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Ultimate Pack Of Software Skills – 21 Skills Tutorial

This pack contains 21 different skills’ tutorials listed below:

  1. ngAndroid App Development Essentials Local Data Storage
  2. Become a Python Developer
  3. C Essential Training
  4. CISSP Cert Prep 1 – Security Risk Management
  5. CISSP-Cert Prep 2 – Asset Security
  6. CISSP Cert Prep 3 Security Engineering
  7. CompTIA Exam Prep 220-901 Part-1 Core Processing
  8. CompTIA-Exam-Prep-220-901-Part-2-Core-Hardware
  9. CompTIA-Exam-Prep-220-901-Part-3-Putting-Pieces-Together
  10. CompTIA-Exam-Prep-220-901-Part-4-Peripherals
  11. CompTIA-Exam-Prep-220-901-Part-5-Networking
  12. CompTIA-Exam-Prep-220-901-Part-6-Laptops-Mobile-Devices
  13. Data-Science-Foundations-Data-Mining
  14. Ethical-Hacking-Session-Hijacking
  15. Introducing-PHP
  16. Linux-Kernel-Fundamentals
  17. PowerShell-30-Administrators
  18. Python-GUI-Development-Tkinter
  19. SEOBD2
  20. WordPress-Building-Paid-Membership-Site
  21. WordPress-Developing-Secure-Sites-2016-Q4-REVISION

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