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15 Tips And Tricks To Become A Successful Fiverr Seller

Making money online with Fiverr has been a gold rush recently, as we have freelancers and people will specific skill sets flooding the digital platform to make extra income daily. It is however easy to come to a conclusion that the platform now comes with a very tight competition, giving us needs to apply some known tips and tricks in order to stay relevant and make money from the Fiverr market.

So I have come up with some points, which might not be tips and tricks as portrayed in the subject, as they are mostly no-brainers which most of us will give no attention if not brought to our notice.

Now read along, some tips and tricks for Fiverr sellers.


Tips And Tricks For A Successful Fiverr Freelancing Career

#1 Be Awesome, Be Nice

The room is too tight for mediocre sellers to survive on Fiverr. In short, there is no space for aggressiveness. Every buyer on Fiverr comes with the hope of getting the best of buying experience, and you can only make them get that when you are very nice and approachable. Some buyer might be annoying, no doubt, but your ability to maneuver around their misbehavior and make it turn around for good makes you a great seller on Fiverr.

Come to think of it, even at the local market in your area, sellers are always very nice and welcoming. There is no monopoly, so you have to behave like the best if you want to be the best. Avoid exchanging insults and curse words with buyers, don’t be aggressive, as they would say, customers, are always right.

#2 Always Deliver Orders Fast

No one is on Fiverr to waste time, and every buyer wants to be a number one priority. Always give a reasonable time limit for orders, if the time doesn’t look feasible, increase it. Also, pay more attention to extra fast deliveries.

Obviously, keep in mind that late delivery will play some bad part in your Fiverr gig ranking. On the off chance that you need your gig to be ranked high among other sellers by the level of value as judged by Fiverr’s ranking algorithm, at that point you should endeavor to deliver orders as quick as sensibly conceivable.

#3 Always Send The Last Word

Try as much as possible to be the one to end the conversation. By this, you already give an initial good impression to prospective clients that you are great with communication. A client once had a chat with me for 2 weeks, in fact, I was getting frustrated. He later gave me the job and told me that over that period, he was only testing my communication skills alongside other sellers, and I turned out to be the best.

Also, always leave a worded review for your buyers, it gives buyers strolling around a hint that you are always ready to interact.

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#4 Create More Gigs, Explore Your Skills

As a new seller, your limit is 7, it’s 15 for level one sellers and 20 for level two sellers, you can check Fiverr levels and their attributed benefits. Why not create more gigs within your niche? Or better still, diversify your portfolio. The more gigs you have, the more your chances of getting orders on Fiverr.

It is, however, more advisable to create multiple gigs in the same category, this way, buyers who take a look at your profile would be easily convinced that you are a professional at what you do. This also gives way for upselling, invariably making you more money on Fiverr.

#5 Promote Your Fiverr Profile

You don’t just create gigs and wait for miracles, there are thousands of gigs on that marketplace. Fiverr didn’t employ you, in case you don’t know, Fiverr actually cares less about you. Fiverr is only trying to promote their platform to get the best buyers to meet the best sellers, indirectly making them more money. If you are lucky enough to be considered one of the best, that’s great. But you will do yourself more good if you promote yourself.

There are a couple of ways to do this. Go on social media outlets and blast your gigs, especially Twitter. If you search the #Fiverr hashtag on Twitter, you will see a couple of gigs being promoted daily.

Also, if you are a writer, you can start a blog and promote your Fiverr profile on it. If you are into speaking, start a podcast, video? Get a youtube channel.

#6 Offer 100% Refund Policy

Most of us are so strict when it comes to money, that even an amount as small as $5 is too huge for us to part ways with. Promise your clients a 100% money back guarantee in case they end up not getting satisfied with the order delivery, if such case ensues, issue a full refund. A mutual cancellation is far better than a negative feedback. Though some insane Fiverr buyers might want to take advantage of this opportunity to scam you, if the refund request looks like a scam to you, report to Fiverr customer support.

#7 Don’t Get Too Desperate

In case you’re getting no orders, don’t fall into the trap of trolling other sellers’ reviews and attempting to contact their previous buyers. Not exclusively is this spam, and not exclusively is this against Fiverr’s terms, however, this is likewise a truly quick approach to get removed from Fiverr. I really comprehend the disappointment of needing to make money from Fiverr and not having the capacity to interfere with clients due to one reason or the other, but rather spamming inboxes on the Fiverr platform is not a solution. Try not to do it. Need not to mention that it isn’t professional.

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#8 If you Don’t Know It, Don’t Do It

Don’t call for negative reviews. If you are not sure of a task, do not get into it. If you don’t have the skill, don’t create the gig. If you don’t understand the description, don’t send an offer. Take your time to master the requirements of whatever order you will get into. This way, you will save yourself sorry explanations, late deliveries, order cancellations and negative feedbacks.

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#9 Write Your Gig Description Yourself

Some sellers just go about copying and pasting other sellers’ descriptions. Sure, if you are too lazy to write your own description, then you are not meant to get any order. Copying other sellers’ descriptions and tags won’t make you rank higher than them, or, maybe, you might be lucky. But that’s not the best practice. Take your time and write your Fiverr gig description, remember, you only do it once. You can get ideas from other sellers, but do not copy directly.

#10 Always Crave For Positive Reviews

Positive reviews build your confidence and make buyers trust you and more willing to work with you. Do everything possible to satisfy your clients and always request that they give you feedback. You can try to avoid buying fake reviews and getting some real ones. If your work is outstanding, you should have no problem with that.


#11 Write An Honest Title

At times you might need to write some too-good-to-be-true titles just to lure buyers into your gig, don’t get too extreme. If your gig title says “I Will Write A 95,000 Words Ebook For $5“, which is of course not reasonably possible, you will surely get buyers jumping in, but be ready to make lots of explanations to change their initial expectation or rather cancel orders as some of them would rather place the order directly without contacting you first.

#12 Use Paragraphs, Underlines And Bullets In Fiverr Gig Descriptions

Formatting of your Fiverr gig description might play an important role in making you a successful Fiverr freelancer. Apart from the fact that boldened and underlined words have been said to help in Fiverr gig ranking, though it’s an unconfirmed claim, a well-formatted description will help buyers easily find their ways around what you are trying to explain. Write one point per paragraph and separate items in lists.

#13 Check Your Grammar, Spellings, And Punctuations

This is one of the factors that create a professional Fiverr exhibition. I once saw a seller that claims to be a professional proofreader, checked his gig description and I was forced to tell him to, first of all, buy his own gig and proofread his own description. Most buyers, especially those from the US, will hardly love to work with you if you are not fluent in English.

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Some potential clients might not be grammar lords, but they know poorly written Fiverr gig descriptions when they see it. If you don’t trust your writing skills well enough, get someone good at it to do it for you.

#14 Use The Fiverr Forum

The Fiverr Forum is mostly considered an odd place, most of us just want to make some good money with Fiverr and zoom off, no time to thumb through some boring forum. But contrary to this belief, the Fiverr forum is a great place to be. Most of the questions you ask yourself have been answered here, you gain more experience, you learn about coming events, new developments and at the same time learn some more smart Fiverr tactics. If you have any question, you can also ask on the forum, you will most probably get some good replies.

Rumors also have it that Fiverr will make you a top rated seller faster if you are an active user of the Fiverr forum, how true that is, I can’t say.

#15 Do Not Do Any Free Work

Some buyers will come and promise you thousands of dollars if you can get them a swift sample. Mind you, they already contacted ten other buyers the same way. He then gathers the samples you all submit and factorize whatever he needs out of that. Note that a sample is different from a portfolio, if buyer requires a way to trust your service, offer a previously concluded job for the buyer to take a look. If the buyer gets too specific that you get him a unique sample and this is something that will take more minutes than I have in mind, do not accept, they are mostly scams.

If a buyer is going to bully you for free content before a purchase, then, be sure the buyer will bully you for free content after the purchase, and I’m quite sure that’s a relationship you don’t want.

I have more and more tips in mind, but he who talks and relax lives to talk another day. I might be a less intelligent Fiverr seller, but I assure you that the points I gave up there are some good tips and tricks to help you become more successful in your Fiverr freelancing journey.

If you just want to get started with Fiverr freelancing, take a look at the Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint or check out my Fiverr Email Marketing package.

I will leave you to deal with that, on this note, I will sign out. If you have more questions, you can reach me on 08149565292 (Whatsapp ONLY).

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