has a very large fan base and amazing content which continues to draw a wide readership by the day.

High Authority websites are always on the lookout for fresh content so as to keep their audience glued and of course, draw more readership hence the need for more writers. It helps even when the writer owns their own blog and a fan base of their own, but writers who don’t are usually always welcome.

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Now, here is the Holy Grail; there are High Authority websites who pay writers as much as $500 for articles if you know your way.

How do you Attract High Authority Websites?

Working with high authority websites is a very straight shot but albeit complicated process. In most or all cases, high authority websites are usually the leaders of their niche and are therefore already very highly ranked in search engines. Therefore, while thinking about writing an article for a high authority website you have to be very careful in researching the appropriate topic and keywords so as to get accepted.

Your topic has to be very relevant to the website you’re writing for. The best way to do this is to surf through the said website, familiarize yourself with the existing articles and look for new topics that haven’t already been covered or write a mind-blowing/higher ranking version of a topic already covered (only do this if you can bet your life on your writing skills).

Know this, high authority websites in most cases already have in-house editorial teams and amazing writers therefore for your article to get in, it has to be incredible and search engine optimized. Here is how to kill it in three simple steps:

  1. Search for High Authority websites in specific niches. (Lots of high authority websites are always on the lookout for guest posters.
  2. Write a bomb-ass article in their niche. (Once again, sit down in your house unless you cannot bet your life on your writing skills).
  3. Submit it to the appropriate authority. (This is on most cases the editor of the website, although some let you post directly after one or two gigs).

Some high authority websites allow writers to include one or more backlinks to their own blog for those who already own a blog; some even go as far as allowing you to add a bio at the end of the article. As a guest blogger, before publishing your articles on a high authority website, ensure that you’re dropping high-quality content especially since you’re linking back to your personal website. Interestingly, whether or not you’re allowed to include backlinks you’re getting paid to do what you love.

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5 High Authority websites that’ll Help you Make Extra Bucks

Here are some notable high domain authority websites that will help you make extra bucks as a writer in 2019.

  • The Guardian

The Guardian is one of the world’s biggest news, media and publication blogs with a high ranking DA of 94. It covers topics related to business, sports, finance, lifestyle, and entertainment. The Guardian encourages contributors to email a pitch to the right authorities.

  • Mashable

Mashable is a high domain authority website in the digital marketing niche and boasts of a 92 DA. This website covers a wide range of topics including business, technology, social media, and entertainment. Mashable is always on the lookout for guest posters and rewards her guest writers very handsomely.

  • eLearn Magazine

eLearn Magazine is a high authority website in the education niche. This website is dedicated to the techniques and tools involved in creating online learning programs. They do not offer guest post accounts or backlinks and only encourage article submissions to the editorial team. She also fields a high DA of 91.

  • Digital Photography School
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This is another amazing high authority website in the photography niche. This website has an equally high DA of 79 and only accepts publications from photographers. So if you have a knack for photography, this is yours.

  • One Green Planet

One Green Planet is also another high authority website. This blog is a formidable force in the health niche and is always on the lookout for talented writers in the health, food, and environment-related topics. One Green Planet fields an impressive 73 DA.

There are, of course, numerous websites who pay writers for their services, so dear friend do what you love and make a shit load of money this year.


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