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Meet LadyF – A Young Lady That Makes Money Online Trading Bitcoins In Nigeria

I recently wrote on Some Side-Hustles For Women To Earn Extra Income, it’s actually easy to tell how much I love female hustlers. Like, in the stead of lying unclad in the desperate lookout for purchasing power, or rather relying on some fantasy rich dude to cater for their unlimited needs, or just wasting away lifetime trying out dog filters on snapchat, it’s great to appreciate ladies who are still enthusiastic about making some income on their own.

Some months back, when I was having a hard time with my web hosting account and had to upgrade to some really expensive plan. Then I came to the harsh reality that CBN had that wicked limitation of $100 on my card, though I later got a way to bypass that with Barter virtual credit card. But then, I had to seek other payment alternatives and fortunately, Namecheap accepts Bitcoins.

namecheap accepts bitcoins

In short, that was how I came about the lady in question, though I’ve known her before then, but not for bitcoin trading, as she’s quite popular on Nairaland.  If you are a frequent user of the Nigerian forum, more often than not, you would know her.

Getting straight to the subject matter, I had to take some of her limited time to extract some facts out of her business-oriented mind. Just to get to understand how she does what she does, probably might be an inspiration to our so-called slay queens. Read along.

Interview With LadyF – The Young Lady That Makes Money Online Trading Bitcoins In Nigeria

Question: Can We Meet You?

LadyF: You can just call me by my nickname, LadyF, and as known, I’m a Lagos-based bitcoin trader. As I know you will still ask me for the meaning of that nick, my name starts with an “F”, so I just thought the name “LadyF” would be best suited for a moniker.

Question: I Consider You More Like A Bosslady, Are You Single?

LadyF: Hmmm, Yes I am.

Question: Quite Right, We Can Trace Your Humble Beginnings Back To Nairaland, How Did You Come About The Platform?

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LadyF: My roommate in the university introduced me to Nairaland, though I never actually considered it something meaningful till a few years after when it became something like my daily bread.

Question: Sounds Cool, Now, What Made You So Popular On Nairaland?

LadyF: Well, I would say I was well-known for being the “First To Comment (FTC)” on threads that made “Front Page” on Nairaland. Only Nairalanders might understand how “important” that is in our lives, lol. Also, I always add a signature at the end of each comment, it reads; “It’s LadyF again“.

Question: When, Where And How Did You First Hear Of Bitcoins?

LadyF: Well, I cannot precisely state or remember exactly where/when I first heard about bitcoins, it’s been a while and it would have been rather unconscious, but I’m sure I must have stumbled on this platter of gold some days within the year 2015, those days bitcoin was not really as common compared to now that it’s everywhere.

Question: That Was A Long Time Ago, When Did You Start Trading Bitcoins?

LadyF: Not long ago, around august 2016.

Question: Do you also trade gift cards?

LadyF: Yes, we buy and sell gift cards.

Question: That’s Not Up To A Year, What Pushed You Up The Ladder So Fast?

LadyF: Well I can’t be so sure though, but I guess the gender gives an edge, the fact that I was known made way for trust issues and the evolution of bitcoin-related Ponzi schemes in the late days of last year was more like a major key.

Question: What Led You To Start Trading Bitcoins? Was It Pre-Planned?

LadyF: No it was more like a coincidence. Like one thing led to another then Bitcoin trading came in and boom! I found myself here. I would say I started unconsciously then I realized how profitable this could be, then decided to take it seriously.

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Question: How Were The Early Days Like?

LadyF: As expected, more like every other online business, my early days of bitcoin trading had its own challenges; from funding, supplies, getting a steady market, trust, acceptability, scam attempts, etc. It was a rough way that we had to pull through. But none ever weighed me down though, I accepted the challenges and now, I’m happy I did.

Question: How Do You Combine Bitcoin Trading With Your Current Primary Assignment(s)

LadyF: Time management is key. Over time, I have learned how to combine bitcoin trading with other life activities by knowing what to do and when to do it. I never allowed one affect the other and never over stressed myself in this course of action.

Question: How Do You Keep Up With Trends In The Bitcoin Market

LadyF: It’s actually a no-brainer. Steady research, staying up-to-date by keeping close to bitcoin blogs and interaction with fellow traders.

Question: Have You Ever Been Involved In Any Scam Attempt, Maybe Directly Or Indirectly?

LadyF: Scam attempts are literally inevitable in the bitcoin trade. Most traders, if not all, have their stories to tell in regards to scam attempts, so I guess I am not exempted. We just have to be extra smart about the trade and always find a way to settle scam disputes.

Question: How Profitable Would You Say Bitcoin Trading Is?

LadyF: Actually, your profit margin as a bitcoin trader is dependent on a couple of things like; strategies employed while trading, starting capital, trade volume, customer base, etc. In other words, it is quite profitable if you have the right market conditions.

Question: How Is Bitcoin Trading To You? A Side-Hustle Or A Major Income Source?

LadyF: I won’t consider it a side-hustle as it’s what I do mostly. It’s my major source of income at the moment.

Question: Apart From Trading Bitcoins, What Other Things Do You Do?

LadyF: Bitcoin trading is very time-consuming, so that’s a major part of my portfolio for now. I also help Nigerian business owners make express payments to their Chinese suppliers in Chinese Yuan (RMB). I am presently exploring other online business opportunities.

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Question: How Do You Cope With Staying Online All The Time?

LadyF: Like I said earlier, it’s all about time management. Also, staying online doesn’t take much energy, technology has made life very easy.

Question: What Plan Do You Have For Bitcoin Trading In The Future?

LadyF: Well, I can’t tell, for now. Let’s sit and observe the evolution of bitcoin. We don’t know what the future holds.

Question: What Advice Do You Have For Other Ladies Looking For Ways To Make Money Online?

LadyF: There are tons of opportunities these days when it comes to making money from the comfort of your bedroom. All you have to do is understand yourself, know what you can do, do your research and strategize. I would say start somewhere no matter how small because there is no such thing as a perfect timing. Also, remember to stay humble when you start making the money. And above all, put God first and always ask for guidance.

Question: Thanks For Your Time, How can we reach you?

You can reach me on (+234)7010104835, calls, WhatsApp or  Telegram.

It was nice hearing from her, right? Now I am justified if I say, no matter who you are, there is always a make money online opportunity for you.

If you are motivated and would love to know more about bitcoin trading, you can pull some searches on google or download this bitcoin ebook.

See how to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria.

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I would be coming up next with a detailed guide on how to make money trading bitcoins in Nigeria, check back.

Guys, don’t forget to share this with your girlfriends.

UPDATE: She now has a website – LadyFExchange.com


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