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How To Get Virtual Credit Card For Online International Payment In Nigeria

How To Get Virtual Credit Card For Online International Payment In Nigeria

Having answered this question a couple of times, I came to the conclusion that the issue of getting virtual credit card for international payment in Nigeria, which is due to different restrictions in terms of online payment on the nation as a whole, is a subject that is worth consideration.

This post would be answering questions relating to how to pay for stuff online in dollars (USD) without having to face the harsh CNN restriction on your MasterCard.

Even though there are a couple of ways to go about virtual credit cards and all. But as always, I only recommend services I’ve used and trusted, so here I would be telling you about one of the best free virtual credit card Barter Virtual Mastercard.

Before we proceed, I will like to first define what a virtual credit card is.



A virtual credit card number is a randomly-generated card number associated with your actual credit card.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us now proceeed to discuss how you can get a barter virtual mastercard.


Getbarter.co is a platform that offers a new way to make payments online. The concept is very simple. They offer you a virtual credit card, and you can think of your barter card as your regular card but instead of staying in your wallet, as the word “Virtual” implies, the Barter card lives online.

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It is roughly the same and can be used for whatever purpose you use your normal card for online, it even saves you some weight, no matter how little.

All you have to do is register a Barter account, get a virtual master card, fund it with Naira or whatever your country currency is (no limit), then make online deals!


Quite easy, navigate to Getbarter.co, and get the signup button. Fill in required details. You can as well sign in using social media outlets like Facebook and Googleplus.

how to get virtuala credit card for online international payment in nigeria

You will receive a confirmation code which you are to enter in the provided field to activate your account.

Then you will get the option to select the currency with which you want to fund your wallet using various options. Choose the option that’s best for you and proceed.

Once funding is complete, click on “CARDS” on the dashboard.

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Input name details for your brand new virtual credit card and enter the amount you want to fund it with. The amount will be deducted from your wallet balance.

Fly to whatever international payment you want to make and shame them.


  • How much can I fund per transaction? What’s the limit?
    • There’s no limit.
  • Which banks and country does Barter support?
    • They support all banks in the US, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.
  • How do I add money to my barter card?
    • After linking your bank account or card, funding your card is as easy as saying how much you want to have on it.
  • Can I do some subscription payment on my Barter virtual card?
    • Sure yes you can.
  • Is there a limit to how much I can have on my virtual card?
    • Your world on Barter virtual card is limitless.
  • Do you issue refunds?
    • Yes they offer refunds based on global standards. Your money can always be refunded back to your card
  • How do you handle charge backs?
    • Just in case your card is stolen and used without your permission, they can get a charge back if you can provide approprita proof.
  • Can I use my name or pseudonym on my virtual card?
    • Sure. You can name your barter virtual card anything you want.
  • Is there a limit to the number of cards I can have?
    • Like I mentioned earlier, there is no limit to your world on Barter platform.
  • Can I delete a card if I’m done using it?
    • Sure.
  • Is there a limit to the number of times I can use my card?
    • Like I mentioned earlier, there is no limit to your world on Barter platform.
  • Can I use my card anywhere?
    • Sure you can.
  • Which browser does Barter  support?
    • Most browsers and all view ports are supported.
  • Do I need a special tool or knowledge to use getbarter.co?
    • You need not.
  • How much does it cost to generate a barter virtual card?
    • Free fr all.
  • How does Barter make money?
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Now go start making all those payments they never wanted you to make. They can limit our cards, they can’t limit our glory.

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