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Meet Sunky Clark – A Cryptocurrency Trader, Expert And Consultant

Leaving out the fact that it was previously reserved for those living on the fringes of computing culture, these days, digital currencies are gaining popularity on geometric progression. You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies, but have no idea what they are. Simply put, they are digital money that are completely secure and do not use traditional banking to determine their value. Back in 2009 when Bitcoin surfaced, it was the first popular cryptocurrency. Since then, other cryptocurrencies have been created, ranging from Ethereum, Gridcoin, Mastercoin, Auroracoin, Titcoin, among others. Well, these may sound like the hood names of illegal drugs, these other cryptocurrencies are frequently called altcoins.

In the course of their popularity growth, cryptocurrencies are becoming a viable option as a vehicle for personal wealth beyond confiscation. Meanwhile, as expected, with swift growth and wide adoption comes a new host of challenges, speculations, murmurs, questions, enthusiasm and trust issues in the world of digital currency.

So I caught up with a cryptocurrency expert, popularly known as Sunky Clark for some soon-to-be-revealed reasons,  to get his thoughts on cryptocurrency generally, and how he is able to keep going in the game. Read along…


Question: Can we meet you?

Sunky Clark: Well, my name Is Adaramoye Olasunkanmi Damilola, I go by the nick SunkyClark though. I’m a final year student of the accounting department OAU and an expert in Cryptocurrency exchange and dealings.

Question: What brought about the “Clark” in your name

Sunky Clark: Smiles…there was this time back then in secondary school when Smallville was the wave. I so much loved the main Act and I would call myself Clark Kent. Ever since I guess it just stuck.

Question: Tell us a bit about cryptocurrency and how you see it

Sunky Clark: Cryptocurrency is basically a digital currency that stands independent of the regulatory control of any central bank. Cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (which is actually what I major in since it happens to be the hottest right now) and altcoins ..that’s just to mention a few

Question: Tell us why you decided to select cryptocurrency as your own means of making money online

Sunky Clark: Well I saw Cryptocurrency replacing the major reasons for the need of Physical money. And I saw a reason why we all need it. It’s easier even though more trickish to handle compared to physical cash. Another perk is transactions are fast and untraceable. This makes then grow more in demand. I saw an opportunity that most people would just ignore and grabbed it.

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Question: Is cryptocurrency your first make money online practice?

Sunky Clark: No, it’s not.

Question: We understand that dealing with cryptocurrencies requires a huge starting capital, how were you able to pull through that challenge

Sunky Clark: hmm.. Money has never been the problem. I just needed to discover what works for me and I think I did. But the tag “huge starting capital” is relative, you might not start so big if you don’t have much purchasing power, start on a low.

Question: How were the early days like? And how you were able to overcome challenges?

Sunky Clark: Well initially it was a bit discouraging, you know, when you just getting to start something which u have little or no experience about and something don’t work perhaps in the direction you want it to, you might panic concerning such thing but I was like I must figure this ish out and I guess that’s what helped get past the initial difficulty.

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Question: Tell us what cryptocurrencies you deal with

Sunky Clark: I deal with a lot of bitcoins and Swiss coins. I practically deal with too many. The thing is I make money off the trending ones and invest in those that have got prospects.

Question: When you said you invest in those that’s got prospects, is TBC part? 

Sunky Clark: Yes

Question: But I’ve heard some people criticize TBC, what’s your view about this? 

Sunky Clark: TBC should not be looked down upon. Same thing was done a few years back while bitcoin was still in its toddler stage of emergence now look at how far it’s come already averaging at 2800 dollars per 1BTC. If I were to select a Cryptocurrency with the most solid prospect, I would undoubtedly make TBC my choice. So I advise you purchase and store some and become super rich in the future. But be very smart with this, don’t say I gave you a go ahead o, be smart.

Question: So would you advise people invest in TBC?

Sunky Clark: Yes sure, it should be a hot cake but not definitely.

Question: Do you invest in bitcoin Ponzi schemes?

Sunky Clark: Ponzi????? Abegi!! Lol ..It has never been my thing. Ponzi is not a reliable source of making money online. It is always a trap. In fact, most people end up losing all the proceeds they got from it or at times far more than they derived from it. Generally, it’s not worth the risk. So Issa no no for me

Question: What’s the best way to start cryptocurrency business, What sort of ‘starter kit’ does one need?

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Sunky Clark: Start with trading bitcoin, that’s my advise as at now. As time goes on, you garner more knowledge. Please don’t even start with the whole mining road. Unless you have significant resources and time to learn. It’s easier to just get your favorite cryptocurrency, I’ll advise bitcoin, and start trading.

Question: I have a bugging question, is Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright, in real fact, the undisputed creator of Bitcoin, or are his claims still unverified?

Sunky Clark: Still very much unconfirmed, so to speak. Even though nobody ever knew Satoshi, the well known claimed founder of bitcoins. If Craig is Satoshi, I believe he has the ways to prove it, so why didn’t he? Although I’m not an expert and haven’t reviewed any of his lame proofs first hand, it seems to fall solidly short of the spectrum of certainty demanded such a bold claim.

Question: Which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now?

Sunky Clark: You might want to consider Swiss coins, it has prospects and might blow up in the nearest future. It also has some sort of MLM integrations, so you can always make more money. Ethereum as well is good, but one has to be careful with it.

Question: What are the aspects of Ethereum aim to address needs left unaddressed by Bitcoin as a digital currency?

Sunky Clark: A lot, for real, a lot. Complex time-locking of money, royalty payment splits, complex content download/paywall revenue splits, probably fair trust-less gaming etc. Primarily, Ethereum tries to make coding blockchain applications as easy as JavaScript. Conceptually, there are some major changes as compared with Bitcoin, but the overall result is that cryptographic expertise is not required to develop new types of applications on an existing blockchain.

Question: It seems the conjugation between Blockchain tech and physical gold is inevitable. If so, what happens when this occurs?

Sunky Clark: We’re already there in the sense that BitGold, owned by the publicly traded and globally regulated Goldmoney, accepts Ether and Bitcoin as payment for physical gold. This creates a very intimate connection between the price of certain cryptocurrencies and the massive multi-trillion dollar gold market. With this, it makes cryptocurrency more “real” in my view to have a quick ability to buy real gold with my Ether or Bitcoin balance.

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Question: When you said you are into cryptocurrency consultancy, what can you say about that?

Sunky Clark: I offer consultation and integration of Bitcoin payments for websites and businesses, crypto-security, help newbies set up cryptocurrency investments, give seminars of new investment opportunities and answer any general question about crypto-currencies.

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Question: Do you have anyone you look up to in this game?

Sunky Clark: Well I don’t really have one I look up to in the game. I think I’m a pacesetter myself for others to look up to. I just try to break barriers I encounter and overcome challenges that come to be better than I was yesterday. So with that, I’m never stale. But if I must mention, I respect David Seaman and Taylor Gerring, those are some two bad guys in the crypto world.

Question: How profitable can you say cryptocurrency investments are?

Sunky Clark: I make a lot of money off it, so I’m sure we don’t really need to go far to see proofs about how profitable it is. But mind you, the more risks you are able to take, the more money you make. But don’t get too deep in this.

Question: Since the cryptocurrency market is unstable, how do you keep up with market variations?

Sunky Clark: It requires diligence, proper understanding of the market and up-to-date information. You just have to be connected to information. I mingle with a couple of other crypto traders and follow lots of blogs and cryptocurrency forums to know what’s next and what’s out.

Question: We understand that any means of making money online would be time demanding, also coupled with the fact that you are a student, how do you balance hustle and education?

Sunky Clark: There are 24 hours in a day. Even though it’s difficult at times but I think balancing business and education has never been a problem for me. I’ve been hustling since my part 1 days and I’m really doing fine in school too.

Question: What’s your advice for newbies looking to go into this online hustle?

Sunky Clark: Never to give up and keep pushing no matter how difficult it gets. Start small, don’t put in more than you can afford to lose, yadda yadda. Seriously though, this space can be a lot of fun, and very rewarding. Do your research, take your time, understand one layer before jumping to the next. And while crypto is still risky, it’s not reckless.

Question: How can we reach you?

Sunky Clark: I’m available on WhatsApp – 08137756246 , no calls, please.

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