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Online Marketing Roundup – August 2017

Every month, hundreds of marketing tips, articles, information are produced. The major challenge then is finding these contents.

This is why we are introducing Hustle monthly marketing roundup.

Hustle.ng Marketing roundup scours the internet for the best articles on marketing (Making money online) and curates them in one location so you can find them easily. So take a coffee and grab a seat.

This month’s roundup features the latest tips on how to use grow your Facebook followers, get started with affiliate marketing and why freelancing might be a good alternative to working full time. Read along…


#1: How I made $6,000 Freelancing

Everyone wants to become a freelancer but not everyone knows what it takes to be successful as a freelancer. This article from Kelly Burch shares expert tips on how to become a successful freelancer. Guess what the first tip is?  Treat it like a business. This tip is usually one that most people miss when going into freelancing and I could not agree less. Step over to the site to get more tips from this article.

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#2: Why I turn Down A Full-time Job for Freelancing

Having a job can well, just great but nothing beats freelancing. Alya Mooro shares why she turned down a full-time job in favor of freelancing. If you need more motivation and how to get it right, reading her article will inspire you.

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#3: How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Followers

Facebook is critical to every business success online and this is simply because your audience already exists there. So having a Facebook page is great but what is even more important is growing your follower base. Learn how you can do so using Facebook groups to engage and grow your Facebook fan base.

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#4: How to Grow Your Facebook Following

This is another beautiful article on growing your Facebook followers from no other than Social Media Examiner. What is interesting about this article is that you actually get a 6 step simple plan that can make a difference to your Facebook marketing strategy. Give it a shot now.

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#5:  Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a means of growing your business and granted, it is not for everyone. Yet, almost all business can leverage it if they understand how it works.  This post shares you some Affiliate program you can start using today especially if you are a beginner and still confused about the world of affiliate marketing.

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Wrapping it up…

So, put these tips into practice and let me know which of these strategies worked for you…


I am Faturoti Kayode, A.K.A Fattkay. I am a 'passive income' enthusiast, a concrete internet marketer, a ruthless content writer, a prodigious website designer, and a wondrous information tycoon.

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