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How To EASILY Withdraw Your Fiverr Earnings In Nigeria – The Best Methods

Recently, there has been an impressive surge in the number of people looking for means other than education to earn their daily bread. This is mostly due to the fact that it has been proven over time and again that in the current world, educated people are not necessarily the most successful. The cases of Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft owner, Bill Gates are often cited as practical examples of this. Nigerians of course, smart asses that we are, are not left out this movement.

One of the most popular ways through which people earn their living today is through freelancing. Freelancing has become a very popular means of making money and one of the most popular freelancing websites where freelancers can earn their bread is Fiverr. Fiverr is an online freelancing site where people create services called gigs and people in need of the services come to the site to order whichever gig they need with the site acting as an escrow and middleman.

However, in Nigeria, working on Fiverr has a number of difficulties, the most important of them being that, you cannot withdraw your money. At least not directly. This is because Fiverr only accepts Paypal accounts or other foreign accounts which profer difficulties being accessed from Nigeria. This has discouraged a great number of people from working on this site and to be honest, I reason with them. I mean, what’s the point working if you can’t get the money you worked for easily? 

Now, How Can You Withdraw Fiverr Funds?

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First off, you can withdraw your Fiverr funds through the use of Payoneer. Payoneer is an online banking service that issues you a virtual American bank account number when you sign up on it and issues you a MasterCard linked to this account. You can receive money in your Payoneer account and withdraw it with the use of the MasterCard anywhere in the world.

To withdraw your Fiverr funds with Payoneer, all you need do is sign up on Payoneer, get your virtual account number and apply for your MasterCard. Then you can link your Payoneer account with your Fiverr account.

How To Link Payoneer With Fiverr Account

On Fiverr, if you check the earnings page, you’ll see “Fiverr Revenue Card”, that right here, is Payoneer card, ignore the whatever name they gave it.

How To Setup Fiverr Revenue Card (i.e Payoneer Card On Fiverr)


  • Navigate to Selling > Earnings.
    You’ll see 3 different options available to withdraw your Fiverr funds.
  • Click Fiverr Revenue Card i.e Payoneer card.
    You’ll get a notification to check your email for further instructions. Login to your email and verify this, then, you’ll be directed to Payoneer where you define your account. After that, you’ll be redirected back to Fiverr.
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It’s all done! Now you can get your money paid to you on Fiverr into your Payoneer account, after which you can withdraw your money with the use of the Payoneer MasterCard anywhere in the world. The card can only be used to withdraw from ATM’s with the MasterCard logo on them in Nigeria. The currencies are converted at the official rates and the local currency is dispensed out to you. Easy as pie. It was once possible to transfer money directly from your Payoneer account into your local bank account but I doubt if the service is still available, not sure, you can check.

Instead of withdrawing, you can sell your Payoneer funds to merchants, in case you have available, contact 08149565292 on Whatsapp.

Also, you can go crypto by converting your Payoneer funds to Bitcoins.

Another method you could use for Fiverr funds withdrawal is by selling them as reviews. This is not really advisable unless the amount you have in there is a low one. Just look for sellers who’ll pay you cash for ordering their gigs with your Fiverr funds. Be careful with this, don’t play yourself.

You can also withdraw Fiverr earnings using Paypal

You can also withdraw Fiverr funds with Paypal. This is quite easy and straightforward compared to Fiverr Payoneer Withdrawal. If you’ve made the mistake of receiving your Fiverr funds into an unverified PayPal account, do not despair. You can use your Payoneer virtual account to verify your PayPal account and thereby get your money into your Payoneer account. This will most likely lead to close scrutiny of your account though, and possibly a lockdown on it. But you’ll get the funds out a couple of times before that. A better way is to sell your PayPal funds. Just like the Payoneer funds, there are people who buy PayPal funds and credit your account directly with the equivalent of the fund you are selling while you transfer the funds to them. Just go online, contact any credible one of these people you see and you can sell your funds.

Lastly, if you have the option of people in foreign countries, you can ask them open and verify a PayPal account for you in which case, you will be able to access your Fiverr funds on PayPal easily by telling the person to send your funds to you through the Western Union or Moneygram. 

These are some of the safe ways through which you can withdraw your Fiverr funds in Nigeria.

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  1. please i have two questions, 1: i use a vpn, hope there is not any danger involved while trying to withdraw? and 2: do i need to have the payoneer card before i would be able to link my payoneer account to fiverr for funds transfer?, because i would like to withdraw now, and i’ve ordered for my payoneer card but yet to receive it.

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