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Top​ ​7​ ​Countries​ ​With​ ​The​ ​Most​ ​Freelancers

Freelancing has become one of the simplest ways of making money online without having to work from an office. A lot of people have made online freelancing jobs their source of income because of its simple premise, and for the fact that it mostly pays better than any other regular job. The spectacular thing about freelancing is that it has no barriers, that is, a freelancer can work from anywhere at any time since there are a lot of mechanisms for conveying messages nowadays.

Having access to an international market for companies hiring the freelancers means the capacity to find the specific jobs they are in need of either, in design, marketing, writing, business consultation and others. Mostly, some countries are known particularly for the specific jobs they offer in freelancing, like India and Pakistan that are usually specialized in software development and technology, while most writers and translators are usually from the United States.

Mostly in developing countries, professionals turn to freelancers because they do not get hired in high demanding jobs, and they end up earning more than they would be earning if they were working for another employer.

According to an account of where online workers live by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), these are the top seven countries with the most freelancers;

1. India

The freelance market in India has increased massively due to the very wide varieties of internet users. It is no surprise that India is the first country on the list, as they are widely seen in the freelance market. As there is a very large labour force in India, there is high competition for every position. A lot of people in India have discovered the advantages of working on contract basis, instead of spending most of their time on desks in offices. Recent statistics show that about 24% of online workers are from India, and due to the high development of technology in the country, more than half of the freelancers in India work in software development and technology. The impact of freelancing on the economy of India is very significant, it contributes $400 billion to the gross domestic product. The retired professionals and women are mostly the ones who engage in freelancing in India, as it enables them to get sufficient income for them to sustain their living, and at the same time be able to engage in other activities.

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india freelancers

2. Bangladesh

After India comes Bangladesh. About 16% of the freelance population are from Bangladesh. Most of the freelancers in Bangladesh specialize in sales and marketing support, multimedia and also they engage in software development and technology, due to the high rate of technology development in their country. Most people in Bangladesh engage in freelancing because the average wage in Bangladesh is small relative to what they will earn working at their convenience in freelancing jobs.

bangladesh freelancers

3. USA

The freelancing market in the United States is also fast rising daily, and it is among the leading countries in freelancing. The high technology has contributed to the vast increase in their freelancing offers, as most people do their freelance works over the internet. Also, the reputation of freelancing has increased greater than it was in the past years. Studies have shown that most of the freelancers in the United States are under 35 years old, and it is also what motivates others to join the freelancing market, thereby contributing to the increase. There is no major aspect most of the freelancers in the United States work on, they are commonly found among writing and translation, creative multimedia, and software development and technology.

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4. Pakistan

Pakistan is the fourth country on the list. There are many online websites in Pakistan that enable people to find jobs globally. Men and women, both young and old, are offered jobs equally on a daily basis in Pakistan, and since most of the higher institutions are mostly focused on computer science and software technology, they find it difficult to find jobs as there is high competition in the labour market. This has made them risen very high among the top countries with the most freelancers.

5. Philippines

The Philippines are slightly behind Pakistan in the freelance population. The people of Philippines are known for fast learning and a lot of freelance skills, they are also very good in English speaking, so they are offered jobs with high wages. There are also a lot of institutes in the Philippines that offer freelance training, this has made them to also become one of the top countries with the most freelancers. Another reason why the Philippines are into freelancing is that the traffic congestion in their major cities, so they prefer to stay at home and work for better payment, instead of going out in the traffic to earn less.

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Philippines freelancers

6. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the sixth country on this list. They have a lot of professionals in many aspects of freelancing, including legal services, accounting, business consulting and also creative and multimedia aspects. This is why they are in high demand in the freelance market, and also, since they communicate in English Language, which is the most widely used language in freelancing services.

7. Nigeria

Ignoring statistics and following my personal observation, it is not a surprise that Nigeria is among the top countries with the most freelancers, as we have seen the fast uprising of freelancers from the country in recent years. Due to the large population and high rate of unemployment in the country, many undergraduates, graduates and even those already in the workforce with low earnings, have taken up freelancing as their source of income.

Also, since Nigerians are very good in writing, media, software development and other skills, they have become part of the top countries in freelancing.

nigerian freelancer with laptop

There you have them, the Top 7 Countries With The Most Freelancers, any addition? Use the comment box below.

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