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Snail farming in Nigeria is thought to be a standout amongst the most lucrative agribusiness you can begin with low capital. However, it is a standout amongst the most disregarded animal rearing business in these nations. Snail farming gives one of the finest chance to profit inside a brief timeframe. Yet, why are Africans not yet completely occupied with this cash making animal rearing business? The reason is numbness.

In Australia and USA, snail farming is hug a business, giving chances to numerous agriculturists. In Uk, snails can be seen in numerous markets and stores. meaning it is a major ordeal there. A great many people in Nigeria and Ghana still have the trust that snail must be picked in the shrub. The way of life of setting off to the shrub to pick snails in the towns amid drizzling time has been there for ages. In this way, it is troublesome for individuals to come to term that snail can really be kept and developed at home.

Much the same as numerous different parts of farming in these nations, Africans are yet to find the considerable cash making potential in this snail business and that is the reason we endure in yearning and neediness. We disregard where the cash is and continue seeking after it where it isn’t, going from one city to the next searching for one negligible China made merchandise after another to exchange on. Working without end in Europe and America looking for greener fields when our own landmass is as of now green.

Below are some reasons why Snail Farming is a good opportunity

1. Snail Farming in Nigeria is moderately new. The earlier you begin, the more riches you make by making higher picks up and setting up yourself in this division of farming.

2. Snail Farming requires far less capital venture and in the meantime creating many benefits in an impressive brief timeframe.

3. Snail Farming has brought down dangers contrasted with other domesticated animals cultivating, once you can set up your ranch accurately utilizing the procedures in this eBook, you wouldn’t have any much issues going ahead.

4. The interest for snails in the market is higher than the provisions, to such an extent that the market potential is unlimited, locally and globally.

5. Practically all aspects of snail is of imperative use: in sustenance, pharmaceutical, assembling and angling businesses. Nothing is a loss in Snail.

6. Snail cultivating in Nigeria requires little capital and the running expense is low in light of the fact that the nourishes are neighborhood and normal.

7. On the off chance that you start up with N100,000 you can create as much as five million Naira in one year at full limit generation.

8. Nigeria atmosphere is truly outstanding for Snail rearing.

9. You can helpfully acquire salary a thousand overlay higher than your present winning and still keep your present occupation. I am stating that you can do this on low maintenance since it doesn’t require much time.

This eBook contains the total down to earth manual for setting up a fruitful snail farming business in Nigeria.


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