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Some Marketing Strategies to Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs!

Affiliate marketing is an advertising course of action by which an online retailer pays commission to a third party site for traffic or deals produced from its referrals.

Going right straight into the point, the first strategy to Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs is by building a list.

An email list is a collection of people (subscribers) who are most probably going to be interested in a product/service being advertised.

If you are thinking of making money online with affiliate marketing on a long run then this strategy is the most important one to take note of. If you do not already have some type of autoresponder system then you definitely have to get one. Meanwhile, don’t get too petty or cheap while making this decision, a bad autoresponder system might put a grand end to your affiliate marketing career. You might want to consider Mailchimp or Getresponse.

There are so many ways to build email lists. You can buy leads from reputable list building companies and get them into your autoresponder. Below is a list of websites where you can buy email leads:





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Most good list building companies will have an option to send an email to your autoresponder so you don’t have to manually input the leads information. Some will not provide this option so you have to deal with it yourself.

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Another smart and one of the most effective ways of building an email list is the traffic that visits your website. With this, all you need is an opt-in form and some catchy short texts.

The best way to make use of an opt-in form and get the best conversions is to place it right in your sales page text. It should be strategically placed right after the problem statement. Now, the subject of your autoresponder email series should directly address the problem by offering a solution.
The second strategy to make money online with affiliate marketing is by driving targeted traffic to your website/blog.

What I mean by targeted traffic refers to people who are motivated by your content, who are interested in what you offer and who are ready to buy. You can use techniques such as Social media advertising, google AdWords, content marketing (blogging in this case), article writing and linking to drive targeted traffic to your website.

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Social media advertising like Facebook Ads will help you target the right set of individuals you want to reach, this has proven very effective in recent time.

Adwords is another great move but the secret behind it is not to bid high on common keywords. Instead, look for keywords that are similar to what you offer, but are used much less frequently. These keywords will cost much less to bid on and will allow you to spread your money out over many different keywords, getting the most result for your purchasing power.

Moving on, Blogging or content marketing is another great means to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate links. All you need to ensure is that the blog is hosted on the same as with the sales page. Then you can generate quality contents relating to the affiliate product. This is also an SEO boost.

It is however extremely important to write contents which specifically relates to your affiliate program or products.

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Article writing is basically the same as blogging except for the fact that this article would be more sales-inclined and be populated with keywords that the audience is looking for. These articles are submitted to content websites as opposed to your own blog as mentioned earlier.

Content websites are places where people go to find specific contents relating to specific keywords. With this, your articles might get stumbled upon which is mostly a plus to your affiliate marketing endeavor.


Lastly, the strategies listed above do work and they will indisputably increase your sales and conversions if done correctly. Email list building is the best strategy, social media and AdWords are great alternatives, Blogging and Article writing are also great ways to bring massive amounts of high quality targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

That’s that on the topic: Some Marketing Strategies to Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs!

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