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Meet Yemi – A Young Nigerian That Makes Millions Online Selling Gift Cards

If you are an average user of social media or instant messengers to be more specific, chances are high that you must have heard of some strange terms tagged “Gift Cards“. A gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card usually issued by a retailer or bank to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related businesses. That might sound like Chinese, read on.

Most people, especially those who are not so interested, do not actually understand what this means, little did they know that millions are flying across their faces and they have been blindfolded by ignorance. Ignorance? Sounds uncalled for, well, sorry.

Some months back, someone spoke to me about this make money online lituation, I was like “what is this one saying? Abeg pack yourself commot for here jare“. Fast forward some months after, I realized money actually lives in this form of online business, such a perfect way to make money online, it became a gold rush for a good percentage of young Nigerian hustlers.

As I never cease to give tips on different making money online opportunities, I found it necessary to explore this online business. But as I can’t give enough insights as regards this, due to little or no knowledge on my part, I met with one of the bosses in the game, he has gained solid grounds in this business and I came to the conclusion that it would be nice to hear from him.

Therefore, read along. Some sort of Q & A session as I extracted some contents out of the rich mind of Yemi – The gift Cards Lord, as he would call himself. He is the CEO of IGCtrader.com.


Question: Can we meet you?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Being straightforward, just call me Omoyemi. I own IGCTrader.com.

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Question: Well Cool! When, where and how did you first hear about sell gift cards in Nigeria?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Some lucky days in the month of October 2016. I met a friend who introduced me to it and trust me, it’s been amazing ever since.

Question: What led you to start trading gift cards?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Ehmmm… It was actually a coincidence. Back then, one thing led to the other and I had to sell a card. I sold it to someone and after doing a little bit of research, as a sharp guy, I figured I can start collecting cards from boys and be selling to that same guy.

Question: Quite smart! Is Gift cards business your first internet business?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Nah it’s not. As an internet hustle enthusiast, I’ve had a load of hustling experiences before then.

Question: Impressive! How were the early days like? (Starting capital, gathering knowledge and challenges)

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Well, I must say gathering knowledge wasn’t so easy, neither was it so hard. I didn’t need any capital as I was a ‘middleman’ as at then. As a middleman, you only collect cards, take to the buyer and collect your share. The challenges were very minimal actually. But it was basically my advertisement strength that pushed me up the ladder pretty fast.

Question: How do you combine gift cards trading with your current primary assignment?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Actually, Combining it isn’t easy at all but the other had to suffer as sell itunes gift card Business was putting food on the table.

Question: Gift cards trading is now a norm among young men, what can u say to that?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Well, it’s just normal that boys will wanna hustle and make that ‘soft work’ money, which is even legit. With this, the competition became too much. I also had to teach a lot of friends and they all are millionaires today. I can’t be stingy with the blessing nah..lol

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Question: How profitable would you say gift cards trading is?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: O boy… Gift cards trading gave me my 1st million, my 1st car. My 1st of many things. It’s very profitable but unfortunately, e don dey cast now. 

Question: Have you ever been involved in any scam attempt, maybe directly or indirectly?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Well, in most internet businesses, scam attempts are inevitable. likewise in this business, scam attempts na everyday stuff but as I became a popular name, scam signals reduced as people trusted me more and didn’t try to scam me anymore or challenge me as regards such.

Question: What other things do you do?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Well I’m into a lot of investments, both physical and online. Basically because as an ibo man I cannot coman waste all this money lol

Question: How do you see gift cards trading now? (A side hustle or a major source of income)

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: I’ve been in it for over 2years now and trust me I’ve “Cashed Out” my fair share of the deal and I will still be into it but on a low, as I am exploring other investment opportunities. 

Question: Do you see gift cards business going into extinction anytime soon?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Maybe, maybe not. It’s almost getting into extinction but no worries, boys still dey smile from am.

Question: What’s your biggest fear?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Ain’t worried about nothing bro

Question:  Sounds Confident! How do you justify your business when challenged by the Nigerian police?

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Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: The police? Hahaha as long as it’s an E-currency issue they don’t wanna hear anything. Just pay them some money and move on. I’ve gotten to a stage where the police are my friend “wink” so we don’t have problems.

Question:  How do you explain to people who think gift cards business is all about internet scams?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: I don’t need to explain anything to no one. Everyone can think whatever he/she likes. We live in an era where people think any online money maker is “yahoo yahoo guy“. Well, no one is feeding me so I owe no one any explanation…

Question: What advice do you have for other young people looking for ways to make money online?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: My advice is “put your ears on the ground. You must be hard working as well. All internet hustles pay, no matter how small. Above all, do a lot of research and pray to your God“.

Question: What’s the fastest way to gift cards trading?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: The fastest way to learn gift cards business is to come and meet me. Lol

Question: How can we reach you?

Yemi | The Gift Cards Lord: Reach me on Whatsapp: +2348180102703 or visit my website to sell your gift cards > IGCTrader

Well, you’ve heard from the horse’s mouth, little is what I can add. If you are motivated and would love to know more about this gift cards business, he has mentioned earlier that you can contact him.

I believe you are inspired in one way or the other. Now drop that gamepad and think about your own way to make money from this world wide web.

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