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Top Betting Sites For Nigerians in 2018

Gambling is becoming very popular in Nigeria. In fact, Nigerians bet on practically any sport today. This has resulted in a rapid increase in the number of betting sites out there. Betting is not only common in Nigeria, it is also gradually growing all over the world.

There are tons of sites out there offering the same service. However, these betting sites have a unique way of providing their services.

Top 10 Betting Sites in Nigeria and the services they offer

These are the top 10 betting sites in Nigeria, in no particular order.

1. 360bet Nigeria

Click here to go to the 360bet website.

360bets is one of those betting sites that offer the highest odds. They offer a welcome bonus in for of sportsbook for your first win. The maximum of the bonus is #30,000.

For a person to qualify for the bonus, some conditions are attached. First, the customer should not transfer the fund to his sportsbook account to another product. Secondly, the customer should use up the total amount of deposit on the sport betting including 54% bonus on any game. This applies to both single and accumulated bets. You must wait for at least 24 hours to make a withdrawal.

On this platform, you can still place bets on ongoing games. Also, a high recommendation is given to customers who wish to place or stake bets with their gadgets (phones, laptops, etc.)

The good news about this platform is that they offer their customers 45% profit weekly.

2. Nairabet

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Click here to go to the Nairabet website

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This betting site is the oldest of them all in Nigeria. The company is well known for their efficiency when it comes to customer support. They also pay faster. This site doubles your first deposit and bonuses exist on bets accumulated.

They allow customers to place bets on games that are ongoing or have already started.

3. Surebet247

Click here to go to the surebet247 website

They offer customers varieties of football betting content, ranging from key leagues like UEFA Champions League and Spanish LA Liga to national team competitions like World cup at all levels. They also offer to bet on regional cups like Euro, AFCON, Copa America etc. This platform offers more than 100 active sports, not just football.

4. Merrybet

Click here to visit Merry bet website

This betting site is also one of the best in Nigeria. They pay their customers faster, especially their online ones. Your withdrawal takes not more than few hours. You can transfer the money from your betting account directly into your bank account. They also offer 100% bonus on first deposit and accumulated bets.

You can also place bets on ongoing games. The Nigerian government well recognizes this company.

5. Bet365naija

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Click here to visit Bet365naija website

This is a sports betting company. They gather bets from customers and pay to the winners depending on the result of such match or matches. You can get to bet on a wide range of sports which include Basketball, Football, Tennis, Golf, etc. The site is secure to use.

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This platform is not only available in Nigeria, its services are also provided for in several other African countries. They offer one of the highest odds present in Nigeria and Africa. They also give out bonuses for customers on the bet slip. They offer their agents 30% and their operators are offered 40% profit on a weekly basis.

This betting site is well reckoned with in Nigeria. They offer a unique betting and management experience which results in excellent customer care services and always active live betting.

An added benefit on this website is that you can decide to open an account with them, this way your funds are held in trust for you to withdraw at any time you wish.

6. Supabets

Click here to visit Supabets website

The Nigerian government and they license this betting company offer to bet on not less than 20 sports varieties. Their customer care service is awesome.

This bookie group specializes basically in sport betting in Nigeria. They rank well among the betting sites in Nigeria.

7. Bet9ja

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Click here to visit Bet9ja website

This is one of the commonest bet sites in Nigeria. They specialize in bookmaking and offer to bet on key sporting events. They operate under the KC Gaming Networks Limited and are managed by many shareholders of several countries of the world. The Lagos Lotteries Board licensed the website have the required capacity to operate under the Nigerian Law. This is also one of the best betting sites in and outside Nigeria.

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8. Winnersgoldenbet

Click here to visit Winnersgoldenbet

This Betting site is also well recognized in Nigeria. You can place bets on football and other sports events here. However, there is a validation of bets, the official governing body of the platform does this.

The company can also decide to delay settlement of bets until their official result is published. They only accept bets for games that are yet to start or that are ongoing. Any bet placed after the conclusion of the event will be voided.

They pay their online subscribers within 24 working hours. Also, ensure you register with the exact name you have on the bank account you want them to pay you.

9. Betcolony

Click here to visit Betcolony

This betting site allows you to bet on up to 13 sports, ranging from football, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball etc. They also have special football maps feature which is from not less than 50 countries.

10. Sportybet

Click here to visit Sportybet

This site is basically for bookmaking. They specialize mainly in football. Here, football lovers get to bet with others on the outcome of matches. The winners take the bets. The site is starting to grow to become one of the major betting sites in Nigeria.


This article has outlined ten major betting sites in Nigeria and what each has to offer. You can choose to bet on any of the listed sites as they are known to be credible and trustworthy.


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