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Top 100 Fiverr Fun Facts, Tips And Hints

So I’m just on some cloud nine while having a whale of time in this western flank of Nigeria.

Lately, I’ve been having some crazy Fiverr facts, ideas and tips in my head, based on forbearance, having had a good rummage of the Fiverr platform and cleaned out most of the skeletons in my rather full closet of rookie errors.

Right on this page, I will drop 100 Fiverr Fun Facts, Tips and Hints, once per day, ALL STRICTLY BASED ON MY PERSPECTIVE.

On one end, I might consider this like me having fun while juxtaposing vowels and consonants vis-a-vis trying to make some little sense, on the other, I believe a mastermind is one who’s feeding others off his knowledge, cos trust me, you have a lot to gain on this thread.


– This is not a Fiverr tutorial post, it’s just a collection of random Fiverr discoveries that will invariably help you as a Fiverr seller.

– Whatever I post here is strictly based on my perspective, I repeat, everything here is strictly based on my personal opinion. It is bound to counter and might probably be different from your own view.

– Feel free to ask questions, but read through to make sure your question is yet to be answered.

– If you have any objection or argument against any drop, you can speak out, though I might not reply. Like I said, our opinions might differ. This is not a tug of war post, nothing serious.

– I will be posting major facts in red color and a brief explanation follows every drop.

– I will be posting once per day to give space for questions and suggestions on every drop.

Too much of words will not fill a bushel, let’s go!

First off, let me tell you a little about myself…

I am that very confused boy lost in the middle of the digitally driven ecosystem. A student (if you care to know), a computer addict (a hound mama is still praying against), and an internet savvy.

A content writer (as I would call myself in the stead of a ‘blogger’), somewhat lazy web designer, a digital marketer in whole, and a freelancer (of course). Need to mention, I love sharing information to help others, isn’t that information marketing? I don’t even know *Scratches head*

Talking about me on Fiverr…

I spent years knowing the word “FIVERR” but never really paid attention to it. I later decided to give it a try based on testimonies I saw on Nairaland, I was like, “It’s high time I tried this thing called Fiverr, such digital money ritual cannot just be flying around me without corresponding actions on my part“.

I created my first account as a writer, which never got a bright side. Even though I know my onions when it comes to writing, no matter how hard I tried to pull my socks up, that thing called writing account never got to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

I put on my wretched cap and went on a blue-sky thinking, I discovered that my chances were limited with such too-common-everywhere-anywhere service as writing on Fiverr, I gave my brain some sense.

I spent days roaming around Fiverr looking for the best of service options, I discovered Email Marketing, I was like “Woah! This is it!”…

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But…. “I have no idea of Email Marketing”, I thought to myself.

I went on UDEMY and took a 29hours Email Marketing course, it was $200 then. That course was a huge eye opener, though I later realized I never really needed it to offer email marketing services on Fiverr, all the same, no regrets.

I created another Fiverr account on Email Marketing, it was a testimony.

Fast forward a year after, I wrote an Ebook on Email Marketing, trust my Nigerian brothers, no dulling. They bombarded the Ebook and took over the niche, at that point, the niche got flooded. I was like “We have tried here, I have to leave the niche for my brothers…”.

I took a deep look at some other sweet service options, WordPress and Social Media Marketing were good ideas, they both rock. And since I was a self-proclaimed WordPress guru and a born-to-be social media Jagaban, it wasn’t that hard to survive.

I talk too much… Bye…


fiverr fun fact 1

As often as not, living entities who dive into Fiverr expect it to be all rosy and welcoming, unfortunately when they get countered with the fact that life is hard, they give up.

When I said Fiverr is Hardly Easy…

Yes, I meant it. Fiverr comes with a very crazy competition, annoying demands and in fact, I refer to it as a platform from hell. The first basic thing you need to understand and stick to your head is that Fiverr is not an autopilot source of income, or money ritual. If it’s money ritual that you want, go to those thick forests in Ilorin or Ekiti, or maybe Ijesha (It’s like they have stronger herbalists there according to Yoruba films), they will do it for you, sharp sharp you will have money. But before you go, read the news below.

If that one is not enough to stop you, see this one below:

Now that I got your mind cleared off fast money, can we come back to Fiverr?

Don’t get me wrong, Fiverr is actually one of the fastest ways to make money online, but don’t expect that. It is hardly easy! Although it might get easier based on how lucky you are, how often you go to church, how well you know your onions (How good you are with your skills) or how attentive you are to the tips and hints given by known top Fiverr sellers.

Meanwhile Fiverr is easily hard..

Often times, if you do what is expected of you and work with your right hand on your Fiverr account, no matter how down the dumps it is, on the off chance that the spiritual forces from your village aren’t against your destiny, you will make some money. Mind you, it might get sour over the night. Just one bad review from a confused buyer or a canceled order from a frustrated client is enough to get you humbled.

What I mean by this, the Fiverr gig ranking algorithm is unpredictable like Buhari’s next line of action. Just an order gone wrong can get you thrown off the search page. Imagine that scenario when someone gives you a chance to sit comfortably in his living room, on a Chaise Longue, when there are thousands of people begging to sit on it, then you pour coffee on it, and he throws you out of the window like “This one is not even serious”, that’s how it is. Then you have to start struggling to get back in position.

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Bottomline of this:

1) If you are yet to start Fiverr, feel free to join the platform, but understand that it is not an easy ride, especially for those that have no digital skill and just want to go with those general services that anyone can offer (E.G Virtual assistance, File conversion, article writing sef is part of it). Be ready to work and don’t expect millions for a start. Remember that even life, generally, is hard.

2) Also when you start making some cool dollars on Fiverr, remember to ball on people that said you will not make money online legitimately, as long as you can, but also remember that it gets hard easily, your balling might not last for too long. Endeavor to pay close attention to your Fiverr account, reply clients as fast as possible, avoid order cancellation like a virgin avoiding this thing, and deliver your best to avoid bad reviews.


Some people probably have invisible masquerades that chase them away from their homes, they are never indoors. Some have ants in their pants, very restless. Sitting in one position to some people is like sitting on pins and needles, they are always at sixes and sevens, never calm, always as jumpy as a puppet.

Before you fly off to Fiverr.com to create an account, hol’up! That platform isn’t for jokes. If you really want to earn some good income (relative) off that Fiverr web space, you need a whole lot of chills.

You should be ready to spend long hours in front of a screen battling with some strange orders, therefore, be ready to reduce those friendly home visits and social hangouts. Trust me, it would be unconscious.

Bottomline here is…

You can offer services on Fiverr and still chill a lot, that’s you taking Fiverr as a side-hustle that earns you transport money and feeding fees. If you are really going to make enough money to sing along to Cassper’s “Mama I made it”, trust me, you will sit down for long hours.


Yea right! Your early days on Fiverr are bound to be humble! Taking jobs of $5 that’ll cost you hours to complete, sticking around buyer request in search of the next prey and staying logged in all day just to make sure nothing good passes you by. Meanwhile, it can even get worse if your account is Nigerian.

The image Nigerians have in the digital world is nothing close to goodness. Nobody would be willingly willing to give you a job as a Nigerian with no great reviews. Believe me, even Nigerians with hundreds of reviews on Fiverr are still struggling to survive, not to talk of you, a new seller, that doesn’t even trust himself yet.

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Buyers would keep avoiding you like a plague, you’d be spoken down to, you’d think they pasted sh!t on your Fiverr profile, you will experience days of no message, nights of the same. As a new seller, you’d be poohed out, wagged out, coopered out, ausgespielt, and white-eyed. E go tire you! You will give up!

But with a USA profile, you can get some shoulder pads. It’s enough to keep you proud as a peacock, not below the navel. But this still doesn’t give you automatic sales, it only increases your chances.

The bottom line is…

Start off with a US account, use a VPN, or better still, use epic browser with built-in VPN. I’m not saying there’s no hope for a Nigerian account, you can still use it if it’s sure for you, sebi you say you stubborn ni…



So you just spring up from nowhere, or maybe somewhere, create a Fiverr account and start copy-pasting other sellers’ gigs? And you think you will make it by doing that? Well, maybe, maybe not.

But come sef! That’s laziness! Freaking laziness!! Annoying laziness!!! And trust me, as a lazy person, whatever the talents or skills with which you start out, you will condemn yourself with this second-rate action.

This practice is very common among Nigerians and those Pakistan boys on Fiverr, which bespeaks that you have no real value to offer, you just want to make money fast.

I agree, setting up gigs might be very backbreaking, that demand is toilsome. But as someone who is really determined to make money online using Fiverr, to go through that one-time pain (of course you only set up a gig once and for all) shouldn’t be that herculean to do.

Quite right, no direct harm in copying gigs as Fiverr doesn’t frown at it, poor them. But I have heard of a situation where a friend of mine copied someone else’s description, the real owner of the gig description went extra miles to open 5 new accounts, ordered my friend’s gig with the 5 accounts, dropped him 1 star each with the 5 accounts and then cancelled all the orders, what can be worse? Say bye to your Fiverr career before you start.

You should learn how to stand out, be unique, make your description the best. You will only do it once and it doesn’t even take up to 30minutes on average. You can steal ideas, structure, and tags from other gigs but never copy.

Ojasweb said some good stuff about writing the best of Fiverr gig descriptions, you can read here.

Bottomline here is…

Do not copy gig descriptions again! Ever! Before you create a gig, you should understand what you want to offer, how you plan to offer it, the requirements and the assurance. Compile these and put them all up in your description, if you cannot write simple English then go back to secondary school and learn, Fiverr is not for you. *Rolls eyes*




Fatt Kay

A Computer Addict, Seasonal Web Developer, Born-To-Be Content Writer, Computer Scientist By Force, Social Media Jagaban and an all-in-all Internet Gangstar.


  1. Amazing Fatt Kay
    Am a graphic designer and I joined the fiverr platform some months back but I couldn’t get jobs during my first two weeks so I quited but after reading this article I’m more enlightened about how the platform works form Your perspective.
    Thanks a lot
    Hope you don’t mind if I can get your contact to chat ask my questions in person ?

  2. To imagine that I have been sitting down here waiting for you all this while – damn! Dude! This your “to be continued” is about 5 months old when do you plan to get back and write!

    1. Lol. I got lazy along the line 😀 😁 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅 😆 😉 😊 😋 😎 😍 😘 😗 😙 😚 ☺️ 🙂 🤗 🤩 🤔 🤨 😐 😑 😶 🙄 😏 😣 😥 😮 🤐 😯 😪 😫 😴 😌 😛 😜 😝 🤤 😒 😓 😔 😕 🙃 🤑 😲 ☹️ 🙁 😖 😞 😟 😤 😢

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