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[PDF] How To Start Palm Kernel Business In Nigeria – The Millionaire’s Biz Guide

Palm kernel Oil (PKO) is a major raw material for producing cosmetic and other household products. I am going to show you how you can earn millions of Naira supplying this raw material to companies. These companies are always looking for individuals to supply the product to them. Whatever the quantity you have, they’ll buy it all at a good price and the good news is; Majority of them pay on delivery.

You can start this business with as low as N150,000 or as much as N10M  depending on your capital base. I wouldn’t say there’s no risk in this business, but if you follow my instructions, you’ll become a millionaire within a year, doing no other business but supplying Palm kernel Oil (PKO) to companies.

If you have a large capital, you can setup your own palm kernel oil mill, but before you do that, I’ll advice you to test the waters by sourcing for palm kernel nuts, taking it to the mill and extract the palm kernel oil and then supplying the companies. If you’ve understood how the business works and established a solid reputation with the companies, then you can think about owning your own mill.

If you’re on a low budget, let’s say N100,000 or N150,000, there’s also plenty of opportunities for you to earn millions of naira from the business. The most profitable option would be for you to source for palm kernel nuts in riverine communities, take the nuts to a palm kernel oil mill nearby and extract the palm kernel oil. They will charge you per kg of nuts to mill the oil for you. After which you can store the oil in cans or drums and take to the companies.

If you don’t have the time to mill, you can buy PKO that has already been extracted and supply to the companies. This approach is profitable, but not as profitable as you extracting the palm kernel oil yourself – You’ll find more details on where to source for cheap palm kernel nuts, where to mill and companies to supply to in the manual.

I have packaged all the information you need to succeed in this PKO supply business in this manual. To prove to you how confident I am in the information I have put together, I will send you the manual before you make payment. I repeat, you’ll receive the manual before making any payment.

The manual is worth over N100,000 but I’m giving it out for a small token of N5,000 only. That’s a small price to pay for the life-transforming information in it. You can recover the N5,000 you used in purchasing the manual in 100 folds after your first supply.


– What you need to start the Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) supply business

– Where to source for cheap palm kernel oil

– Where to source for palm kernel nuts and how to process it into Palm Kernel Oil

– Telephone numbers and address of Mills where you can take your palm kernel nuts (PKN) to extract palm kernel oil (PKO)

– How to establish a PKO extraction mill, including setup cost and financial projection.

– Where to get foreign buyers for PKO.

– Contact details of local fabricators of PKO extraction machine.

– How to Make Millions from PKO Without owning a Mill.

– List of companies that buy Palm Kernel Oil (PKO): The List contains the names, factory address and active phone numbers of several Nigerian companies you can supply Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) to. Majority of these companies are in Lagos, while others are in Abia, Kwara and Kano state.

– How to trade in Palm Kernel Nuts (PKN)


I have given this manual out to a few persons. The fools among them read and dumped it. While the wise ones who read and implemented what they learnt from it are smiling to the Bank every week. I hope you’ll be among the wise.

If you’re interested in getting the PKO supply business manual, ORDER NOW:

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