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My Personal Review Of A $200 Digital Marketing Course I Took On UDEMY – Fattkay

It’s been pretty long I learned something new, pardon my school, where I hardly gain nothing but forced to waste as much time as possible doing what I can’t explain after a few days.

Out of my always-hungry-for-knowledge mindset, I decided to jump on UDEMY to check out some of their courses, then after a series of if’s and else’s, I decided to purchase two of their courses based on those sweet reviews I saw. One was on SEO and the other was on Digital Marketing. Although I knew I could get some Udemy courses of roughly same quality and standard for free, I wouldn’t subscribe to that, I don’t trust free stuff, or maybe, let’s say, I won’t value the knowledge if garnered cheaply.

udemy courses homepage screenshot

The SEO course was a bit too lengthy, so I decided to leave it aside and study the Digital Marketing course, first off.

The first impression of the course instructor was striking, a very young handsome man with good spoken English, don’t let me get too deep into the hype before your mind starts sending another signal.

I paused the course, sent some cold rush of Chivita into the plastic cup as I adjusted to get the clearest view of my dear PC screen. Then, a friend of mine, widely known for is I-Too-Know attitude walked in and this is what he had to say about UDEMY courses:

Udemy is filled with poor courses. In early time UDEMY offered mixed student’s enrollments. But now the situation has changed a lot and Udemy aggressively changed their algorithms and business model now.

UDEMY is now filled with pirated, outdated and below standard courses. It’s just a mere waste of money to go there and learn some random things you can put together with a couple of Google searches.

I gave him a nonchalant look and replied: “Courses on Udemy are just like people, some are good while some are bad. It just depends on using some known tactics to factorize out the good ones, now pack aside, let me enjoy my course in peace“.

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I proceeded with my so-called sweet digital marketing UDEMY course. Fast forward five sections, the instructor dude kept repeating something that I believe were not meant to be part of the course, as they sounded too much like what you must have learned unconsciously or rather, naturally.

Telling me “I need to be active on social media to make an impact” didn’t sound too much like what I should be told, just a no-brainer, but I believed, he’s still introducing.

Half-way the course, nothing learned so far, he was still explaining the meaning of social signals – “as a measure of social media activity, such as a vote, share, like, or other engagement that a search engine might take into consideration as part of its ranking algorithms.” I was like, now, you are teaching like a primary school teacher.

A bit more sections consumed and he was describing the differences and comparisons between major social media platforms, which is more effective, which is best for which business, which is least expensive in terms of ads and which is the easiest to earn social signals. Then he proceeded to the study of their analytics.

Well, that sounds like something cool, but for some other individuals, not me.

He later mentioned content as a major part of digital marketing, he kept on moving in a circle while beating around the subject “Content Is King When It Comes To Digital Marketing”, bro I know, let’s move on. But he refused, he went on to state the case of a well-known digital marketer in 2002 and how a change in content marketing strategy made him $2000 in two weeks. I expected such in a history course.

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I was expecting him to give some samples or templates of killer contents that can be used for marketing, he never did.

He then proceeded to social media automation in some later sections, he named automation tools like HootSuite, TweetDeck, Buffer, Crowdfire, CoSchedule, Buzzsumo and so on. Quite right, I never knew of some of these tools, but I would have just pulled a search and get thousands of results on that without spending some dollars.

I was expecting him to conclude this section with a recommendation on the best of these tools based on his experience, sadly, he left it in some grey area and left us to figure out.

He later came through to explain blogging as a major digital marketing strategy especially when it comes to content marketing. He mentioned that delving into original content marketing research, including information on client’s benchmarks, happenings, and trends is a great boost for marketing. The blog is home to a number of compelling articles written about content strategy, storytelling and industry’s best practices. He mentioned that another bonus is that it keeps your client’s customers updated with the latest.

He said loads of facts in that section, I must admit, I got to realize how great blogging can be for a business and indirectly for digital marketing.

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Before I knew it, the course started boring me out of my skull, UDEMY became a wet blanket. I struggled through some more sections, trust me, if it was free, I would have closed the tab a long time ago.

I finished the course, at least, they promised a certificate. I was expecting something more like Champions League Cup. Sadly it was a piece of automatically generated PDF that was even too difficult to download. I closed my PC and called it a great day, indeed.

LAST BULLET: UDEMY courses are great, maybe, maybe not. I was expecting something more, probably due to my prior knowledge. That must have been a great course for a newbie in digital marketing, for real, that’s the best selling digital marketing course on UDEMY, I can’t dispute it, it’s got loads of positive reviews, but I never dropped mine, I wasn’t impressed.

Also, I totally forgot the instructor is a white man, I was expecting some sharp social media tactics, eye-openers and shortcuts but I was wrong, they don’t have that Nigerian mentality, they are always too formal and like taking things right from scratch.

MY ADVICE: I won’t tell you against UDEMY, it’s a great place to learn. But watch it, courses like digital marketing have nothing much to teach you. Also, programming courses won’t teach you anything more than what you can learn on Tutorialspoint. Testimonies have it that their Microsoft courses are great, likewise photography courses, and a couple others.

That’s just My Personal Review Of A $200 Digital Marketing Course I Took On UDEMY.

DISCLAIMER: This is a personal review from my own perspective, they are liable to differ from someone else’s.

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Fatt Kay

A Computer Addict, Seasonal Web Developer, Born-To-Be Content Writer, Computer Scientist By Force, Social Media Jagaban and an all-in-all Internet Gangstar.


      1. Well, I think the guy might have a point. I have been taking courses on Udemy since 2016 and I have never taken a course for $200. Yes, the courses are listed at that price by most instructors, but Udemy tries to get more people to use their platform by slashing the price to about 10%,20%,…. of the original price set by the instructors. I am not implying that you didn’t take a course for $200 though. It just sounds quite unbelievable to people that are conversant with the platform.

        1. Yeah, most courses on Udemy now have slashed prices which even makes life easier for those who are willing to learn. But it has not always been that way. As at the time I was referring to, you only get slashed prices as special/exclusive offers.

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