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2017 Nigerian Active Phone Numbers Database

Get access to the most complete & reliable phone number database of over 65,000,000 active and valid GSM mobile phone numbers of individuals, professionals, business owners, churches & pastors, car owners, property agents, job seekers and many other categories in Nigeria.

We have a comprehensive database of valid and active Nigerian Phone Numbers sorted and classified into state by state and each state’s Mobile number collection is further grouped by their local Government (LGA). Our GSM Numbers database was recently obtained and it has a very high percent of active (ie ringing) and location based numbers.

Our list makes it easier for your targeted location-based campaigns, advertisements and mobile marketing activities and business promotion in a cost effective way.

This phone number database is relevant in the area of advertisement;

  • we can use it to enhance our advertisement,
  • we can use it to advertise any product or services,
  • we can use it to invite people for any occasion or activity.

How to use the database: to use the database for advertisement purpose, you will need a bulk-SMS website to send the messages to the individual’s phone numbers online. What you then need to do is to open the database, copy the phone number of the people in a particular state that you want your advert to be sent to, may be Lagos. You then login to your account with any bulk-SMS website, click on compose the message, paste the phone number under recipient (receiver), write the name of the message and indite (compose) your message and within few minutes it’s delivered.

How to make money from this phone number database: to make money from this database, you need to act like an advertising agent for churches, activity centers, seminars, occasions, businesses, and organizations. For example, if you come in contact with a person who is having a wedding around FUTA junction (Akure), you could explain to him or her that you could provide the service of inviting 1000 people living in that area and if he agrees you can charge him ₦10 per phone number or person invited, don’t forget it will only cost you ₦1 x 1000 = ₦1000 and you will charge ₦10 x 1000 = ₦10,000 after the work. That’s ₦9000 profit, you can also use this method to help churches or businesses to get customers. You just need to copy the phone numbers of people living in that area that you want to advertise to, and send a smart/generous message using any bulk-sms website, inviting them or telling them about a new product/services/event.


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