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9 Most Useless Tips For Freelance Writers On FIVERR

Hi, it’s me! How many credit alerts (new orders) have you received this month? If it’s not more than 30, at an average of 3 per day, you are way below the ballers’ league table, probably entering relegation soon.

First off, I know any subject relating to Fiverr is a hot potato. Mind me not. I’m just a drunk boy juxtaposing vowels and consonants from the penny of my thoughts. So the content of this page is not necessarily mandatory for you to really get bogged down into. Just in case you don’t feel it, at the drop of a hat,  hiss, close the tab, clear your browser history, tag me an idiot, and never come back. But just in case it catches your fancy, share it with as many individuals as possible.

Now, back to the matter. I have previously mentioned how to make money online as a writer in Nigeria. And I once interviewed a top gun in the freelance content writing game. I’ve taken a rough estimate and drawn the conclusion that basically 65% of total freelancers (around me) are into content writing on Fiverr. Why so manyyyyyyyyyyy? Also, based on personal belief, more than half of total Fiverr sellers in that content writing category are black people dominated by a larger percentage of Nigerians.

It’s good to know that we are consciously awake and aware of the freelance world even though there are so many degrees of separation between the slaughterhouse and the store. Well done guys.

However, the competition is crazy! So it’s easy to tell why life might be difficult in terms of getting orders if you’re a writer on Fiverr. I have compiled a couple of points below. Read along.

What You Need To Know As A Freelance Writer On FIVERR

1. Freelancing Is A Numbers Game

If you are a faint of heart, you are not recommended to become a freelancer, especially a writer on Fiverr. You need to produce, produce and produce in order to make money on Fiverr. It is not possible for fear, rejection, depression, anxiety and lack of confidence to keep you away from reaching the goals. All you need to do is to focus more on your writing and keep writing according to the instructions submitted by clients. In addition, it is important to carry out a reliable marketing campaign because it can assist you to grab the attention of new potential buyers.

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2. Don’t Be A “Nigerian”

Most buyers looking for writing services are in search of native writers. They have this awkward impression that Nigerians are weak when it comes to English writing (maybe true). They will most likely not be willing to hire you if you are obviously Nigerian. Based on reports I’ve had, orders reduce drastically once you get deported to your fatherland. Therefore, if you are yet to start, don’t try starting out with a Nigerian account.

3. If You Write English Like An Idiot (lol sorry), No Order For You.

That was how one Ghana boy messaged me the other day and was like “Bossu am not getting orders. What could I have do”. That’s a no-brainer. Very easy to conclude. Just in case you are lucky enough to get to the first page of that search term, serious buyers will want to communicate with you just to test your writing skills a bit. And when you start hitting them with jargons like “am” instead of “I’m”, or any other careless grammatical error, why would they order from you?

4. Stop Spinning Articles Without Conscience!!!

Stop wicked spinning! When you’re not Young John. Yea right. I understand that situations arise where the best you can do is spin a similar content and pour the delivery at the buyer’s face. But there are smarter ways of doing these things. Remember you can always have returning customers in the writing niche if you deliver a great work.

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Take your time to research every content, extract basic facts online and write a unique article. Use tools like Grammarly to proofread. If you are too busy to do this, leave Fiverr for serious-minded ones. Acts like these are actually detrimental to the progress of not only you but the niche in general. The other day, I saw an article online where a buyer was complaining about writing services on Fiverr. He claimed to have tried 4 different writers and they all flopped. I can bet my soul that 3 of those 4 are Nigerians, why una dey fuck up?

5. Divert From Being Generic, Get Narrow

This is very important. Stop creating generic gigs that read “I will write an article, I will write a professional blog post, I will do creative writing, I will SEO blog post”. That’s too general, it’s overcrowded already. It won’t work in 2018. You’ll be frustrated.

Instead, create narrow gigs like “I will write health-related articles, I will write real estate content, I will be your cryptocurrency article writer, I will write social media contents, I will write you a rap song, I will write convincing ICO content”. Those general titles are too crowded with pros and top-rated Fiverr sellers swallowing the larger part of the feeds. If you want to rank faster on Fiverr, narrow down your Fiverr gigs.

6. Reverse Psychology – Increase Your Gig Price

If you want to keep to reasonable and serious buyers only, don’t limit yourself to $5 gigs. This is a Fiverr myth. I personally avoid $5 gigs if I want to order any service (like graphics) on Fiverr. Reasonable buyers will understand that good work isn’t a $5 pay. They know that they will never get real, high quality copywriting work for $5. Not from someone who knows what he’s doing.

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However, don’t do this if you are just starting out as a freelance writer on Fiverr. Ensure that your freelance article writing gig already has a couple of good reviews before you consider inflating your Fiverr gig price.

7. Your Gig Description Is Your Freelance Sperm

If not well written, no result. You cannot afford any grammatical blunder in your description if you are into freelance writing on Fiverr. You are trying to give the impression of a badass content writer and a single grammatical mis-plug is enough to make that buyer close that tab. Take your time and write it carefully, YOWIO (You Only Write It Once).

8) Take the Conversation Offline

Toast your buyers, lift them and carry them out of Fiverr. Be careful though, as this is one of the fastest ways to get banned on Fiverr.

9) Can You Really Write? If Yes, Screw Fiverr!

If you truly have the gift to write then why waste your time working on Fiverr gigs? Instead, you can take your skills to the next level and create your own kick-ass online business. Sure you can make a little money with Fiverr, but how would you like to build an online business that can turn into a passive income source? Reason that on your own, don’t ask me.

I’m tired of typing. I will add the rest later. Bye!

Got any question? Contact me on Whatsapp at 08149565202. No calls. And understand that it might take me 2years to reply.




I am Faturoti Kayode, A.K.A Fattkay. I am a 'passive income' enthusiast, a concrete internet marketer, a ruthless content writer, a prodigious website designer, and a wondrous information tycoon.

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