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Top 50 Blogs to Follow in 2017

There are two ways to becoming the next big thing in blogging.

You can learn the best tactics here by reading our blogging tip guide or you can simply learn from the top blogging site run by top bloggers in the industry.

So, on here, I’ll be making a not-so-detailed but a list worth reading of some 50 bloggers who I personally have found great and impactful to their readers and have at the same time made millions off the blogging hustle.

They are those who have had a good rummage and cleaned out every skeleton in their rather full closet of rookie blogging errors and have made a positive and affirmative reply to the question Can Blogging Make You Rich?

DISCLAIMER: This is based on my personal perspective and not some generally accepted metrics. Also, the list is not in any particular order.

TOP 50 BLOG Every Aspiring Bloggers Should Follow


#1 Collis Ta’eed:

Apart from the fact that to me, his blog is one of the best, it has a great UI, visually exciting and appealing and the blog content is the killer. He definitely has those writing skills. He is the CEO of Envato and also owns Tutsplus. Collis Ta’eed started Netsetter in 2009, probably just a channel to express his unlimited great thoughts.Collis Ta’eed’s personal blog has over 15,500 RSS subscribers as at 2015. Little worries why he made it to the top of the top bloggers’ list.

#2 Yaro Starak:

A great teacher! Leaving the fact that he’s a professional blogger apart. He has thought the numerous number of students How To Blog, I must say I am one of them as I downloaded one of his podcasts some months back and it was very helpful. He was regarded as one of the most influential bloggers in the world as at 2015. He rakes in thousands of dollars on monthly basis. He is the proud owner of Entrepreneur’s journey.

#3 Darren Rowse:

Needless to say he has over 100,000 Twitter Followers, cos I do too and I’m nowhere to be found on the list. Darren Rowse is a mentor to many, he constantly gains new subscribers, followers, and fans via his three main blogs. He has this consistent writing style that makes you wanting more. He took blogging from hobby to profession, he is definitely a great man to look up to! He owns Problogger.

#4 Joost De Valk:

Looks like he sprung up from nowhere and approached limelight quite fast. He is the best blog SEO guru. He has helped loads of bloggers dominate their niches and achieve their blogging aims. He has built a solid ground in SEO consulting and he is just a man to run to as regards that subject. Joost De Valk is the CEO of YOAST.

#5 Pat Flynn:

He is one of the bloggers who have in the early days discovered how useful podcasts and interviews are. He is bent on making others gain from his experiences and escapades. He is a very transparent man, he shows full report of his blogging income and at the same time humble by referring to himself as “Not a Millionaire”. He is the owner of SmartPassiveIncome.

#6 David Risley:

I can very well remember when he said: “I show bloggers how to turn their blogging into a business” which is exactly what he does. David Risley is very straightforward and hits the nail on the head. You can easily tell he is a passionate blogger by reading his blog posts. I respect him for his i-depth knowledge and his ability to punch honesty in its face. You can check his blog at Davidrisley.com.

#7 Harsh Agarwal:

He is that professional blogger from New Delhi, India. He started his blog Shoutmeloud in 2008 by borrowing money from a friend, to purchase the domain. He started just as a passion but now he has more than 872,000+ steady readers all over the world. He has great knowledge about Starting & managing a blog, WordPress, Social-media, SEO and Making Money online. If you are a blogger or internet marketer generally, more often than not, you must have come across his blog through google, as the blog is very well optimized for search engines.

#8 Linda Ikeji:

Well known to many, especially in the coast of Africa. It’s no doubt that she has carved a space for herself in the blogging industry. She is well known to be the face of blogging in Nigeria. She has built a blog so huge and it has become the number one information source for Nigerians and Africans in general. If you are a lady or a celebrity blogger as a whole, she is definitely someone to look up to. She blogs at Lindaikejisblog.com.

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#9 Gideon Shalwick:

He is more of a video blogger. He knows how to please his audience with reviews and positive rants. He definitely has loads of followers waiting impatiently to get more from him. He gives back to the audience a lot and teaches whosoever is ready to listen and read his blog contents carefully. Check out his blog at Gideonshalwick.com.

#10 Katie Freiling:

The first woman on the list. She is a great blogger and writes content straight from the heart. She has the blogging talent and tends to be very serious, hilarious and simple at the same time when writing. She is very consistent, which has helped her on the way to the top in recent times. She is definitely dominating her niche judging from the loads of Twitter followers she has garnered organically. Check out her website at Katiefreiling.com.

#11 Brian Clark:

He is the proud owner of CopyBlogger. His blog contents are always well written, informative and sensible. He has over 130,000 subscribers so it’s easy to say Brian Clark is as successful.

#12 Jide Ogunsanya:

CEO of Ogbongeblog.com. The biologist turned blogger is a great inspiration to me, and so is he to many other Nigerians. His blog is basically for tutorials and also an inspiration to many upcoming bloggers. He is very well respected in the world of blogging and no doubt one of the top bloggers you should look up to.

#13 Matt Marshall:

He was once a journalist before he resorted into blogging. He blogs well about technology, money, finance and investments. He feeds his audience with great content ranging from making profits from investments and startup advice.

#14 Onibalusi Bamidele:

As an addicted follower of his Email Newsletter updates, I always look forward to seeing more from this great young man. He starts the blog YoungPrePro.com back in 2010 which he later re-branded to WritersinCharge.com in 2013. He has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Digital Journal, to mention a few. He helps other writers take charge, for this and other reasons, he is considered one of the top bloggers to look up to.

#15 Jake Dobki:

He makes thousands of income blogging at Gothamist.com, a news website that covers majorly food, events, and art. The website provides location ideas for visitors. Jake Dobki was once an amateur photographer, but things turned around great for him.

#16 Timothy Sykes:

He blogs majorly about Making Money as his contents range from topics about investment, finance, stocks e.t.c. He is known to be a very smart man when it comes to stocks. He owns one of the most popular and highest earning blogs in the world. You can check out his website at Timothysykes.com.

#17 Illikannu Chinaza Mary-Vivian:

Needless to say, she’s a student, studying Library and Information Science in a Nigerian university. She has over time made some great impact in the world of blogging due to her consistency. I’ve been a good follower of her blog over time and I believe she puts in loads of effort in making sure her audience get the best just every time. She once said “I will never quit blogging”, showing how passionate she is. She might not be that millionaire yet but definitely a role model to many. She blogs at Vigiangist.com.

#18 Mario Lavanderia (Perez Hilton):

Started blogging officially in 2005. That’s a pretty long time ago! He blogs about celebrity news and scandals. He leaves us with no doubt that 90% of the world love celebrity gists and gossips as he rakes in millions of income from that. He is just a mentor to many, in that niche.

#19 Pete Cashmore:

He is the CEO Of Mashable. A multi-niche platform that covers a wide range of topics. Mashable.com is one of the most influential, most read and most famous websites for digital, social media, and technology resources and news.

#20 Michael Arrington:

He blogs majorly about technology. He is the CEO of Techcrunch. He is the “prophet of Silicon Valley” as he is popularly referred to. He is one of the most influential technology personalities in the world of blogging. J. Michael Arrington, has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

#21 Gary Vaynerchuck:

He is a great educator. He is into video blogging as a major. He loves showing others the route to success and that’s what drives him. Gary’s first book “Crush It” which he wrote in 2009 was one of the top selling ebooks on Amazon as at then. This makes it easy to say how impactful he is. To name another, he has a very successful blog about wine. No doubt, he must be a wine addict! Check out his website at Garyvaynerchuk.com.

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#22 Makinde Azeez:

Well known my most Nigerian Youths as his blog Naijaloaded.com is their go-to entertainment platform. The website was once a forum, but after a couple of pathetic experiences with hackers, he had to switch to blog. But all the same, he has garnered millions of users in a short space of time. He is a man well respected by me, and many.

#23 Rand Fishkin:

Undoubtedly one of the best SEO bloggers in the world. He is the CEO pf SEOMoz. He has been helping millions of individuals to get their websites, blogs and business noticed on search radar. He’s just your go-to guy whenever you are stuck for SEO ideas.

#24 Chude Jideonwo:

Co-founder of Y! Naija, a Nigerian platform for youth culture founded in 2010. He is no doubt one of the best bloggers around to look up to.

#25 Chris Pearson:

Chris is that blogger you just have to look up to, his hilarious blog contents are great reading fodder. Apart from his blogging prowess, he is also a WordPress theme developer. He developed the “Thesis” wp theme. He is definitely worth being your mentor. Check him up at Pearsonified.

#26 Seth Godin:

Blogging guru and an all-in all publishing expert. Seth Godin is also a great public speaker. He really is a man of many talents.

#27 Jeremy Schoemaker:

That great blogger that was bullied in his younger years so he had to put all his strength and energy into being successful, and damn right he did it. He is the creator of AuctionAds, an Ebay affiliate marketing platform. Check him out on Shoemoney.com.

#28 Neil Patel:

Frontliner of Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics. Neil Patel has some huge knowledge when it comes to online entrepreneurship so if you are thinking about becoming one, or have already started on your quest to become the next big thing, then check out his blog at Neilpatel.com.

#29 Jason Kottke:

The master of multimedia trivia! He owns Kottke. Definitely one of the best domains on planet earth. Little details are known to me about him, but he is definitely someone every upcoming blogging should look up to.

#30 Ladun Liadi:

CEO of LadunLiadi’s Blog.  She blogs majorly about celebrities, fashion, odd news, and politics. Ladun liadi’s blog is an avenue for latest gists and gossips in the entertainment industry in Nigeria and the world in general.

#31 Noble igwe:

Proud owner of 360nobs.com. That entertainment blog that always springs up on search engines whenever a search is made. Out of an already known brand he already made, and being an innovative fellow that he is, he started 360delivery, a delivery service for Nigerians. He is a great man, no doubt!

#32 Vitaly Friedman:

CEO of SmashingMagazine, he blogs majorly for web designers. He started Smashing network in 2009. His website, SmashingMagazine has grown to be one of the most popular web design blogs. If you are a website designer, then he can help you with the newest, latest tips, and provides guides anhigh-qualityty tutorials to for your website design and development endeavors.

#33 Uche Eze:

Started blogging on Bellanaija since as far back as 2006. “I started blogging as a way to kill boredom” – He said. Now the same boredom killer has turned to one of the greatest Nigerian blogs of all time. He is very well known and has featured on Oprah Winfrey show, CNN and other great platforms all over the world.

#34 Tim Ferris:

He is the author of “The Four Hour Week”. He is not only a successful author but also a professional blogger. His contents are always simple, simple, inspiting and hilarious. Check him out, Fourhourworkweek.com.

#35 Adii Rockstar:

Rockstar by name and in the world of wordpress, he is as well a rockstar! He is the CEO of Woothemes. He has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting as well as an Honors Degree in Business Management. Now is that not what your fantasy mentor looks like?

#36 Gina Trapani:

Though a woman, she’s the proud CEO of Lifehacker. Also very active on social media outlets. She has made a great and unforgetable mark in the blogging world and is just worth the hype.

#37 Demola Ogundele:

What I love most about the website is the UI. To me, it’s just the best music blog in Nigeria. And that music tag of “Notjustok.com” is just everywhere you go. He is Nigerian number one music blogger and is well known in this niche. He has had good times with top Nigerian musicians and celebrities. Go check the website Notjustok.com.

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#38 Jack Humphrey:

An expert in blog marketing and traffic funneling. No doubt, he is one of the world’s best in this field. In 2005, he started ContentDesk.com, and BlogSuccess.com, and both were very successful businesses aimed at helping others to gain the marketing audience. Save me the stress, go checkout his site Fridaytrafficreport.com.

#39 Daniel Scocco:

He is an entrepreneur, a teacher, and a scholar, armed with his Degree in International Economics. No doubt, he’s a genius. He has been blogging since 2005, need to mention the fact that he’s also a website and blog designer. In 2007, his blog got a nomination for the “Best Web Development Blog” at the weblog awards. You can check him at on Dailyblogtips.com.

#40 Bankole Oluwafemi:

Founder and Editor-In-Chief at Techcabal. An online publication focused on promoting conversations around technology, mobile & internet in Africa. The platform has gained loads of audience in recent times and doesn’t seem like it’s reducing in years to come. He is also the Co-Founder of Big Cabal Media. He’s a man every young interpreneur should look up to.

#41 Skellie Wag:

Mater of internet business and freelancing. His blog contains essentially lots and lots of contents ranging from blogging to happiness in work and lots of things in between. He has motivated a lot of individuals with his blog. Check it out at Skelliewag.org.

#42 Denise Wakeman:

She offers blogging and marketing tips for her ever growing audience. She has a great internet presence and is open enough to others to contact her easily through her blog in case you need training or advice. She is the CEO of Biztipsblog.com.

#43 Emeh Achange:

Her blog is one of the best sources whenever we want to know what’s going on in Nigeria, with fascinating and straight-from-source contents. She launched her blog – Misspetitenigeria in 2012, and since then, Nigerians don’t seem to have gotten enough from her.

#44 Ewdison Then:

He is that very rich blogger! He is the co-founder and executive editor of a consumer electronic and tech news site. Ewdison Then also works as a media publisher for his blog within the site and as CEO of R3 Media LLC. Great right? He makes close to $80,000 monthly, most of which come from pay-per-click advertisements. He’s just worth looking up to.

#45 Stella Dimoko Korkus:

The master of online news aggregation in Nigeria that is well known for her aggressive blog posts on StellaDimokokorkus.com. She is that blogger so many young bloggers look up to. She always sees matters relating to celebrity news and politics from another perspective different from the world’s.

#46 Ayeni Adekune Samuel:

CEO of TheNet.ng. It is a platform about Nigeria and her people. His website has a great collection of entertainment contents with mouth-watering delivery.

#47 Lynn Terry:

SHe is such a great lady and obviously one of a kind. She creates tutorials, tips and at the same time give advices to blogging newbies and experts. No doubt why she is one of the 100 bloggers every upcoming blogger should look up to. She is the founder of Clicknewz.com.

#48 Marko Saric:

He blogs majorly on anything as regards blogging and how-to’s. He really goes in-depth about the kinds of things all blogger should know, want to know, or just plain didn’t know. So if you are a blogger, Marko Saric is just that blogger you should look up to. Check out his blog – Howtomakemyblog.com.

#49 Michael Martine:

He is a blogger and a coach. Also he is into cnsulting and has a great database of knowledge when it comes to consulting. He loves nothing more than to guide, excite and entertain with his posts giving you the vital information you need to motivate yourself or maybe write an extra post a week. He is on there – Remarkablogger.com.

#50 Japheth Omojuwa:

A Nigerian blogger at Omojuwa.com, public speaker, political commentator and social media expert. Omojuwa is also a columnist with The Punch newspaper, Leadership newspaper and Naij.com. His articles have appeared on CNN, ThisDay and other platforms across the continent and beyond. His works have been repeatedly translated into several languages including various platforms for German, French, Portuguese and Greek audiences. I follow him on Twitter and I really do enjoy his deliveries.

 That’s that on the topic:  Top 50 Bloggers Every Aspiring Blogger Should Follow


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