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How To Market Your Online Business Using PPC

Chances are if you have an online business, you’ve already read up on how to use content marketing to get more traffic to your website. You’ve probably heard many times how SEO is very important when it comes to your articles and content. You also know that Google is paying attention to everything that you’re publishing on your website and taking note of how fantastic your SEO skills are.

You’ve probably also been using your social media to market your online business. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on are wonderful avenues to market your business.

All of this this is wonderful and necessary. However, if you’re not taking advantage of pay-per-click marketing (PPC), your business is not doing as well as it could be. Organic marketing via SEO content and social media is necessary, and it is helpful, but if you combine it with pay-per-click marketing, you’ll be packing a pretty huge marketing punch.

Granted, if you do not know much about PPC marketing, and you go ahead and do it yourself, you might just be wasting a lot of money. PPC marketing is not just a hit and miss type of marketing. You can’t just hope that you’re doing a good job or do it every so often and get more traffic to your site. Rather, there are certain things you can do in order to bring you excellent results, which will ultimately increase your revenue.

Today, let’s look at how you can move forward with a solid plan for using PPC marketing campaigns to boost your online business.

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Organize your PPC ad groups

The first thing you’re going to want to do is build a strong campaign using PPC marketing. Research those keywords hard, because having solid keywords is priceless when it comes to PPC campaigns.

You’re going to create your campaign in pieces. You’ll end up having more than one campaign; one for each relevant benefit/service/characteristic… Each campaign will have its own ad group, so be thinking right up front, “I’m going to have multiple ad groups”. See, PPC campaigns are intense. It’s not just winging up and “marketing prayer” and seeing how it goes.

They’re strategic. Planned. Organized. (Which is why many businesses hire the experts!)

You might end up with 5, 10, or 50 ad groups depending on your product(s). For each ad group, you’re going to nail it with relevant keywords for that particular feature or product, which will boost your click-through-ratio (CTR). What kind of ratio are you going for? Shoot for above 1 percent, as Google will give you rewards for this, ultimately charging you less money per click AND giving you a better ad position.

Create separate landing pages

You want to create a specific landing page for each product or service that you’re offering. Create a catchy ad and have it link to the exact landing page where the product is located. This gets your potential customers to the exact location, where they will make a decision within just a few seconds as to whether they will give you their email address, purchase a product, and so on.

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Campaign optimization

To effectively market your online business using PPC, you must continually perform data analysis in order to see what’s working and what isn’t. When you look at your conversion data, you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns so that your cost-per-click can be at its lowest and your click-through rates will improve.

Essentially, this lowers your cost per conversion. By campaign optimization, we mean adding things like site link locations, call extensions to your campaigns, or changing up the maximum cost-per-click based on analytics.

Optimize for mobile

More and more people are surfing the web with their mobile devices these days. Therefore, do not skimp on your optimization for mobile. See, mobile advertising is a little bit different then desktop advertising. The positioning of an ad will be different on a mobile, as opposed to a desktop, so it will be necessary for you to analyze how your ads are doing between the two.

You also want to be sure your landing pages are designed to create a wonderful mobile user experience. Your goal when it comes to mobile will be to get your ad into position 1 through 3. (You can do it!)

Refine, refine, refine

Using PPC campaigns is a learning process. There are certain key words that will consistently perform better than others. You’ll be learning which ones are working and which ones aren’t working along the way.

Always have the mindset of refining your campaign as you go. You’re working with an audience and your trying to see what their process is when they’re clicking on your ads.

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Are the ads getting potential customers to your landing page? What kinds of information is the data telling you about your customers? Keep in mind that you can always pause certain ad groups or keywords that are not giving you the return on investment that you’re after.

Hire out

Of course, if PPC marketing hasn’t been working for you, or if it just seems like it’s too much for you to tackle right now, consider looking for a Pay Per Click marketing agency to assist you. Too many business owners are trying to run their businesses full-time and become a marketing expert. It usually causes them more stress than necessary and sometimes even burnout.

What you may not understand is that the investment that you make in a PPC professional will give you such a greater return on your investment than if you were to try to create campaigns on your own that aren’t effective.

If you do that, you’re simply wasting your time and your money. But if you invest in a specialist – someone who can do the keyword research, create successful campaigns, and understand all of the data analysis that goes along with it, you will notice that you’re getting more conversions.

Sometimes it’s just taking a leap of faith. So, go ahead and leap if you’re ready to allow PPC marketing to take your business to a new level.


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